Stay healthy live healthy – ways to reshape your diet

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Have you been having a difficult time fighting a battle with your diet and trying to eat the right foods to get the proper nutrients? Do you often find it difficult to find suitable food when shopping at the supermarket? Don’t feel alone if you are having a difficult time with this, many consumers are facing the same problem but it basically comes down to reading the labels is a big step in the right direction.

Today we will be talking about ways to stay healthy live healthy and ways to reshape your diet. Sometimes if you feel like you are stuck at the supermarket trying to make a sensible decision on eating healthy, it can be difficult to follow this through because many of the products at the supermarket are filled with high sodium and high fat making it hard for us to feed ourselves the proper nutrients and lose weight at the same time.

The battle with obesity is so high these days because the food that is produced is filled with preservatives, fat and way too much sodium. All these preservatives and fat that are in products these days contribute to the majority of over sized waste lines and a decline of health across the nation.

What society pushes on us

Eating healthy and losing weight can be a big challenge to get through these days because the TV and ads are just filled with promoters trying to sell us on eating these quick and easy foods or buying take out because it will make our daily lives so much easier not having to spend the time cooking and with all the new tasty things coming out in these fast food joints can make it difficult to sit down and eat a healthy meal without taking in all that saturated fat and high intake of sodium.

Dieting doesn’t need to be such a painstaking process where the only food that you can eat is bland and has no flavor like rice cakes. There are many healthy recipes that give you the nutrients that you need and are delicious at the same time, many of these are real simple and easy to make and don’t take a lot of time.

Dieting and cooking

If you enjoy cooking, that is great because that will definitely be working on your side, but if you don’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen, no need to worry because dieting and eating right has never been so easy as it is these days when you can simply research healthy meals on the internet that are quick and easy to make.

There are many diets that you can follow, and one of the popular ones these days is the Keto diet. The keto diet has its advantages and I can work great wonders for losing weight, but I have always been a firm believer in eating a well-rounded diet stocked with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and they always add so much taste and freshness to your meals.

Although when sorting through the fresh fruits in your local supermarket, the fruit that will give you the best results are the ones that aren’t as sweet like cantelop, and bananas, but in general any fresh fruit can be tied to good results with weight loss. The products that can make it difficult to lose weight and you should eat in moderation if so all are potatoes, rice and bread.

These products aren’t necessarily bad for you but because of the excessive calories and carbohydrates can make it nearly impossible to lose weight. Keep your diet high in lean protein like chicken, fish and tuna, cottage cheese and Greek yogurt are other excellent choices.

Cutting back on carbohydrates

It is true that when cutting back on calories is a necessity for losing weight, one of the first places you will need to do so is cutting back on carbohydrates which is a basic principle followed by the keto diet. Is this article I am not talking about cutting out carbohydrates completely, but if you are seeking a way to lose weight, it can be a good idea to cut way back on your carbohydrate intake.

When speaking of cutting back on carbohydrates, I am for the most part talking about cutting out the excess breads, cereals and pastas. It should still be a necessity to eat fruits and vegetables such as your typical apples and oranges, bananas and all the delicious fruits that you can get your hands on.

It is similar when finding a good source of carbohydrates in vegetables, you can search out carbohydrate sources such as carrots, celery, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and asparagus. These are some great sources of carbohydrates that you can find through vegetables, but you don’t need to stop with just these few that I mentioned, there are many other great choices that you can include in your diet.

There are the obvious choices of carbohydrates that you will definitely want to avoid at all costs, and that will be your typical carbohydrates that are high in fats and sugars such as donuts, cake and all of those nasty little treats. Other sources that are generally good for you but still can tend to make it difficult to lose weight are choices like excess potatoes, too much bread in your diet and many of those sugar coated breakfast cereals.

Cut back on salt

Another problem that can make it difficult to lose weight that many people have is they have a tendency of loading their food down with salt, these are your typical salt a holic’s that have a tendency of dosing everything they eat down with salt, but this is a great way to retain water in your system making it difficult to lose weight.

A must that you should definitely include in your diet is plenty of water. A typical amount of water that a person should take in daily is 8 glasses of water a day. This water has a way of flushing out your system and cleaning out any impurities. Drinking water before a meal will also make it easier for you to feel like you are full faster than if you don’t drink any water before a meal, this will prompt you to eat less at each setting.

Make it a way of life

I believe it is basically branded in society today to make things easier for ourselves and to not have to spend so much time preparing our meals as the people of years ago spent. In order to eat healthy, these days we don’t need to spend all hours of the day in the kitchen cooking in order to eat healthy.

This will not be easy for everyone to digest, but the best way to positively get good results and really enjoy losing weight and eating healthy is you should make it a way of life. If you make getting healthy and eating right a way of life, it will be so much easier than those people who dread having to turn down the french fries for something healthy Reshaping your dietinstead.

If you make eating healthy a way of life, it will have a positive reflection in the outcome of your efforts and every step that you put forward on your path to finding better health will reap its rewards if you truly enjoy making positive changes for a better outcome. Changing your diet is a lot like quitting smoking, you really have to want to make the change.


Whether if you are into weight training and want to put on the muscle or if you are into any other form of exercise and are simply interested in losing weight and getting into better shape, it will always be necessary to reshape your diet into the plan that you need most to follow in order to get in the proper nutrition to lose weight or add muscle.

When reshaping your diet to tailor your needs the most, it will always be a necessity to keep a food journal and set goals. Keeping a food journal is a necessity if you are going to track your calorie consumption as well as keeping goals so that you have a way of logging your information as to keeping a specified period that you want to lose weight or how much muscle you want to pack onto your frame within a given period.

When following a serious diet to lose weight or add muscle, it is also a good idea to supplement your diet to get maximum gains. To check out a review on supplementation dependent on what your goals are, you can check out the link below.

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9 thoughts on “Stay healthy live healthy – ways to reshape your diet”

  1. Thank you for this article, it was very insightful. To me when it comes to diet is a matter of consistency, or better yet lack of it. But you really point our several interesting pointers which I’ll try to implement in my lifestyle from now on. And I can’t wait to come back soon for more!

  2. Hello! I would love to see an article on the psychology around changing your mind about/around foodI would love to see an article on the psychology around changing your mind about/around foodI would love to see an article on the psychology around changing your mind about/around food. All of this is stuff I know. It’s stuff I’ve been told over and over. But that little craving inside of me takes over every time, making it very difficult to eat a healthy diet. How do we deal with the craving? 

    Thanks for this article and I’d love to hear more in future posts.

  3. I have recently been wanting to get into a light diet that although helps me cut back on body fat, it won’t stop me from enjoying my food. I found this very helpful. I have been strength training for awhile now but have not seen any significant fat loss. Hopefully this diet helps me burn some fat so that I can see my results from my lifting better.

  4. Thanks for this great and amazing article. I have been willing to learn more on liet diets and how its gonna help in reducing my fat. I have tried on many different ways on reducing my fat loss but there’s no sign of that happening.  I find this article so helpful and I’m looking forward to seeing more of this great article thank you.

    • Thanks for your reply, keep your meat intake lean and keep food’s that are high in carbohydrates like potatoes and rice to a minimum along with exercise and you should do well, I wish you success.


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