Tens unit and muscle stimulator T24AB-therapeutic pain relief

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Product-Touch screen T24AB tens unit and muscle stimulator





Customer rating-5 star


A top selected customer favorite for pain relief and relaxing modes, easy to customize your pain relief experience with large touch screen, user friendly functionality.

The tens unit T24AB is an absolute must for people who are suffering from muscle soreness and need relief fast and efficiently. I really believe in this product because it genuinely works very efficiently when you’re in need of relief from muscle soreness.

Tens unit for fast relief  

It doesn’t matter who you are, anybody who needs relief can find it with the aid of this device. I believe it makes for a great product to bring to light with the subject matter that I bring about, anyone who train’s, especially with high intensity and for anyone who is into sports knows what it’s like to have muscle soreness.

The T24AB gives pain relief and massage like modes and it comes with a large touch screen with backlit display which makes it very user friendly. The T24AB has an interface with easy to understand icons and a select channel for mode intensity.

The tens unit and muscle stimulator T24AB brings advanced therapeutic pain relief to new heights with a long lasting rechargeable battery that comes in handy if you travel a lot, it holds up to 10 hours of continuous use with USB charging available.

Customize it  

You can customize your own pain relief mode and intensity so you can enjoy pain relief in different areas at the same time.

The tens unit T24AB has 24 massage modes, 20 levels of adjustable intensity, 10-80 minute adjustable timer and 2 isolated outputs in channel A/B and both have 100% power.

The T24AB has a rechargeable internal lithium battery with a specially designed safety lock button to prevent incautious clicks. It has a easy to read backlit LCD display with three pairs of different size and shape self-adhesive gel pads included.

What comes in the box  

1 FDA cleared class Ii Otc Healthmateforever T24AB tens and muscle stimulator

6 piece self-adhesive conductive reusable gel pads

2 sets of electrode snap on wires (3.5 mm plug)

1 USB charger/wall unit 1 pads holder (international travel charger 110v-240v)

1 stylus for touch screen

User manual

Warranty card

1 pads holder

How to use  

Step 1

Connect electrode wires with control unit.

Plug the electrode wire into the device and ensure the electrode wires are fully inserted.

Repeat the same process to connect another wire.

Step 2

Connect electrode pads with wires.

Each wire has two leads with snap on connectors, snap the wire connectors onto the snap on buttons on the pads.

Make sure at least one pair of pads is attached to the same wire.

Make sure the snap on connections are fastened.

Remove the plastic film on the pads.

Step 3

Place pads on desired spot on your body.

Place adhesive side of pad on your skin.

Step 4

Turn on the control unit, the device will show all icons for two seconds to ensure proper display.

Step 5

Select modes

1. The device will automatically set to channel A, mode 1 with zero intensity.

2. To select the mode for channel A, touch any of the modes displayed on the screen, the selected mode will blink.

3. Press the channel switch button once to switch to channel B, the B letter will blink to indicate channel B is working.

4. To select the mode for channel B, touch any of the modes displayed on the screen, the selected mode will blink.

5. When changing the mode, the intensity level will automatically reset zero.

Step 6

Adjust timer

Touch the time(number displayed) to adjust timer.

Step 7

Adjust intensity

The intensity button has a plus and minis sign for adjusting to desired intensity. When switching modes, the intensity will automatically set zero. Repeat step 7 after changing the mode.

Step 8

Turn off the device, on / off switch.

Step 9

Remove the pads from your skin, do not remove the pads before you turn off the device.

Step 10

Take off the pads from the wires, unplug wires from device.

How it can work for you

I believe the tens unit T24AB can work wonders for you, I back it completely, 100% of respondents would recommend this to a friend . it’s easy to customize your pain relief experience with a large touch screen, easy to use. The different modes and choices make it worth the money.

This unit can run two separate programs simultaneously, you can do tens on your back to ease back pain using channel A while lifting weights and run channel B with a different setting on your abdominals, separate intensities on each channel make it easy to handle both.


I have spent many days with sore muscles after working out and looking for a little relief and years of low back pain keeping me from doing the things in life that I enjoy, if I could have had something like the tens unit and muscle stimulator T24AB years ago, I feel that I probably would have been a lot more happier and a lot less agonizing with aches and pains than I did without ever feeling the comfort of knowing that all I had to do was reach in my drawer and pull out this amazing device that all I had to do was hook the tens up to the trouble spot and let it work it’s magic. 

Sports and weight training are a big part of many people’s lives and all these people suffer from muscle stiffness and aches from time to time, it’s a matter of working through these trouble area’s so we can recover faster and continue to push ourselves to further limits, but with the aid of the tens T24AB, I’m sure that you will love what this amazing product has to offer and will give you many more years to come doing what you love doing.





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