Best fitness tracker watch – 2020 review


When it comes to tracking your fitness level, there are a wide variety of fitness trackers, but many people prefer the handiness of a fitness tracking watch.

With each passing year the features just keep getting better and better.

Today I would like to weigh out the options of what makes the best fitness tracker watch in this 2020 review.

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Best fitness trackers for 2020

What makes for the best fitness tracker? functionality and durability should rank right up there with the highest ranking qualities anyone could ask for.

If you want to give fitness tracking a try, start by using a mobile app that counts your steps. This requires the least commitment, and could be of interest if you’re a beginner. A good app to try is Fitbit.

If you are into running or bicycling, I recommend tracking your activity with an app before spending too much on a tracker. With some trackers, you still need to carry your phone to get accurate pacing, distance, and mapping, so you’ll want to know before you commit to making a purchase.

The Coros Safe Sound Helmet is another interesting solution for cyclists that integrates your phone’s GPS to track your rides and uses bone-conduction audio to let you hear directions, music, and phone calls without blocking your ears.

My recommendation when it comes to looking for a better fitness tracker is spend a minimum of $99 . Anything cheaper than that and you are giving up quality.

The ECG fitness tracker pictured above has it’s benefits, but you will generally get better functionality and quality if you invest a little more money into something that comes a little more recommended.

In order to get a good reading on tracking steps, you may be giving up quality if you spend anything less. The cheaper brands may also leave impressions on your arm after any prolonged period.

What are some of the best features?

Everyone loves the best features!

This versatile Fitness Track covered all bases for me and I found it easy and fun to use.

1 – Monitoring my Heart Rate 24-hours/day and showing it as a graph on the Cellphone’s App

2 – Counting my steps + distance and Calories

3 – A feature I grew to like is the Sleep Quality monitoring and display in the App

4 – Even more features I did not use, like taking a photo remotely from the Watch, Timer, and more

5 – The Face is big and bright and the battery lasts for quite longer than I expected

6 – The App is very usable as shown in the video

Overall, a great fitness tracker at a great price

What makes them handy?

The watch is lightweight and looks sharp. The screen has a small strip at the bottom that you touch to access the functions. There is no main menu. To access the functions you tap the bottom of the screen once for each function.

Simply scroll forward, then you have to tap the screen until you reach the function you want. To turn the watch on/off you scroll to that function and hold your finger on the bottom of the screen until the switch appears. Then you tap the screen and it will toggle between on/off.

Select which you want, long hold the screen and your function is selected. This works for changing any function you want. It wasn’t real clear in the instructions which were less than basic.

Don’t expect the greatest features with this fitness tracker due to its reasonable price, otherwise you should be happy with this watch.


This fitness tracker is lightweight and durable, it’s battery life is longer than I expected which is a definite plus. It should stand up to a test of time, as long as you don’t drop a weight on it, this fitness tracker should have just what your looking for in quality for the reasonable price.


Time Mode: 3 time mode display, also support custom picture interface, choose the style for yourself

Continuous Heart Rate Monitor: automatically measures heart rate and blood pressure in real time

Activity Tracker: automatically records the number of steps, calories consumption and distance

Sleep Monitor: automatically tracks your sleep status, analyzes the deep and light sleep hours

Call/SMS/SNS Reminder: Incoming call alert, device will vibrate(you will need to open your Bluetooth and APP)

Alarm Clock: set the time on APP, device will vibrate

Remote Camera: shaking the device to control camera shooting

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