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Better health should naturally be one of the most important things in anyone’s life, but in today’s day and age it doesn’t seem too apparent the way so many people are abusing their health on a day to day basis.

Today we are going to be looking at how you can have better health naturally with 12 good healthy tips. These are some more common practices that you can put to use every day which will all do a good job at improving upon your health.

Eating healthy

Clearly everyone should know that there are benefits to eating healthy, after all they always say, “you are what you eat” because if we truly want to keep our health running like a well-oiled machine, we need to keep it fueled with the right nutrition which will surely pay off in the long run.

Eating healthy can reduce chronic illness and disease including three of the leading causes of death, heart disease, cancer and stroke. Over 37 percent of Americans have cardiovascular disease, . 34 percent of U.S. adults have hypertension, a major risk factor for stroke and heart disease.

Quitting smoking

Smoking will clearly destroy your health, if not earlier than later, it will sooner than later catch up to you. Anyone knows that smoking will fill your body with a substance that will wreak havoc on your health and destroy your lungs which will make it difficult to perform any type of physical activity such as cardiovascular exercise, much less lifting weights.

Since 2018 there have been nearly 14 out of 100 US citizens aged 18 years or older that smoke cigarettes, this means that an estimated 34.2 million adults in the United States currently smoke cigarettes and more than 16 million Americans live with a smoking-related disease.

Get plenty of fresh air

Getting plenty of fresh air is a necessity for proper health and can make life so much more enjoyable than staying cooped up indoors for days on end.

Spending some time outdoors and getting involved in recreational activities with friends and family will do you a lot of good as well as engaging in some cardiovascular activities like brisk walking or jogging.

Keeping physically active

It is a necessity to stay physically active, after a period physical inactivity will eventually start to catch up with us in different ways.

Less than 5% of adults actually participate in 30 minutes of physical activity per week. Only 35 to 44% of adults, 75 years of age or older are physically active and 28 to 34% of adults aged 65 to 74 are physically active.

So just from taking a look at these statistics, you can easily see the necessity of keeping physically active everyday no matter what your age.

Be socially active

An active social life can give your immune system a boost. Being social can lower your blood pressure and potentially reduce the symptoms of depression. Social activity is also vital to seniors for their health and mental well-being.

Drink plenty of water

There is a big necessity in drinking plenty of water each day, as we know, drinking water helps maintain the balance of body fluids. Your body is composed of over 60% water, the function of these body fluids include circulation, digestion, absorption, transportation for nutrients, creation of saliva, and maintenance of your body temperature.

Keeping your brain active

Eating a well-balanced diet will keep your mind nourished and is an important aspect for brain health. You have probably heard quite frequently about eating healthy and getting the proper exercise every day will keep your heart healthy, but there is just as big importance in staying healthy for the vitality of your brain health.

Keep regular health check-ups

It is important to have regular health check-ups because this will help in early detection of life threatening health conditions or diseases. This will increase your chances for a treatment and cure.

Visit your doctor

It will be necessary for you to visit your doctor on a regular basis to keep in check with any necessary Health assessments or adjustments that may be very well needed in case you may be suffering from something that you may not be aware of at the time.

Keep a positive attitude

There is always a necessity in keeping a positive attitude, if you don’t keep a positive attitude, it will naturally have a negative effect on your training and where you plan on taking yourself with your own personal goals.

Set goals

Setting yourself goals are a very important key in achieving whatever it is that you are setting out to accomplish. It will be difficult to achieve anything if you don’t have a clear mental image of where you are heading.

Be patient

Above all be patient, Rome was not built overnight and your goals will not be achieved overnight either, patience is one thing that is lacking with many people, but if you hold true to yourself and your goals you will achieve whatever it is that you set out to do, but always remember that patience is a very important key in achieving whatever it is that you are setting out to do.


This is the conclusion to a pretty general list of things to get you going on improving yourself for better health. I have often heard said, “if you don’t have your health, what do you have?” This is very true and with many people these days not watching their health, it will continue to lead people down the path of obesity and higher insurance rates.

It is not only important to eat healthy, but quite often it can be a good idea to get some healthy supplementation into our diets.

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If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to leave them in the box below and I will be more than happy to get back to you as soon as possible.


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