Back training at home – without weights

Building a muscular back.

These are some difficult times we are living in right now with the covid pandemic going on, with more people trying to stay at home and keeping themselves distanced from others, it can be a challenge to get a good workout in, but there is definitely the option of training at home and not everyone has access to free weights or weight machines in their own home, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce back training at home without weights.

Back training is a very rigorous type of workout that can take a lot of energy. So in today’s post I will be covering some back training exercises that you can do in your own home without weights, the only additional apparatus you will need is a door-jam bar.

The type of chinning bar that I use is a door-jam chinning bar which I feel works perfectly sufficient to accommodate what I need to achieve in my own back training routine at home. So for anyone who is interested in training at home and would be interested in some exercises for back you can do in your own home as well as some tips and tricks, follow along as I will lead you on this in-home back training routine.

What types of exercises work best?

I have found that the best, and actually only back exercises are ones that are referred to as combination moves which means that you are working more than one muscle group at a time. For example barbell rows stress the back, but there are other muscle groups that come into play, such as biceps and rear deltoids.

Since this post is talking about exercises that you can do without weights, obviously barbell rows do not fit into this category, an exercise that you can do in place of the barbell rows are wide grip pull-ups, this is not the typical kind of pull-ups you are thinking of when using a chinning bar, but rather you put two chairs back-to-back with a bar or even a broomstick braced across the back of each chair, lie down on the floor on your back between the chairs grasping the bar and you pull yourself up keeping your heels on the floor, this exercise is a great rowing exercise which is simulating the barbell rows.

Other exercises that will work great for training your back are various chinning exercises. First there is wide grip chins keeping your palms facing away from you with a slightly wider than shoulder width grip, second is the reverse grip chins, you have your palms facing towards you with a shoulder-width grip.

The final exercise I have listed are hanging shrugs which are a different variation that you can use in place of the barbell or dumbbell shrugs. Some people like training traps with shoulders while others like training their trap muscles with back, I have tried both variations but I for the most part have always enjoyed training traps with back.

When performing the hanging shrugs, you can either have your palms facing away from you or facing toward you, it is a personal preference, although rotating your hands either way will target your traps at a different angle, it may be best to try performing this exercise with both hand grips and see which way you prefer the best.

Start this exercise out with a shoulder-width grip hanging down with your arms at full length and slowly shrug body weight upwards not using your arms, just strictly use a shrugging motion. This exercise is a completely different variation to the typical shrugs that you may be used to, but when you perform this exercise right, and get used to performing them, they can be a very effective method.

The importance of combination moves

Combination moves can be a very effective way to train anybody part, especially if you are training for muscle size. When it comes to back training, any exercise that you do for back will involve other muscle groups. The only exercise in this program that would be considered an isolation move would be the hanging shrugs, when it comes to any of your typical rowing moves or chinning moves, they will all involve more than one muscle group at a time which is excellent for muscle stimulation as well as burning calories and speeding up your metabolism.

How often should you train back?

If you are new to weight training, I would suggest that for your first six months of training you stick to training each body-part once per week, once you have graduated to six months of training, you can increase your training sessions to twice a week per body part. This not only goes for back training, but any muscle group that you train.

What exercises are best for each individual back segment?

For this list of body weight back training exercises, I have a list below of each exercise noted with its typical muscle range that it will work.

  • Broomstick pull ups

This exercise is a rowing move, so it will typically work the overall thickness area of your back.

  • Wide grip chins

Wide grip chins will develop the width, or upper lateral muscles of your back.

  • Reverse grip chins

Reverse grip chins target your lower lateral muscles.

  • Hanging shrugs

Hanging shrugs develop the trapezoids (traps)


Back training never used to be one of my favorite muscle groups to train because they can take a lot of energy out of you, but after consistently training back and training in as efficient manner as possible, that is making the best use of my time with training, making sure that I train back with maximum intensity, I started to see decent results and soon back became one of my favorite muscles to work.

Once you get used to performing these exercises that I laid out in this article, you can experiment and come up with some different variations of your own and customize your own personal back training program.

After training back, I always make it a point to take in some protein immediately after a training session. I always like to rely on using Gold Standard 100% Whey protein powder with milk.

If you are interested in checking out a product review on Gold Standard 100% Whey protein powder, simply click on the link.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me or leave a comment in the box below.

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Olympic bar and weight set-product review

Barbell set

Cap Barbell 300 LB Olympic set

Shop at Amazon for all your free weights and weight machines needs.

Today’s post will be taking a look at the Olympic bar and weight set product review to see if this stylish workout equipment is the right fit for you and if it measures up to your high standards.


The  review is a product of Amazon, if you click on one of the links and purchase a product, I may receive a small commission but at no additional cost to you. 

Home Gym

Weight training has been a die-hard sport for many years and has grown to be a much loved past time for many. Training at a gym has been a positive aspect of many people’s lives and with little doubt it is the fastest way to bring about results for any age and fitness level.

But not everyone is eager to jump out of their living room chair and speed of to the gym, the extra money out of pocket for gas can be enough to keep people home not too mention the bustling late afternoon or evening traffic after a long day at work.

So sometimes it can be tempting to just get your workouts in at home. Today wrapped up in one post I will be covering three home gym weight training components that quite often sell together for the hard core trainers and beginner weight trainers alike.300 lb barbell set

Olympic weight set

This Olympic black weight set is the same durable type of weights that are most frequently used in weight gyms.

*This weight set includes 2 x 45 lb plates, 2 x 35 lb plates, 2 x 25 lb plates, 2 x 10 lb plates, 4 x 5 lb plates, 2 x.2.5 lb plates, a 7′ 45 lb. bar, and 1 pair of collars for a total of 300 lbs.

*Your phone number will be required: at the time of purchase, and you will need to make sure that an accurate phone number is provided.

*This is a large and heavy item that is shipped by a freight carrier and they will call to arrange a delivery date and time.

Check with Amazon for pricing.


Solidly packed with positives, this Olympic weight set is the type that the pro’s use, solidly built and durable for your most punishing workouts.

For advanced trainers and beginners alike, gives you the weight capacity of 300 lbs and if you need to advance to a heavier weight, you have the option to add more weights to your home gym at a later date.


The only negative aspect in purchasing this set of weights is you may have difficulties getting it up to your apartment if you have a flight of stairs.

Pro-sourceFit puzzle exercise matWeight mat

This ProsourceFit puzzle exercise mat, EVA foam interlocking tiles, protective flooring for gym equipment and cushion for workouts is a great addition to your home gym because it not only protects your floor from damage due to the heavy weights but also makes it easier on your joints and keeps the weights stable from rolling around.

Protective flooring for your workouts with a durable non skid textured tiles protect floors while creating a comfortable workout space.

Easy assembly light weight pieces connect quickly and easily and can be disassembled quick and easy for safe storage.

Versatile water resistant and noise reducing design is easy to clean, works great for use in garages, gyms and home fitness rooms.

Covers 24 square feet, each tile measures 24″ x 24″, includes 6 tiles and 12 end boarders for a sleek and polished look.

High quality foam and high density EVA foam provides excellent support and cushion, contains no toxic phthalates. Air dry or wipe with a dry cloth.

Check with Amazon for pricing.


Light weight, safe to use, protects your floors, durable and store easy.


No know cons

Super max power cagePower cage

Fitness Reality 810XLT super max power cage with optional lat pull down attachment and adjustable leg hold down.

This weight rack has a 800 lb weight capacity with a large walk in space provided with plenty of side to side movement capacity.

New optional attachments for J-Hooks, Dip bars, Weight plate holders and landmine which is sold separately.

2″ x 2″ square steel frame construction. Two 3 1/4″ long chrome lock on safety bars. Two 23″ long chrome dual mounted safety bars.

19 adjustable height levels for the safety bars. Safety bars are compatible with 7′ Olympic bars, user height up to 6′ 4″.

Multi position over head chin up/ pull up grip bars. Olympic bar and weight plates not included.

Can be combined with the Fitness Reality 1000 super max 800 lb capacity 12 – position weight bench. Can be folded for storage.

New optional attachments for J-Hooks, Dip bars, Weight plate holders and landmine (sold separately).

Check with Amazon for pricing.


The Fitness Reality 810XLT rack is a strong and durable rack that has no problem supporting what it’s ranting capacity states.

There is no need to bolt this weight rack down because it is built with plenty of stability. It’s support capacity of 800 lbs is more than enough for even the advanced lifter.


The only con with this weight rack is you may have a hard time leaving it at rest when you are not training.


Training with free weights has always been the bread and butter for building muscle size and strength, I have been training with weights for thirty eight years and I have enjoyed training with all forms of resistance training, free weights and weight machines.

Free weights have always been the back bone of my training, I have used other various types of weights but the standard Olympic weight set has always been hands down the best when it comes to something that is durable and will last for years to come.

It is in my best interest to bring to you the best weight training equipment and products, I have stuck plenty of money into products over the years and have always found it to be a letdown when the product is substandard and doesn’t measure up to my level of standards.

For other reviews on similar equipment you can click on this link.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the box below.




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Home gym weight machines-total body training system review


This impressively designed weight machine is filled with exercises that help you to maintain and achieve a toned physique, It comes with precision linear bearings and one attractive and compact design, great for in home gym use.

If you are sick of working out at the gym and waiting in line for your chance to do your next set on a weight machine that is tied up or if you would just simply prefer working out in the peace and quiet of your own home, then read on.

Today’s post I will be covering an incredible home gym weight machine that is filled with many exercises that will help you build the toned and fit physique that you have always desired, in this home gym weight machine total body training system review I will shed some light on the incredible advantages of using this home system.


This product review is an endorsement for Amazon, if you click on the affiliate link and purchase a product, I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.


It’s many features

The Marcy Pro Smith machine S-4903 will give you many benefits like safely performing the Smith machine squats and other power rack squat rack exercises. Add resistance bands to amp up your workout and improve your form. Upper and lower dual cable crossovers utilize two pully systems allowing you to balance your workout properly.

The pull up bar and dip station will allow you to use your bodyweight to work out your upper body. The adjustable bench can be used with the same machine for chest presses and various degrees of bench pressing. You can also pull the bench away from the Smith machine rack and use free weights to target even more muscle groups.


It’s construction

With the Marcy pro rugged construction it looks to be a well thought out machine that will definitely give you a great workout with its many components and solid structure.

With heavy duty steel construction and a durable powder coated finish, this rugged weight machine can hold up to 600 pounds of weight. This weight machine is not only great for in-home use as well as firming and toning your muscles but it is also a great piece of equipment for developing muscle size and strength.

Perfect for any home gym, designed for home use as well as your basement or even garage. the Marcy Pro combo Smith machine home gym will definitely save you money compared to what you would pay at a gym but it still gives you the many features that you would get working out at a gym but all in your own home.

It’s design

The Marcey Smith home gym machine has a 3-in-1 total body training system packed into a two piece compact design with heavy duty tubular steel construction with durable powder coated finish.

The adjustable Smith machine bar catches with Olympic safety stoppers. Dual overhead pulley system allows for cable crossover exercises with weight bench finished with high density delux boxed upholstery.

It’s dimensions 

Cage assembled dimensions are 86 inches long by 73 inches wide by 85 inches high.

Bench assembled dimensions are 48 inches long by 27 inches wide by 49 inches high.

This weight machine comes at 2000 pound tensile strength aircraft cable with a weight capacity of 600 pounds.


This is definitely a weight machine that anybody would be proud to include in their own home gym. Because it’s solid construction and weight capacity, it is sure to pack the muscle on any aspiring athlete.

For anybody that is into weight training hard and heavy like I am, it is necessary to have a good solid piece of weight training equipment so that you can achieve the goals that you long to desire .

It has always been in my best interest to help people in achieving their goals, when I see products that like minded people may be interested in purchasing, it has been my interest to help people in uncovering what may be the best products on the market for achieving their goals.

If you have an interest in similar products to this one, be sure to check out any other reviews and click on the link.

If you have any questions or comments, please be sure to leave them in the box below.


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Best all one home gym-xm 7626 home trainer review

Cable home gym



X Mark Functional Trainer cable machine xm 7626

This product review is an endorsement for Amazon, if you click on the affiliate link and purchase a product, I will receive a small commission, but at no additional cost. View full affiliate disclosure.

Color- grey

Manufacturer- Fitness Solutions Group

Product dimensions- 35.5 by 71 by 84 inches

Item weight- 247 pounds

Shipping weight- 827 pounds



This product review is an endorsement for Amazon, if you click on the affiliate link and purchase a product, I will receive a small commission, but at no additional cost.


I have talked about benefits a person can have from training at home and at the gym, it’s all in a person’s preference, there are advantages and disadvantages either way. Some people don’t have the room to set up equipment in their home, but those that do have a little extra room and hate going to the gym just might be interested in some options that could make their fitness goals a little easier.

Then there is the issue of spending loads of money on a bunch of weight training equipment, but what if you could get a hold of one weight training home gym that could do it all, to have one piece of universal equipment instead of having multiple pieces of equipment would surely make it a lot easier on space.

The Advantages

Working out on your own home gym can be a big convenience. You don’t have to wait in line for a piece of training equipment, especially if you have a program designed where you move from one exercise to the next with very little rest.

Working out on your own home gym can make for better motivation. Without all the distractions of other people talking and clanging weights, you can dial in to your own choice of music, set your own pace and keep the proper rest periods between set’s.

Hygiene isn’t the greatest at a gym, infectious germs can be easily spread from weight machine to weight machine and these infectious germs can live up to a month getting spread from person to person to you and not everyone who gets sick stays home from the gym.

Cost for a gym membership can really add up to a lot of money, granted home equipment isn’t exactly cheap either but home training equipment is a one time investment.

Last but not least is the money you can save on gas. For many, getting to the gym can be a good distance and with the price of gas, that can really add up to a lot of money over a period of time and you don’t have to fight traffic.

XM 7626 Versatility

This XM-7626 is the most versatile piece of equipment for your families home gym.

This product review is an endorsement for Amazon, if you click on the affiliate link and purchase a product, I will receive a small commission, but at no additional cost. View full affiliate disclosure.

Now instead of just keeping up with your own personal weight training or fitness goals, you can also inspire those training habits on your family as well if there not already working on training goals of their own, keeping a training program is also a great way for the family to spend quality time together, motivating each other on their journey to reaching goals as a family.

The X Mark Functional Trainer Cable Machine XM7626 has a dual 200 pound weight stacks, quick adjust pulleys with 19 settings spaced at 3.5 inches each and easily interchangeable accessories. That can make for quick set up and quick change over and weight adjustments for when your training rapidly and moving from set to set with little rest.

Accessories include a pair of 8″ hand straps, a pair of 17″ long strap handles, a 23″ triceps rope, a short bar, and a 42″ long bar, leg ext, leg curl strap, ankle strap and a workout poster.

The heavy duty 11-gauge 2″ by 3″ steel mainframe construction ensure the XM-7626 is solidly built, while the commercial grade pull up rig and pulley system are extremely smooth.

Exercise capacity

As with other weight training machines out on the market typically have a weight capacity of 150 pounds per weight stack but with the X Mark Functional Trainer has 200 pound dual weight stacks. The X Mark Functional Trainer is designed for many upper body movements, one of the more popular being the cable crossovers, but with the right attachments you can target your lower body like quads and hamstrings, that’s where the low cable setting comes in handy.

Using the ankle attachment provided, you can do a wide range of isolation moves for the quads, hamstrings and glutes. To name a handful of leg training moves would be cable squats, split squats, leg curls, leg raises and lunges.


When I’m ready to do some serious training, I like to know that I’m going to give it my best on some well constructed equipment, the X Mark Functional Trainer is built with commercial grade construction and I’m comfortable knowing that I’m training with durable metallic cables and the pulleys are crafted for smooth operation. The 200 pound weight stacks create for a more strenuous versatile workout.

The X Mark Functional Trainer comes with 19 adjustment positions for pulleys creating for a broader range of exercises that you can perform for your high intensity workout with over 35 exercises available. There are several attachments included to give your workout more versatility and the X Mark Functional Trainer is designed with quite operation in mind, the X Mark truly makes working out fun.


I haven’t found any cons with the X Mark Functional Trainer except for the weight stacks are not upgradable.


The X Mark Functional Trainer is a very well constructed weight machine that anyone who enjoys a good workout would be proud to own one for their own home gym. For a weight machine that is over $2000 your definitely getting your money’s worth, when you take into consideration how much you have to pay for a gym membership, you will realize just how much of a savings your making when the X Mark Functional Trainer is a one time investment.

This product review is an endorsement for Amazon, if you click on the affiliate link and purchase a product, I will receive a small commission, but at no additional cost. View full affiliate disclosure.

No more running to the gym spending the extra money on gas, no more waiting in line for weight machines and no more wiping sweat of the benches because the last guy who used it neglected to clean it off, and no more worry about getting sick from improper hygiene and the spreading of germs.

All you need now is time and persistence to follow your dreams and with the right focus and the right equipment you can accomplish anything, the X Mark Functional Trainer is an incredible trainer and it’s sure to get the job done for years to come. Pursue your dreams and train like a superhero.

To check out a review on supplementation, you can simply go here and smash this link.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment in the box below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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