How to stay motivated to eat healthy

Eating healthy

Eating healthy can be a big game-changer when you are facing health problems that can be holding you up from enjoying your life, and they can even be debilitating at times. How to stay motivated to eat healthy is done through perseverance and realizing in yourself the importance of making the changes that are necessary in order to live a happier, healthier and longer life.

Have you ever heard the saying, you are what you eat, well this is definitely true because if you feed yourself with food that has little to no nutritional value, it will affect you and your performance and the way you feel. If you eat a healthy diet of all the important food groups such as lean meats, fruits and vegetables, this will surely get you on your way to feeling better and you will be happy that you made the necessary changes.

How to get motivated

It can be difficult to be motivated to eat the foods that are healthy and nutritious when you see all these commercials on TV pushing the idea of eating quick foods, or fast foods. But after you have been eating all these foods that you enjoy for most of your life if not all of your life, how do you make the switch to eating what is healthy?

It can be difficult to find the encouragement to start eating what is healthy when there is a very good chance that many of the people you surround yourself with are eating greasy burgers and all kinds of sugary sweets that would surely be tempting to the taste buds.

Telling yourself that you are going to get motivated to make the necessary changes with your diet and actually doing it is two different things. Often it takes more perseverance than what most people have in them, and if you are struggling to find enough perseverance within yourself to make these changes, take a look at what perseverance can do and the effect it can have on others through this video.

Setting realistic goals

The first thing that you need to realize is that you are not perfect. No one is perfect and no one will ever be perfect. There is no such thing as setting up the perfect diet and following it perfectly, everybody will fail at one point or another. If you feel that you have failed at your diet, there is only one sure way of truly failing, and that is if you completely give up on it altogether.

That is one thing that separates people who set up a diet and follow it through to success and others who want to set up a healthy diet and fail are the ones that have given up on it too soon and don’t have the real determination to actually stick with it.

In order to be successful with your diet, it is necessary to set realistic goals and stick with them on a daily basis. If you fail at eating what you have set out in your diet, there is no need to stay down-and-out for the count, just simply brush the dust off and get back in the race with following the diet that you have set up for yourself and realize it as a stepping stone to becoming stronger and realizing that you actually do have the willpower to get back in the game.

Below is a list of s.m.a.r.t goals to follow

  • Specific: goals that are precise
  • Measurable: goals that you can keep track of and measure
  • Attainable: a goal that is realistic in nature and can be achieved
  • Realistic: a goal that is realistic is reachable
  • Time-based: a goal that is time sensitive and has a deadline

A realistic goal is not one that you tell yourself that you are going to lose 20 pounds from eating a healthy diet over the next month, losing two pounds in a week would be more realistic and something that you can and should be very likely to achieve.

The likelihood of losing 2 pounds in a week is very achievable, so if you can lose 2 pounds in a week, that would come out to 8 lbs a month.

Take aim at your goals like you would with a dart board.
Take aim and fire at any goal you set out to achieve.

That is a big difference from 20 pounds, the point that I am getting at here is if you set goals for yourself that look attractive but are very unreasonable, once you realize that you are not achieving those goals, it will be much more difficult for you to stick with your goals.

Have faith in yourself

Nobody who is a real friend of yours is going to tell you that you can’t achieve what is in your heart. If it is important to you, a true friend will stick by you and support you every step of the way.

So if you have a friend that can support you and have faith in you, then there is absolutely no reason why you should not have faith in yourself when it comes to accomplishing anything that you set your mind to, such as eating a healthy diet.

Anybody in this world that has ever achieved anything great or, of significance, they have always exercised faith in themselves and it is the same for you.

If you don’t exercise faith in yourself, you will never achieve anything of significance in your life that you set out to do. Faith is a big cornerstone behind accomplishing anything that you set out to do.

Seeing the big picture

Why exactly is it that you want to start eating healthy? Is it because eating healthy will help you to trim down and look better? Will it help you to feel better and have more energy throughout the day?

For whatever reason it is that you want to start eating healthy, it is an absolute must that you follow suit with changing the structure of your diet, how often you eat throughout each day, snacking on things that you know are going to reflect around your midsection or hips and keeping a record of what you eat, how much you eat, meal frequency and how many times in a day that you have cheated on your diet.

Keeping track of all of these things will help you to gauge your diet in a better and more structured manner so that you can achieve your goals of living healthier and happier from eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly.

Physical activity with friends can be healthy for our heart.
Engaging in physical activity with friends can make any activity more enjoyable.

Eating healthy is an essential part of living healthy, but you are significantly increasing your results if you follow a structured exercise program tailored to your needs and based on what your physical goals are.


Many of us can tend to go through our daily lives without giving our health much of a thought. Personally I used to be that way myself, but since I started getting older I have realized that my years are not getting any easier, so I have found that it is necessary to eat a healthy diet and follow a weekly training routine that helps me to stay in as good of shape as I possibly can.

Whatever your purpose is behind eating a healthy diet and taking care of your health, It Is by all means important that you follow your plan and stick to it because it is important and you are important, and don’t ever let anyone sway your mindset from becoming a healthier and better you.

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If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave a comment in the box below, as I love to hear from my readers and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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How to turn off the TV, and workout

Netflix TV

I am sure many of us have spent a great deal of time sitting on the couch watching old reruns or watching Netflix movies. Do you need some help getting off the couch and working out?

It can be easy to indulge in high fattening snack food while watching these TV shows or Netflix movies, but you are never going to see the muscle gains that you are looking for, or see the scales tip downwards in your favor if it is weight loss that you are after.

Getting off the couch and working out may seem like a pretty easy concept, but it is a rather difficult situation for many to deal with, especially after you have worked a long day or spend all day in school.

It can be tempting to spend hours sitting on the coach without lifting a finger much less going to the gym and getting a workout in.

Today we are going to cover 6 different key points that can get you motivated and keep you motivated to get a workout in, regardless how tired you are, or how much you feel like spending time sitting on the couch watching endless Netflix movies.

How did you feel the last time you looked in the mirror?

I am not talking about just a quick look in the mirror, or checking yourself in the mirror here and there while you’re brushing your teeth. I am talking about taking a serious look at yourself in the mirror, and recognizing the key points that we need to direct our training forwards.

If you notice that your belly seems to be getting a little more pudgy looking recently, maybe it would be a good time to get in a bit more cardiovascular activity such as brisk walk on the treadmill, or maybe going out for a brisk walk or jog on sunny days.

If your goal is to build muscle, it is generally a good idea to periodically take a look at yourself in the mirror now and then to get an idea of how well your muscles are balancing out.

For example if you turn and take a side profile of your image in the mirror, maybe you might notice that the rear head of your deltoids is looking a little underdeveloped, this may be a good time to start implementing exercises that target the back head of your deltoids a little more.

Using the mirror doesn’t need to be a narcissistic thing, taking a look at ourselves in the mirror can actually result in our advantage if we use it as a tool for finding negative or positive points to work on.

It can help us to make decisions along the way on what areas need more work and what areas maybe you need a little less work.

How did you feel the last time you got a workout in?

Are one of your old pairs of jeans fitting a little tighter than since the last time that you tried them on? Well it’s likely that you have not been training hard enough, or you’re not getting enough cardio in.

If you are adding a few extra pounds on, which will definitely show up when you put on one of your old pairs of jeans, you might want to bump up your reps and rest a little less between sets.

If you have been getting in an extra cheat meal a week, you might want to drop it down to one cheat meal per week and eat extra lean the rest of the week and get some extra cardio in.

If you have been sticking to your training program religiously and giving it your best, it is likely that you should be feeling pretty good after getting your workouts in.

Likewise, if your diet hasn’t been up to par, you will not only feel it in your midsection but also in your training. Along with keeping a serious training program and diet program, setting yourself a goal plan will help with keeping everything else aligned.

Do you set goals?

Setting goals is one of the most important things when it comes to training. If you have not been religious about setting goals, it will be difficult to achieve anything that you have been working for.

Simply you will become like a ship lost at sea bouncing from one wave to the next lost and with no direction.

Similar to your weight training or dieting, if you don’t have any serious goals that you are striving to accomplish, it will be difficult to envision yourself in the future and exactly where you want to be.

How do you set your goals?

Athletes, bodybuilders, anyone in athletics and fitness, anyone with a dream from one end of the spectrum to the other set goals. Setting goals can give you a long-term vision while setting yourself up for shorter-term motivation.

Setting goals can help you to organize your time and your resources so that you can make the most of your time spent on the activity that drives you the most.

By setting yourself some clearly defined goals, it can greatly help you measure the achievements that you are making and you will see progress in things that you have once never thought achievable.

Goals will also help you to increase your self-confidence, and as you recognize your ability in achieving what you have set out to do, it will greatly enhance the odds of you continuing on with any endeavor with great success.

One way that you might want to start setting up your goals is to look at the big picture and determine where you want to be in five or ten years from now.

Break these goals down into smaller goals that you dedicate yourself to targeting to reach your long-term goals. Once you have set a plan of attack and start working on it to achieve those goals, keep them written down and never out of your sight.

This way they will never be forgotten and brushed off to the side, they will always be there in front of you encouraging you every step of the way.

Where do you see yourself one year from now?

Sometimes it can be difficult to put a picture with a place that we would like to be in a specific set time from now. But as with anything, practice makes perfect.

Practice setting goals, practice writing them and practice envisioning seeing yourself where you will be one year from now, five years from now or even 10 years from now.

Setting a sequence of goals for where you would like to be in a given amount of time will help you to not only get a clear picture of where you want to be, but it will also help in guiding you on a structured path toward meeting that destination that you want to accomplish.

Setting clear and concise structured goals and putting a picture with them of where you see yourself in the future will help with building pride in yourself in achieving something that you have always desired to do.

Never let anyone take this feeling of fulfillment away from you, it is something that you have worked hard for and earned.

Give it your best and never give up

Anything worth having is definitely worth working hard for. If you are working on something that means a lot to you, always remember to give it your best and never give up.

The longer that you have worked and struggled at something and may have made minimal gains, or maybe even plenty of gains, whatever the result is that you have seen from your hard work this far, never give up.

If you feel like the route you have been following to achieve a certain gain hasn’t been working, change the route that you have been going.

Following the same path and not seeing any results is similar to a hamster running in a wheel. It keeps running and looking forward, constantly putting forth energy to reach its destination, but just keeps going around in circles and never accomplishing anything.

Don’t allow this to happen with your training, whether it be weight training and building muscles or following a cardio program to lose weight or to get into better shape.

Whichever goal that you are striving for, never allow yourself to keep putting forth energy that isn’t accomplishing any results.

If you are struggling to find the results that you are looking for, search out content, there are literally thousands of blogs on the internet, or search out YouTube.

Again there are countless YouTube videos that have great content that will help with steering you in the right direction to fulfilling your goals, never give up.

For further reading, you can check out one of my product reviews on supplementation that will help with giving your energy a boost in the gym or at home.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment in the box below, I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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Bodybuilding motivation – how to keep progressing forward everyday

Motivation for weight-training

Do you get hung up on doing things the same old way, even though they haven’t been working for you? I think that many people can feel the pressure of trying to move forward with positive stride and make good progress every day, but get stuck in the same old rut that they have for years and have difficulty moving forward.

Today’s post will be about bodybuilding motivation and how to keep progressing forward everyday. What do you do to keep yourself motivated to consistently get your workouts in everyday?

If you have been following a path to keep yourself motivated to workout but haven’t been successful, stick around to the end of this post for some ideas that will keep you motivated and pumping out those workouts with energy to spare.

Especially in the days ahead where things seem to be uncertain and you are wondering if you are going to continue with your weekly training and workouts and fulfilling your goals. The basis of this article is that no matter what stands in your way, you need to keep progressing forward every day.

Everyday pressures

Everyday pressures can be very disrupting when it comes to accomplishing our goals or the things that matter most to us. Especially the way that things have been going lately with viruses affecting people’s health and even lives and all the violence that has been affecting people at all new heights.

Our daily activities and routines are affected, our ability to shop for the healthy food that we need and even being able to get in a decent workout at the gym of our choice. I may be wrong and let’s hope that I am, but I don’t know that there will ever be a state of normalcy and that the pandemic will ever be over completely.

I think that we will have to come to the realization that we will have to adapt to the situation the best we can and if it involves working out at home, or maybe even setting up our own home gym so that we can maintain a consistency with our physical fitness training and daily health regimen, then so be it.

I am not trying to cause alarm in anyone, or do I know the outcome of things to come, but however things turn out, I just want people to be mentally prepared and to know that their health and goals don’t need to be completely in the hands of the direction that the world is heading.

The pressures that we are undergoing are very real and there is no way to completely get around them, but our health is important, if we don’t have our health, what do we have?

You can be rich, have a beautiful home and a luxurious car, but if you don’t have your health, how are you going to enjoy anything else?

That’s why it is necessary that we put a great emphasis on our diet and eating healthy and maintaining stability in a training program that we need to remain faithful to on a daily and weekly basis.Keep yourself motivated!

Do you get stuck in the same rut?

Another thing that can keep us from consistently moving forward on a daily and weekly basis is getting stuck in the same old rut day in and day out. Does this sound familiar? Is getting stuck in a rut something that you have been battling with far too long and are trying to find a way to break through it?

If this is something that you have become far too familiar with, do realize that you are not alone on this one. This is something that has been a dream breaker on a grand scale.

Getting stuck in a rut can be that we have so many other things going on in a day that we simply don’t have the time or energy to get our workout in. It can be that we expect to see results faster than what we have actually been accomplishing.

There are many things that can get us off route from accomplishing our training and goals, but it all depends on how far we allow these dream breakers to take us, are we going to allow them to take us off course on a regular basis?

Or are you going to take control of the matter by realizing that these little deturants are a part of daily life and even those that have achieved much in their lifetime have had numerous deturants battling for their attention trying to pull them off course.

It is when these little deturants pop up throughout the day, every week, that we need to stop these dream breakers in their tracks and do our best to prevent ourselves from getting of track in the first place. In order to do this, it is then that we will realize a definite need for motivation.

Why we need motivation

Why in the world would we need motivation in order to accomplish our goals through physical fitness training and diet? Isn’t motivation only necessary for the weak-minded?

Actually this is how the weak-minded have become strong-minded, and that is through continually keeping themselves motivated towards achieving their vision in mind.

Do you have a vision in your mind of where you want to be or what you would like to achieve in a specified period? Do you have a motive behind that vision? What will it take to motivate you to accomplishing that vision?

If you have a vision and you have the motivation to pull through and make this vision a reality, would you call that weak-minded?

I would have to say that if you have no vision, and if you have no motive pulling you forward, you are more than likely weak-minded and need some form of motivation to give you some drive.

How to keep yourself motivated

The best way to keep yourself motivated is through setting goals. Setting goals is not merely saying that you want to add 10 pounds of muscle to your frame, or adding an inch to your arms.

It is not simply that you want to lose 10 pounds of weight or get into better shape. Setting goals involves a little more work than simply stating what you want to do in the long term, those are all good ideas for long-term goals, but exactly how do you plan on reaching that destination?

In order to reach that destination, you will need to develop several smaller, bite-sized goals in order to achieve the larger ones. When you develop some achievable goals that can be accomplished for your days, weeks, and months ahead, this in the long run will not only be mapping out exactly what you want to achieve and where you plan on going with your training, but it will also help to give you the motivation along the way to keep going with your journey.Make it your aim to exercise on a regular basis.

Moving forward

Once you have determined exactly what it is that you want to achieve with your training on a daily, weekly and monthly goal planner, and you have found the motivation to pursue your dreams through goal planning and not let them lay dormant somewhere never realizing the light of day, you will be on your way moving forward to seeing better results and a better future for your health, weight training and physical fitness goals.

Exactly how far you want to go with achieving your goals basically comes down to you and your mindset and exactly what you are willing to sacrifice along the way in order to see your results. Sacrifice doesn’t necessarily sound like a very inviting word, but many people have to make sacrifices in order to realize their dreams and accomplish the things that they have always desired doing.

If your dream is to build muscle, it will therefore be necessary to make sure that you make it to the gym everyday and get those pulse-pounding workouts in and not miss them, especially you will not want to make it a habit of missing your workouts.

On days that you spend all day at work, then you find that your friends or family want to spend all night sitting up at the bar, sometimes it can be difficult saying no to things from people that we care about, but if your number one goal is to achieve your fitness results, you will need to explain to them that there are specific sacrifices that you have to make in order to achieve your goals, or maybe if they want to be true friends, they will allow you the time to get a good workout in and shower before heading out to party or just hang out.


I think that the majority of us have short-term goals and long-term goals that we would like to achieve, and with everything that is going on in your daily life, whether it be work or school or even taking care of your family, we can tend to have a difficult time making enough time in our days to achieve the things that are important to us, but if you want to achieve your goals, you will need to spend some time, setting enough time to the side for your personal training, and family or friends will have to understand your wishes.

Along with a consistent program of training, it is also necessary to take in the appropriate nutrition that you need to fulfill your goals, and another part of that necessary nutrition may be supplementation. You can click on the link below to check further into supplementation products.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment in the box below and I will be happy to get back to you as soon as possible, I would love to hear from my readers.


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How to build muscle and strength – developing the determination

Young Man checks his phone frequently while at the gym.

Building muscle and strength is a big topic for many gym goers, young or old. There are many ways to look at training for muscle and strength, there are many strategies when it comes to developing muscle and strength. Today we are going to look at how to build muscle and strength, and how do you develop the determination?

Is there only one set pattern of training? Is there only one right way to train? There are many weight training programs a person can follow, is only one of these ways the right way to train? Or are there many ways to train for muscle and strength that are effective?

There have been many debates over the years as to what is the best way to accomplish developing strength and size, but is it such a complex subject, or do people have a tendency to make things more difficult than they have to be? It isn’t so difficult, the biggest thing is developing the determination.

When you take a step back and look at what your goals are, where you have started from and how far you have come, or maybe you are just getting started in the game of weight-training and you are first getting your head wrapped around the concept of what it takes to build the lean muscles that you have always wanted and the strength equivalent to that of five normal men.

Is the game of weight-training, as complex as what some people make it seem like, or is it as straight-forward as it truly is. Just follow along with me and maybe we can come to some resolve with making your goals a reality.

Get with the program

I have seen countless times when someone would be reading the paper or talking on their cell phone while using a weight machine. Others might be texting on their phone between sets losing pretty much any kind of concentration that might benefit their workout.

These activities could be done while doing some low-intensity cardio, it’s not going to be of much benefit for anyone to have such little focus when weight-training. In order to be serious about your training and receive some serious results, first of all you will need to take the time that you spend in the gym with all seriousness.

Just as serious as your mate expects you to be when they’re telling you about how rotten their day was at the office, you know, if you don’t look like you are taking them with all seriousness, they may be likely to clobber you over the head.

You should look at your weight-training with just as serious of a tone. If you haven’t been seeing the results that you had hoped for, you can’t go blaming it on Joe who lives down the street, you need to take responsibility for your own actions.

So how do you train for strength and size? You have to take your training seriously, train hard, and you have to lift heavy. Training heavy not only involves using a weight that you push to failure with a rep range of 8-12 reps, but it also involves using exercises that work more than one muscle group at a time.

Especially exercises like the bench press, squats, dead lifts and barbell rows. There are other exercises like the clean and press and snatch that are your basic power moves and are typically done with fewer repetitions like 1-6 reps.

If you want to get some serious results from your training, it is a must that you include at least a majority of these exercises because they involve more than one muscle group at a time and will enable you to lift more weight and put more stress on the working muscles.

Devise yourself a serious program

You can only take your training as seriously as you will allow yourself. Do you take yourself seriously? Do you take your dreams seriously? Then why shouldn’t you take your weight-training seriously?

If it requires weight-training to see your dreams through, then that means you should be going balls to the wall in the gym and get that extra rep out that you fell short of with your last workout.

It is those that go the extra mile in the gym that make the killing results, if you are slacking in the gym and not giving it your best, then you are not going to see the results that you have always dreamed about.

I know that there can be many distractions these days. back in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s day, or Lee Haney’s day, could you see those guys slacking in the gym because they were too busy texting all their buddies?

Quite the contrary, they were training like mad men with only one thought in mind, and that was to be the best, and they did just that. They were paving the way for future bodybuilders.

Never back down from a good challenge

A good challenge is what we should be ready for every time we enter the gym. If your heart and head are not into the game, it will be difficult to give our mind and muscles the challenge that we need to in order to achieve maximum results.

Imagine if you will, training with the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, Bill Pearl and Lou Ferrigno. If you had the opportunity to enter the gym and train with those good old boy’s, wouldn’t you be inspired to give it your all? Or would you be sitting on the sidelines texting on your cell phone?

The next time that you go in the gym and want to get a hard-hitting, pulse pounding workout in, but you feel that you are driven to spend more time texting people or Googling things, just imagine if Arnold Schwarzenegger was there giving you a motivational speech, what kind of workout do you think you would put in then?

Program your mind for success

When is the last time that someone gave you a speech about programming your mind for success? Well if someone hasn’t done that in some time, or if at all, I highly doubt that Arnold Schwarzenegger or Bill Pearl would come along and give you that motivational speech during your workout, but granted there are plenty of other enthusiastic people at the gym where you train that will give you the motivation that you need to push yourself to the limit and get the best workout in that you possibly can.

Even if you don’t look up someone at the gym to give you the motivation that you need, there is a huge plethora of knowledge and inspiration that you can find on YouTube with all the great training and fitness videos on there will keep you busy for a lifetime giving you the motivation you need and deserve to keep you going strong with your training and motivation.

Besides getting motivation from coaches or people that you train with at the gym, and a great source of motivational tools such as YouTube, another very important aspect of your training that will give you the motivation you need to succeed are setting goals.

Goals are a very important training tool for anyone to succeed that is pushing themselves to either lose weight or gain muscle. The likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger always set goals, can you imagine a prize-winning physique like his could be developed through blindly training away each day with no goals to guide him? Or the massive thighs of the very impressive Tom Platz could be developed without structuring an amazing thigh training routine or not having any goals to guide him?

In order to succeed or be successful in any undertaking, not just weight loss or weight training, but absolutely any undertaking in your life, how do you expect to achieve those amazing results that you are dreaming of if you don’t have any guidance or vision of where you want to be, or how are you plan on achieving those results.Muscular man performing dumbell curls.

Moving forward

Before you go to the gym for your next training session, make sure that you have your goals in place and exactly how you plan on achieving those goals. Make sure that you have those goals written down on paper so that you can always look back at them every day as a personal reminder of who you are and what you want to be as well as what you want to achieve for yourself.

So you want to build huge muscles and develop impressive strength, if that’s what your goal is, like many other trainers at the gym, make sure that you have a solid routine structured mostly around combination moves such as the bench press, squats, dead lifts and barbell rows as stated earlier, and you need to be dedicated to your training days, your structured routine that you devised for yourself, as well as your dreams and wishes.

Success does not happen overnight and neither will your goals. Tom Platz’s thighs we’re not developed overnight and neither was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s success. Everything takes time and a commitment in order to see your dreams come to life. Rome was not built in a day, neither will be those huge arms that you want to be sticking out of your t-shirt sleeves and impress everybody that see’s you on the beach.

Now get off your cell phone and get off of the couch and head to your local gym and get busy building that body that you have always dreamed of. Lou Ferrigno probably spent more time pumping iron than he had spent having his green makeup put on. Don’t allow all of this wonderful technology the world has to offer these days to stand in the way of your dreams and achieving your goals.

Supplementation is an important aspect of your training, along with a healthy diet. To check out some of my reviews I have on supplementation, you can do so by clicking on this link.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t be afraid to leave a comment in the box below. If you do, I will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.


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Weight training power – 5 tips for mental training

Motivations journey

Have you ever met someone who always seems to be energized and enthusiastic as if they had a daily dose of motivation? While highly motivated people have a secret source of motivation, It’s no secret, in fact many of them don’t even realize what it is.

Today we are going to be taking a look at weight training power and 5 tips for mental training.

Highly motivated people build habits that consistently generate new motivation. I’ve made it a point to carefully observe and study weight trainers who are consistently motivated and energized, and here’s what I’ve observed.

Anyone can feel motivated from time to time, but highly motivated people build routines into their lives that thrive motivation consistently.

Instead of waiting around to find some motivation, they design their life around energizing activities.

Here are five things highly motivated weight trainers and physical fitness enthusiasts do that we can all learn from to feel more motivated.

Manage your energy wisely

Generally most of the productivity and habit-forming advice you hear offers tips for better time management. With promises of making you more efficient in your training, they suggest all sorts of strategies for implementing your day to manage your time better.

Motivation shouldn’t be driven by time, It revolves around your energy. You can have all the time in the world but if you’re doing things that drain you of your energy, you’re not going to feel motivated.

Even if your time is extremely limited, you can accomplish a tremendous amount with enough energy and enthusiasm. Forget about managing your time and learn how to manage your energy instead.

Start your day with the tasks that require the most energy or are your least favorite. When you start out your morning, you are likely to have your highest rate of energy, and if you can accomplish the more difficult tasks first, it will be smoother sailing the rest of the day.

Be creative about accomplishing essential tasks that drain energy, you will recuperate your energy burned if you are eating a healthy diet.

Surround Yourself with others that are motivated

The people we surround ourselves with impact us greatly. Highly motivated people often use this to their advantage. Everyday interactions can have impact on people and can have impact on your levels of motivation:

A positive interaction with a supportive and enthusiastic friend can supercharge your own energy and motivation. On the other hand, just one interaction with a really negative, critical person can drain you of energy and your motivation for the day, but there is a bigger principle here:

The people you spend time with affect how you feel.

If you have to consistently interact with energy-draining people, you can’t expect to feel energetic and enthusiastic, but if you interact with energy-giving people, you can’t help but have some of their enthusiasm and motivation rub off on you.

So be thoughtful about the people you choose to spend your time with. To be enthusiastic in the gym you need to train with enthusiastic people and surround yourself with enthusiastic people.

If you are working on losing weight, surround yourself with people who will motivate you and give you the moral support that you deserve.

If you want to feel more motivated and energized in your life, surround yourself with energy driven people, spend your time with people that have a positive energy about them, that will no-doubt rub off on you.

Remember your successes

One of the most powerful things you can do to feel more motivated is to take time to celebrate your successes. large or small. It’s a basic law of human psychology that behaviors followed by a reward are likely to happen in the future:

If your goal is to lose ten pounds and you have lost five pounds, if you have friends there to cheer you on, you are much more likely to finish your goal of losing the other five pounds if you have positive friends to continue cheering you on.

You need to be in the habit of celebrating your own successes and you’ll create a positive stream of motivation for your future, More specifically, a small reward celebrated immediately beats a big reward delayed.

Tell yourself that you are proud of yourself after increasing your bench press by one repetition, after you have made that increase, then you can give yourself a little celebration party with others that show appreciation for your same interests.

After going for that early morning run, splurge on a fancy cup of coffee and reward yourself for a job well-done. It increases your psychological happiness.

Energize your environment

The activities and people in your life do give and take energy, so does your physical and emotional environment. Each and every one of us have a tendency to want to control many aspects in life, whether they are ours or someone else’s, which means we love the idea that the solution to everything is inside us.

Your environment matters, including how much motivation and energy you feel on a regular basis. Going for a run without the right running shoes can make it hard to stay motivated to exercise. You can’t always change your environment, but it’s possible more often than you might think.

Creating for a better environment can be more productive for your goals and can be a fast track to better energy and higher motivation. More energy and a better foundation constructed for our motivating principles can build for a more productive time spent on our physical training.

Accept your failures

There’s no better way to kill your motivation than beating yourself up after a failure or setback.

People with low motivation most always have a habit of being judgmental with themselves after failures.

They criticize themselves with negative self-talk which will only take more wind out of their sails, and they judge themselves as being weak and not worthy. They will punish themselves in an attempt to motivate themselves in the future.

Highly motivated people are good at giving themselves energy and motivation, they’re also skilled at maintaining their motivation, even in the face of setbacks.

The best way to preserve your energy and motivation in the face of failure or mistakes is to practice a little self-compassion. Talk to yourself like you would talk to a good friend who is struggling.

You need to acknowledge to yourself that if you fail at something the first time around doesn’t mean you are weak.


One of the most common causes of low motivation is saying yes to things that have no bearing with what our goals are aligned with.

As we’ve discussed, motivation is energy. When your energy is highest, you feel motivated. And when your energy is low, motivation seems to disappear.

You can’t expect to have high levels of motivation for the things that matter most to you if you’re wasting all your energy on things that don’t really matter. How can you possibly have the motivation to say yes to giving it that extra mile in the gym when you say yes to staying out late the night before.

Physical training is very important if you are interested in developing muscle size and strength, or if your goal is to lose weight, but mental training is equally important. It’s important to keep your head in the game and strive to be the best that you can be.

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If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to drop a message in the box below and I will get back to you within 24 hours.


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Bodybuilding my lifestyle – overcoming obstacles

Woman's feet running

I have always been excited with building the prospect in my life of creating a greater future with something meaningful that can benefit me from now through the rest of my life, and I have found that a great way of doing this is through a life of physical fitness and bodybuilding.

The endeavor of body-building my lifestyle has given me the opportunity to set goals and achieve them through sacrifice and hard work, sweat and tears from painstaking hours of punishment on my body for the sake of achieving a dream just to have it shattered by muscle tears, strains, sprains and years of excruciating lower back problems.

But through all this I have persevered forward with a better knowledge of who I am and what I am made of. With this experience I can pass down the knowledge that I have gained on to others with the joy it gives me to see others succeed. Today I want to acknowledge my giving to you, handed down from my own experience.

How I can help you

It has always been in my best interest to help others out in achieving their goals. Whether it is building muscle, losing weight or simply getting into better shape, I have always enjoyed the Journey of helping others out and helping them to realize their goals.

Keep a clear vision when aiming for your goals.

Achieving your goals is never an easy walk in the park, and you will never get there overnight, or at least as quick as you would like to, but the important thing is that you never give up on your goals and keep pushing forward so that one day your goals will be attained and your future will be much brighter for that.

Making the most with your goals

I have always believed that if you are going to take the time and energy to set a goal, you need to stick with it and follow it through. If you don’t continue to follow through with your goals and dreams, they will never be achieved and your dreams will simply be a thing of the past, they will have gone unnoticed.

Aiming for a destination point that you desire to achieve is similar to shooting darts, you want to use laser focus, vision yourself making your mark and you will have better results hitting your target.

Dig deep

This is your time to dig deep and make your dreams happen, they will not happen on their own and somebody else will not achieve your goals for you.

This is your time to make your dreams come alive and feel a sense of urgency when following through with what you desire, because if you don’t dig deep and take action for what you desire, it will never be achieved and they will simply be lost in this deep dark void unnoticed, and un-celebrated.

Train smart and use a spotter

Digging deep is something that you need to do in order to realize your potential, and if you never realize your potential, your true potential and happiness will never be brought to light.

Train hard

My Philosophy has always been to train hard but train smart as well. If you don’t train hard at what you are doing, you won’t be allowing your full potential to push through in what you are trying to accomplish.

If your goal is to build muscle, train hard at it and never lose sight of your dreams.

Ladies feet
Keep pursuing that extra pound

If your goal is to lose weight, keep pursuing that extra pound and don’t become discouraged.

If your goal is to simply get into better shape, feel better and look better, never stop pursuing something that will contribute to a better health and happiness.


I hope that I have given you some beneficial information to take away on this. Never give up on your dreams, be a conqueror, pursue happiness and fulfillment and be a positive inspiration to others.

If you can follow through with these things, you will win the battle, you will achieve greatness, you can have anything that you put your mind to as long as you never lose sight of your goals and never lose faith in yourself.

For a review on supplementation, you can check it out here.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the box below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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