Best biceps building exercises

A muscular physique


Have you ever wondered what the single most, best biceps building exercises are? Or maybe what the top three are? What if I told you that building biceps, or as far as that goes, any muscle group, was a lot like putting a puzzle together.

In order to see the full picture, you have to include every piece of the puzzle. Often if someone isn’t seeing the results that they want in the gym, it’s because they are not including every piece of the puzzle to develop the full picture.

Often people think that in order to build huge biceps, they need to be using the right exercise, which is true to a point. We will cover that a little further in this post.

I think that it’s important to reflect on the full picture first, so you know that you are making the most of all the tools required.

Next we will be taking a look at what is involved in building a solid foundation with the right tools and getting a feel for the full picture behind building the rock solid body that will get heads turning.

Getting the full picture

As you can see, there are many important things to consider for building big muscles. Choosing the right exercises is an important part of building muscle, we will be looking at that shortly, but there are many important parts that come together to create the full picture.

If you are leaving anyone of these important parts out, it will have a major impact on your results.

The reason I am bringing up the importance of the full picture when this post is about the best exercises to use, is because if I give you my perspective on what the best exercises are and you are not seeing any results, it’s probably because you are leaving out one or more of the other key components.

Top three exercises for building big biceps

There are many great exercises for building big biceps, and you should put as many of them to practice as possible, but there are a few that stand out as the top mass building exercises that do an exceptional job for building big biceps, especially when you follow by all the other principles that I have laid out for you above.

The best way to gauge what type of exercises work best for building muscle other than using maximal weight for best muscle size results is to incorporate exercises that involve your elbows being in three different positions to stimulate muscle growth in your biceps.

There are your standard biceps exercises that include barbell curls, hammer curls and alternate dumbbell curls. All of these exercises involve being in an upright position, whether you are standing or seated. But they all involve you having your elbows fixed at your sides and are an excellent way to build biceps, but incorporating exercises where you have your elbows either in back of you or in front of you will stimulate muscle growth to a further extent.

What area are you targeting?

Diagram of the long and short biceps heads.
This diagram depicts the placement of the long and short biceps heads. Long heads in red and short heads in green.
Brachilis underlying bicep head
Brachilis underlying head does not show prominently, but attributes to 50% of muscle strength.

The brachialis is the prime mover of the elbow. While the biceps brachii appears as a large anterior bulge on the arm and is of considerable interest among bodybuilders, the brachialis underlying it actually generates about 50% more power and is thus the prime mover of elbow flexion.

Exercises that target the brachilis underlying

I have gathered a list of exercises that work great for targeting the brachialis underlying as shown in blue in the diagram above.

Next we are going to examine what bicep exercises stimulate your biceps to the best effect when you are incorporating one exercise for each of the different elbow positions that I have pointed out above.

Barbell curls

Many bodybuilders have always relied on the old standard for building big biceps. Barbell curls are a great way to achieve overall muscular development for the biceps and have been relied on by any bodybuilder and strength trainer that I know of ever since the dawn of bodybuilding.

One of the reasons why barbell curls are such a great exercise for muscular development is because you can load up the bar and squeeze out more weight than you can with other exercises such as dumbbells or cables.

Weight machines are a great way to incorporate more of a variety in your bicep training, but weight machines don’t give you the ability to build up the muscles the same way as performing exercises with free weights because free weights allow you to incorporate the stabilizer muscles which account for balance.

Barbell curls can work both the long and short heads of the biceps, it basically depends on what grip you are using when curling.

The wide grip works the short head as shown in green in the diagram above, and the narrow grip works the long head as shown in red in the diagram above. Shoulder width grip works the whole biceps brachii.

Preacher curls

Preacher curls, otherwise known as (Scott curls) are another excellent way to develop your biceps and add size to your biceps. Other than what is shown in the picture above where this bodybuilder is doing preacher curls with an EZ curl bar, you can also add variety by using a straight bar, as well as dumbbells.

A great advantage when performing the preacher curls, is you will be forced to use good form without swinging or cheating the weight up, which cheating the weight up can be a benefit if you are purposely performing cheat curls, but in order to stimulate good muscle growth in your biceps, it is necessary to perform good strict form which is a necessity when doing the preacher curls.

Preacher curls specifically target the brachilis muscle as shown in blue in the diagram above which is a muscle found in the lower part of your biceps.

Aiding in the flexion of your elbow, this muscle is targeted whether performing the preacher curl standing or seated, or whether you’re using a dumbbell or barbell.

Incline dumbbell curls

Last but not least on this list of great biceps builders is none other than the incline dumbbell curls. Incline dumbbell curls are a great way to build muscle in your biceps when following the principle I mentioned earlier about performing an exercise in your routine where your elbows are extended out in back of you.

Another exercise that you can include where your elbows are extended in back of you and you can also use more weight are the body drag curls. The only problem with performing this exercise is it may be a little more difficult to squeeze your biceps at the top of this move as you normally would with the incline dumbbell curls.

Incline dumbbell curls you will not be able to lift as much weight with this exercise, but it is a great way to stimulate your biceps while keeping your elbows in back of you, and this exercise will also help to eliminate any cheating so you will be forced to perform this exercise with good form, and always remember to squeeze your biceps at the top position and let your arms all the way down at the bottom position without swinging your arms.

The long head of the bicep as shown in red in the diagram above remains active throughout the entire range of motion when performing inclined curls.


When designing your bicep training program, it is never a good idea to design it around three exercises and only sticking to doing them. It is best that you incorporate a series of different exercises which will enable you to develop your biceps to the fullest.

If you are serious about adding size to your biceps, I would recommend that you start each bicep training session out with performing barbell curls which will enable you to use more weight which means stimulating more muscle growth.

When performing the barbell curls, if you have reached your max amount of reps that you can go with strict form, you can always use your legs for a series of two or three repetitions at the end of your sets for further muscle stimulation.

Once you have finished with the barbell curls, it would be a good idea to follow up with at least one of the other two exercises that I pointed out.

For example, after you have finished the barbell curls, you could do the inclined dumbbell curls followed by a set of body drag curls or a set of hammer curls. Another example you could do is after finishing the barbell curls, you can do preacher machine curls followed up by a set of alternate dumbbell curls or cable curls.

Never be afraid to change things around in your training routine and keep things fresh, because if you do the same thing over and over again, your workouts will start to become stale and you will see very little progress if any after a while.

Another important part of your regimen that is necessary to keep muscle growing is your diet and supplementation. To check out a review on muscle building supplementation products, you can simply go here and smash this link.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment or question in the box below as I love to hear feedback from my readers and I will reply back to you as soon as possible.


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How to create a workout program in 4 easy steps

Bodybuilder flexing his muscles

Have you been struggling to build muscle mass no matter how hard you train? Here is how to create a workout program in 4 easy steps. It can be difficult to build muscle the way you would like to, but there are some simple steps that you should follow in order to build the muscular physique that you are looking for.

Today we are going to cover how often you should train, what type of exercises work best for building muscle, how many reps you should follow in order to build the muscle mass that you are looking for and how to keep track of your progress.

If we are not making the progress that we are looking for, it can often become discouraging when we don’t see results with building muscle that we want to see, or increasing in our strength levels. After putting some thought into this subject, you should be able to achieve the results that you have always dreamt of.

Training frequency

Training frequency can often be overlooked because we get involved in daily distractions that can keep us from concentrating on our training, but training frequency can be overlooked and we might only be working each muscle group once a week without giving much thought to it.

Other times, the trainer actually believes that it is best to work each muscle group once a week when in fact training each muscle group once a week doesn’t create enough stimulation to grow.

The best training frequency for building muscle would be to work each muscle group twice a week. The best way to ensure that you are training frequently enough is to keep a training program written out for you to follow by.

This way you can make sure that you can keep track of what exercises you did in your last training session, how many reps that you performed and the weight that you performed each exercise with.

Typically, when it comes to training frequency, I would recommend training each muscle group twice per week, but the only time that I find it necessary to train each muscle group less than once a week is if you are new to weight training I would suggest that you train each muscle group once per week for the first six months until you grow accustomed to lifting.

What exercises build muscle most?

To be serious about building some serious solid muscle mass, I suggest that you stick to doing compound exercises for the majority of your training. The beginning of your workout when you start out with the most energy is when you should be concentrating on doing compound training the most.

For example a good idea of a chest training routine mostly doing compound training would be to start with the standard bench press. After you finish with the bench press, move on to doing incline benches which mostly works your upper chest.

After you have completed at least two compound exercises for your chest, you can finish off with an isolation exercise like dumbbell flyes. Dumbbell flyes are excellent for working the chest but you are not able to lift nearly as much weight with the dumbbell flyes as you can with a compound move like the bench press.

Compound training which requires exercises that work more than one muscle group at a time are best for building muscle because you can lift more weight, it is more weight that you lift throughout your entire workout is what can pack on the muscle mass much more than if you just concentrated on isolation moves.

*An example of overall weight lifted in a chest training program that only involved supplementary exercises.

  • Dumbbell flyes, 40 lb dumbbells, 10 reps, 5 sets – 4,000 pounds
  • Cable crossovers, 80 lbs, 10 reps, 4 sets – 3,200 pounds
  • Dumbbell pullovers, 80 lb dumbbell, 10 reps, 5 sets – 4,000 pounds

Total, 11,200 pounds

*An example of overall weight lifted in a chest training program that involved two compound exercises and one supplementary exercise.

  • Bench press, 250 lbs, 10 reps, 5 sets – 12,500 pounds
  • Incline bench press, 200 lbs, 10 reps, 4 sets – 8,000 pounds
  • Dumbbell flyes, 40 lbs, 10 reps, 5 sets – 4,000 pounds

Total, 24,500 pounds

From these two examples, you can see the difference in overall weight being lifted. It stands to reason that performing compound exercises and lifting more weight will result in overall weight lifted in a workout to be more beneficial for building muscle size and strength.

How many reps for building muscle?

When it comes to how many reps that you will need to perform in order to build muscle size, I typically would recommend between 6 to 12 reps per set. Below I have listed a guideline to follow for repetitions when it comes to building strength, building muscle and building endurance.

  • Building strength, 1-6 repetitions
  • Building muscle mass, 6-12 repetitions
  • Building endurance, 12-20 repetitions

Keeping track of your progress

This is one of the biggest problems that I find with many people that are not seeing progress in their muscular development is they are not keeping track of their progress. In order to keep track of your progress, it is necessary to keep a training log.

Without a training log, and not keeping track of your training progress, it will be difficult to know how much you did in your last training session, that is how much weight you lifted and for how many reps.

For example if I go to the gym and start pumping out some barbell curls. If I loaded the bar to 100 pounds and did 10 reps, this is a good place to start, but if this is the same place that I started in my last workout, how am I going to progress?

Here is an example you can follow in your training log.

Your last workout

  • Barbell curls, 80 lbs, 10 reps
  • Incline dumbbell curls, 30 lbs, 9 reps
  • Concentration curls, 30 lbs, 10 reps

If this example you see above is what your last bicep training program looks like, are you going to remember how much weight and reps you used in your last workout without writing it down?

Keeping your weight and repetitions written down in a training log will give you an idea of what you did in your last workout, so this way you know that you will need to try to shoot for either more weight or more reps than you performed in your last workout.

Here is an example of what you can shoot for in your next workout based on the last example above.

  • Barbell curls, 80 pounds, 11 reps
  • Incline dumbbell curls, 30 lb, 10 reps
  • Concentration curls, 30 lb, 11 reps

Once you have reached 12 repetitions with a given weight, then you can increase the weight and shoot for performing at least 6 repetitions.


Weight training and building muscle is very much a progressive sport. There is one basic thing that you need to be shooting for in each and every workout, and that is to be striving to lift more weight or to perform more repetitions with the same weight that you used last time.

If you are not consciously striving to do more in each workout than you did in the one before, it will be very difficult to see any results in your training.

So before the next time you get a workout in, I strongly recommend that you start using a training log and keep track of how much weight and repetitions that you are performing in each and every workout and with every exercise that you do.

To help with increasing your progress, it can be a good idea to include supplementation in your training which can enhance your results. You can check out one of my product reviews by clicking on this link.

If you should have any questions or concerns, please feel free to message me below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Build big triceps fast, top 5 exercises for big gains

Barbell extensions

There is one common question that seems to be a big one these days, and that is, how can I build big triceps fast?

Top 5 exercises for big gains’.


Today we are going to examine five of the best triceps exercises for bulking up and adding muscle mass to your arm development.

There are many great exercises that a person can include in their training program, but there are some exercises that stand out as ones that are great for building muscle size While others are more for adding shape and form to your triceps.

Some people work out at a gym while others don’t, but most of these exercises are ones that you can include in your training program in your own home.

How do you know what exercises are best for building muscle size?

Out of the top 5 muscle building exercises for triceps, three of them are compound moves. Compound movements are great for building muscle size because they involve more than one muscle group at a time which means that you are capable of lifting more weight during the exercise.

Anytime that you include a compound exercise in your routine, you can surely bet that exercise is going to be one of your best bets for adding muscle size. Have you ever noticed that power lifters and strongmen build their strength and size by incorporating compound moves?

Take for instance the bench press, squat, dead lift, snatch and clean and jerk are all exercises that power lifters used to build their strength and all these exercises are compound moves because they involve more than one muscle group and even the entire body to perform the exercise.

These men of power use power moves to build up their strength, so naturally it stands to reason that you should use compound exercises if you want to implement more power in your workouts.

Again, if you are using power exercises in your workouts, you will be lifting more weight which means you will stand a better chance at building muscle size because in order to build muscle size you need to incorporate heavy weights to do so.

Next, we will go over the top 5 exercises that are best for building muscle size. Out of these five exercises, three of them are compound moves and it would be best to include at least one compound move in your training at the beginning of your workout when you have the most energy.

Narrow grip benches

Narrow grip benches are similar to the standard bench press, except the only difference is as stated in the name, is the grip that you use. Narrow grip benches require a narrow grip which is typically around shoulder-width.

I have seen some guys doing the narrow grip benches with a grip that was only a matter of a few inches apart, but the bad thing about doing this exercise with too narrow of a grip is it can damage your wrists.

These are a great exercise because you can really pile on the weight when doing them and it makes it easy to have a spotter so that you can push for that one or two extra repetitions.

Bar dips

Bar dips are another excellent exercise that are included as a compound exercise, because when you engage in this exercise, other than your triceps powering you through, other muscles that get worked are chest, shoulders and lat muscles.

When these other muscles come into play, they will help you to push through lifting more weight, therefore giving you the ability to develop more muscles.

Bench dips

Bench dips are another excellent exercise for developing the triceps muscle through incorporating compound exercises which are the best for engaging more weight which means more muscle mass development.

Skull crushers

Skull Crushers are many bodybuilders favorite, including mine. This exercise doesn’t imply that it’s literally a danger like its name implies, it’s simply an exercise where you lower the barbell down to your forehead while in the lying position and slowly press the weight back up so that your arms are extended straight over your chest.

Overhead dumbbell extensions

Overhead dumbbell extensions have always been one of my favorite exercises to do. This exercise can be done either one arm at a time or both arms together, it is your own personal choice, but I find that the best experience is to switch back and forth between both styles.

To get the best experience that you possibly can through working out and building muscle is to incorporate different exercises and styles of training from workout to workout.

If you continually do your workouts the same way and the same exercises work out after work out, it is likely that your muscles will grow accustomed to performing things the same way and your gains will suffer.

Speed up your results

To build muscular triceps, using the right exercises to form a sound workout program is a necessity, but another important tip that is highly involved in building muscle fast is keeping a training log.

If you have a specific weight that you use every time, for example skull crusher’s, and have no idea how many reps that you did for each set with your last workout, how do you know how many reps you will need to do in order to make it a challenge for your next workout?

To make each workout a challenge from the one before, it will be necessary to keep a record of how much weight and reps you use for each set and a record of each exercise you implement in each workout.

Below I have a list of the top ingredients you need in order to build triceps fast.

  1. Compound exercises
  2. Train hard
  3. Keep a training log to set new records for yourself each workout
  4. Have a training partner to push you
  5. Eat a clean diet
  6. Keep your diet high in lean protein (at least one gram of protein per pound of body weight)
  7. Supplement your diet with a trusted supplementation product
  8. Set short term and long term goals for yourself


I hope that you have gained some useful knowledge from this content. These top 5 exercises are not only from my own personal experience, but from knowledge that I have gained over the years from studying on what other bodybuilders and fitness trainers use in their training programs and have gained the best results from their experience with them.

While it is a good idea to incorporate these top 5 muscle building exercises in your training program, it is still a good idea to incorporate other exercises that do a real good job at building, toning and sculpting your triceps muscles.

Typically, in your own personal triceps training program, you should strive to have at least three triceps exercises per workout. Your first exercise when you have the most energy should be a compound exercise like any one of the first three listed above.

After you have completed your first triceps exercise as a compound move, then move on to a second exercise, which for example could be the skull crusher’s, and then finish off by including a third exercise like the triceps push downs.

Below I have a list of some good supplementary triceps exercises that you can used to follow up with after incorporating one or two of the top five triceps building exercises.

  • Triceps push downs
  • One arm cable push downs
  • Overhead rope extensions
  • Dumbbell kickbacks
  • Overhead barbell extensions

You may have some other favorite triceps exercises that you like to include, this is just a list of five supplementary exercises you can used to go along with the top 5 muscle building triceps exercises.

Along with a good muscle building training program, it is a good idea to include supplementation along with your training to achieve the best results with a protein packed diet.

To get a good idea on supplementation that does a good job, you can check out one of my reviews by clicking on this link.

You can get in touch with me on any questions or comments that you may have, simply drop a question or comment in the box below, I love to hear from my readers and I hope to hear from you soon.

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How to build muscle for skinny guys, training program review

Scott bench curls

How to build muscle for skinny guys, training program review

Are you tired of getting knocked down and having sand kicked in your face by the beach bully? Many men that have taken up lifting weights, I’m sure is from feelings of inadequacy about their masculinity or they need a boost to their self-confidence.

If you had a training secret that could reveal to you exactly how to put on muscle, would you jump at the chance to get a hold of such information?

Today with the help of Jason Ferruggia, we are going to explore such information as to how you can put on muscle, even if you have a difficult time because you have a skinny frame and have a hard time putting weight on.

This is a product review for Clickbank affiliate, if you click on an affiliate link and purchase a product, I will receive a small commission but at no additional cost to you.

Jason Ferruggia

Jay Ferruggia has been helping guys get jacked and become the strongest version of themselves since 1994. Nobody has trained more skinny guys, and he continues to do so.

Jason Ferruggia has obsessed over training skinny men for 25 years, in his quest to be the best in the world at what he does.

Jason Ferruggia is a weight training counselor for people who are skinny and have a hard time putting on muscle.

Following a system

When it comes to building muscle, often people wonder what is a better rep scheme to follow. Many bodybuilders follow the rule of thumb to do between 8 to 12 reps per set, but is it more beneficial to do higher reps and possibly even rest a little less between sets?

By checking out this program, you will gain firsthand knowledge what type of program will work best for you and what type of rep scheme will build the muscle that you have been dreaming about building.

There are times that I have found firsthand that if I do a rep scheme of 8-12 reps per set for biceps, I don’t always get the pump that I am looking for. Then it is necessary to shoot for higher repetitions which will stimulate the muscle better and give you a better muscle pump.

Are you training with optimal frequency?

Many weight trainers believe that it is only necessary to train each muscle group once a week, while others are over training their muscle groups by training them too frequently.

You need to spend enough time on breaking the muscle fibers down which is necessary for muscle growth, but if you spend too much time each week training a specific muscle group, you are setting yourself up for over training which will affect your overall results that you have been training hard for.

When you check out this program, it will give you the insight necessary to take your weight training to the next level without over working the muscle and over training your system which will lead to more problems in the future.

Does it matter what exercises you do?

There are many exercises that you can do, but each individual exercise has its own purpose, depending on what your goals are. Are you interested in packing muscle on your biceps, but all that you have been doing for biceps is machine curls and concentration curls?

Don’t get me wrong, these two exercises are great ones for training biceps, after all, isn’t it just about lifting a weight and getting a good pump? To an extent.

Each exercise has its own purpose. But many people continue on with weight training the same way month after month, year after year, even if it hasn’t brought about any significant changes.

Jason Ferruggia performing dumbbell presses
Jason Ferruggia

If you are interested in knowing what the best exercises are to accomplish your training goals, check out Jason Ferruggia’s training program and receive top-notch coaching from one of today’s top training coaches and learn how he has transformed countless peoples dreams into reality.

Progressive overload

How many times have you gone to the gym and started pumping out a set with the same weight and same rep’s not keeping record of what you are actually lifting from workout to workout.

Especially if your goal is to build muscle, you will need to become familiar with a term referred to as “progressive overload”. This is when you strive to lift more weight each workout.

You won’t necessarily achieve the ability to consecutively lift more weight each and every training session, but even if you can’t lift more weight, you can still shoot for doing one additional rep each set if possible.

The only way to really know if you are progressively increasing your strength from workout to workout is by keeping a training log. If you keep a training log, you will precisely keep track of how much weight you use for each exercise, but also how many sets and reps you do.

If you don’t keep a training log, it will be difficult to know exactly what you did the last time you trained a specific body part, so how will you know if you are progressing or getting any stronger?

To build muscle, you need to continually overload your muscles. If you don’t continually try to lift more and more weight, you will never get bigger.

Are you a hard gainer?

This training program is aimed at people that are skinny, or ‘ectomorphs’. Ectomorphs have a difficult time putting weight on, therefore they will have a difficult time putting muscle on.

If you need help with building muscle but have been struggling to get anywhere, I suggest that you check out Jason Ferruggia’s program. He has been helping skinny guys with putting on muscle for the past 25 years.Young aspiring bodybuilder

You need a proven plan

Everyone needs a plan to follow by to accomplish their goals in the gym, then there are the hard gainers that need that extra push to achieve sustainable results to keep them motivated to keep coming back to the gym.

If you would like to find out more about the kind of program that can give you the results that you haven’t been getting, no matter how hard you have been training, this may just be the information that you have been searching for.

Jason Ferruggia is one of today’s top leading coaches and mentor and he has helped countless skinny guys over the past 25 years realize their dreams, now he can help you too.

For further reading, you can check out one of my reviews on supplementation for building muscle, simply click on this link and check it out for yourself.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment in the box below and I will be more than happy to help you out as soon as possible.


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Muscular development, beefing it up

Weight trainer transporting plate

The sound of steel plates clanging, hoisting weights equivalent to that of a Toyota, blurting out screams of agony as your training partner hollers, c’mon, one more rep.

Building strength and muscular development, beefing it up to the point that your arms are ready to explode right out of your shirt sleeves.

Does this sound familiar? Gym life at times doesn’t seem compatible for those who are faint at heart, but yet is addicting to those who live for seeing just the smallest increment added to their arms, chest or legs.

Muscular development is something that many have had the burning desire to achieve and have worked long and hard hours to achieve, and many people haven’t made the results that they had hoped for.

Some people have relied on the use of illegal substances such as steroids to achieve the results that they have longed for. Is it possible to increase your muscular development eating regular food?

Do you need supplementation along with a healthy balanced diet to build muscle? Or can you build muscle without it? Today we are going to cover 4 points that will hopefully clear up any questions that you may have been wondering but we’re afraid to ask.

Can you build muscle on a typical diet?

The age-old question, can you build muscle just eating a typical diet of fruits, vegetables and your choice of protein whether it be beef, chicken or fish, or eating other healthy protein-packed foods such as cottage cheese, Greek yogurt or a variety of other healthy protein filled foods.

Can loading up your plate full of colorful vibrant nutritious foods give you all the essential vitamins and minerals and they need to build muscle? Or do you need other sources such as supplementation products or illegal steroids in order to build a vast amount of muscularity on your frame?

All of these healthy and nutritious foods come packed with the vitamins and minerals that you need to build muscle, but often times the food that we buy in the store might be lacking in nutrition value, as well many times it can be difficult to take in enough nutrition just through eating many of the common foods that you buy at the supermarket.

For example a bodybuilder with a large frame that would need to take in a substantial amount of carbohydrates, protein and overall calories would need to take in a large amount of food in order to support his frame and build muscle, but what if this same bodybuilder as a slow metabolism and he has a harder time burning off the excess calories without it turning to fat.

With proper exercise, a person can increase their metabolic rate which will in turn help with burning excess calories, but this isn’t necessarily always an easy situation for many people, sometimes it is more economical for a person taking in a higher amount of calories to support their frame and their workout load through supplementing their normal diet with products that can help with boosting their metabolism.

Do you really need illegal drugs to build muscle?

The sport of bodybuilding as well as many other sports these days have become so saturated with the use of steroids, and many of these Sports athletes are actually getting away with using these which makes it unfair for the competing athlete that is all natural.

Steroids are giving athletes the competitive edge, but it is not from their own ability that they have achieved such talent in their given sport, not to take anything away from the users of these steroids, because there’s no doubt they still work very hard for what they have achieved. But do you think that these athletes obtaining an edge from the use of illegal drugs is fair for the other athletes?

It is true that when bodybuilders and other sports athletes use these illegal drugs, they are obtaining much more substantial results from the use of these steroids than they would be if they had never used them. From the use of steroids, they are developing muscle size, strength and speed at a much faster rate than the athlete that has never used steroids.

Personally I feel that there would be a lot more pride for what one has achieved in their given sport if they had obtained the results that they work hard for through the process of natural muscular development, that is through training hard, eating a proper diet and being a little more patient through obtaining their results through a natural process.

Exercise and weight training are supposed to be about living a healthy lifestyle and feeling good about oneself, after all, I’m sure that’s the way it was meant to be when it first started out. But since people have become selfish through obtaining bigger and better results at faster speeds so that they can be better than the next guy made it more of a liars sport in my eyes.

There are far too many professional bodybuilders and sports athletes that have died prematurely due to the excessive use of anabolic steroids all in the name of being better than the next guy. Don’t you think it’s about time for a change? The sport would have a lot better reputation if there was no need for drug testing because the athletes would have never went down that path in the first place, what do you think?

Can you build muscle at 50?

Many people believe that you can’t build muscle at a certain age, and that typically lies around the age 40 because our metabolisms start to slow down and this makes it difficult to build muscle or lose weight.

Whether you are 40, 50 years old or older, it is still 100% possible to regain muscle that you have lost. If you have built up a certain amount of muscle mass in the past and have laid off from working out for a long enough time that you have begun to lose some muscle mass, it is easy enough to get that muscle back provided you train hard and take in enough of the proper ingredients like lean protein, fresh carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

Now that I have covered a little on the fact that you can regain lost muscle at a certain age, what about building new muscle? Say for example if you are 40 years old, you have been training for several years and if you have found yourself built up to a certain point but you feel that you could get bigger. If you wanted to add, say an extra half an inch of muscle to your arms over the next year, would this forty-year-old man still be able to do so?

The fact is that once a person reaches around the age of 40 their testosterone starts slow and their metabolism has a difficult time generating the capacity to develop muscle or lose weight like they were able to do back in their twenties and earlier 30s.

Even though once a person reaches a certain age and it gets difficult to build muscle or lose weight because of your testosterone and metabolism, you can still achieve more muscle, it just takes more effort to muster in order to accomplish this goal and it may take more time, but it still requires the same dedicated hard work in the gym and the same basic principles to follow with a healthy diet.

The importance of following a healthy high protein diet with supplementation

You can spend many years training and eating the right diet, but if you are not taking in the right portions of food, it will be difficult to sustain the amount of calories it takes to build up muscle, or the lack of calories it may take to lose body fat.

This can be a challenge for many people when they are on the go between school and work, keeping up with taking in the right combination of ingredients in their diet and the right quantities so that they can see beneficial results. This is one of the major reasons why many people take supplementation is because it can be difficult to take in the right nutrients through your general food sources alone.

Many people also find it necessary to take in a supplement along with their regular diet because taking in a form of supplementation can help give their health a boost and may also help with preventing or warding off diseases.

Another scenario that I have found myself in often is if I don’t have a supplementation to back up my workouts, I have a tendency to slack off on my weight training. Sometimes it can be a funny thing how our mind works in that way, but having that added boost of nutrients or protein in supplementation form to back up our workout can help with giving us the motivation to even get a workout in, in the first place.

There should be a general rule to follow on how much protein a person should take in, in order to obtain muscle mass. You will find different theories on this among different people, some people believe it is necessary to only take in .08 grams of protein per pound of body weight while others feel it is necessary to take in one gram of protein per pound of body weight.

Yet, some people follow other theories on the importance of really boosting the protein levels up in their diet in order to build muscle. Many people feel that it is necessary to take in as much as 1.5 to 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight. If you take in too much protein, is your body using all of it, or is a portion of it just going to waste?

This basically comes down to your training volume. Naturally if you are a 250 lb bodybuilder and you spend three hours in the gym per day training, you will naturally need more protein per pound of body weight than a 150 pound bodybuilder who only spends 1 hour a day in the gym.

Much of this can also come down to our genetics and how well our bodies adapt to adding muscle. A person with an ectomorphic body type will naturally need more overall food and protein than someone with an endomorph body type.


From what we have covered today, you should understand the importance of eating a healthy diet and taking in an adequate amount of overall calories for building muscle while making these calories the sustainable kind of nutrition that your muscles require to grow.

Do you need illegal drugs to build muscle? It’s highly unlikely that you will get as big as Ronnie Coleman or Sergio Olivia without the use of anabolic steroids, but there are plenty of bodybuilders that have achieved some pretty good muscular development without the use of steroids.

And the point is, they’re still alive and healthy.

For further reading, you can check out one of my product reviews on supplementation by following this link.

If you have any questions or comments, don’t be afraid to leave a comment in the box below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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Kettlebell workout exercises – vs dumbbells

Kettlebell swings

What is the advantage of using kettlebells over dumbbells? kettlebell workout exercises – vs dumbbells

Kettlebells can be implemented in the same fashion as dumbbells. Depending on how you workout with them, there will be little difference between them. Some people you see in the gym insist that its a waste of time doing the same exercises with kettle bells as you would with dumbbells.

Kettlebells should be used for pendulum type exercises such as kettle bell swings because the weight isn’t balanced in the same way as a dumbbell. Different tools for different goals.

Your typical exercises like curls and dumbbell presses that you would normally perform with dumbbells are best performed with dumbbells. You can do these standard exercises with kettlebells, but the balance will be different and the kettlebells may put too much strain on joints like your wrists, elbows and shoulders.

I don’t suggest that one is better than the other, each works best for its own type of weight-training. For the most part, it comes down to what your goals are and don’t be afraid to switch workout styles around frequently.

How does balance come into play?

Kettlebell swings are a great way to increase your heart rate, burn extra fat and tone muscle, but where they make a difference compared to working out with the standard dumbbell is how kettlebells can target your muscles in a different manner.

Kettlebells are a very useful tool for people interested in building a base of strength and mobility. Many times people are afraid to overload their system pounding out heavy squats and deadlifts.

Instead of lugging a heavy barbell over your shoulders, you can perform these exercises with a pair of kettlebells and drop the risk of injury or accident. You can also spice up your leg workout using kettlebells for lunges and the farmers walk.

Kettlebells also work great for more dynamic movements, where a dumbbell or barbell may be more difficult to use.Kettlebells and dumbbells

What is the objective of using dumbbells?

Dumbbells are a great way to stimulate your muscles when performing standard muscle building exercises that you can otherwise do with a barbell, but with the fixed position that a standard bar gives you, you will be able to lift more weight, but you will get a less range of motion than you would with dumbbells.

For example, when doing barbell curls your hands are in a fixed position, “palms facing up”, but when you do the same curl with dumbbells, you are open to rotating your wrists which will target your biceps at a different angle.

The best way to stimulate a muscle for growth is to target it from different angel’s. Another variation that you would perform with dumbbells but would otherwise be difficult to do with a barbell are the hammer curls.

Another variation that you can master when using dumbbells over a barbell is the dumbbell row. Barbell rows you pull the weight back to your midsection with very little shoulder movement, with dumbbell rows you can get that extra stretch by letting the dumbbell swing forward along with your shoulder at the bottom of the exercise.

What is the objective of using kettle bells?

Unlike the standard dumbbell, a kettlebell’s center of mass is extended beyond your hand, this implements a swinging movement. The kettlebell makes swinging movements easier with added safety, grip, arm, wrist and core strengthening.

The weight of a kettlebell is distributed unevenly and the unique shape of a kettlebell provides for easier handling. While the kettlebells unique design won’t necessarily make it easier to do the exercises that you would normally do with a dumbbell, the kettlebells design will make it easier to perform any swinging type of exercise which are designed to implement muscle targeting to an all new level and will help with increasing calorie expenditure.

Training with both dumbbells and kettle bells

I have always talked on the importance of switching things around in your training and keeping things fresh. Barbells, dumbbells and weight machines are all great ways to work your muscles and keep your results coming, but different aspects of your training can still become stale and as they always say, “variety is the spice of life”.

Kettlebells don’t only fit into the realm of building muscle and strength training, but kettlebells also come in handy for programs such as HIIT training.

You can include a lightweight pair of kettle bells into your HIIT training routine for added resistance, and after the additional weight gets to be a little much, you can always drop the weight and push on further without the added weight of kettlebells.

Kettlebell exercises

Below I have a list of 8 kettlebell  exercises that you can do at home or in the gym. These exercises are all great for building muscle, strengthening and carving out the physique that you have always wanted.

1- kettle bell swings

Kettlebell swings are great for your gluts, legs, and lower back, you can go heavy, but you should get a good technique down with a lighter kettlebell before adding too much weight. To perform a swing with proper form, you have to thrust your hips to get the kettlebell up, don’t use your arms.

2- hand-to-hand swings

Use the same exact form as regular swings. The only difference is you only have one hand on the kettlebell and switch hands at the top. Switching to one-handed swings isolates one side at a time which makes it harder and helps improve stability. You’ll need to use a lighter weight than with a regular swing, since you’re only using one arm.

3- figure 8s

This is the most complex of these exercises. The hinging movement is similar to swings, but instead of swinging the bell forward, you swing it with one hand from your rear to the chest. Figure 8s will add more arm work because its similar to an uppercut as you transition through.

4- halos

This move works your shoulders, chest, and core. The trick is to keep your core tight and hold your torso stable as you rotate your arms and the weight.

5- Russian twist

Sit with your legs bent and feet flat on the floor. Lift them up off the ground, crossing legs, and leaning back about 45 degrees with the kettlebell in front of your chest. Rotate your torso from left to right by twisting at the waist and swinging the kettlebell across your body.

6- sumo deadlifts with high pull

Your form should be similar to a traditional deadlift, except your legs should be wider than shoulder-width distance and your feet should be turned outward. You might need to go lighter here than with a deadlift, because you’re adding in arm work.

7- push presses

This move mostly works your arms, but also involves the hamstrings, calves, and gluts. The bend in your legs will be less than a full squat, approximately a 3 to 4 inch dip. Try to keep the dip and press all in one fluid motion, the additional leg movement will make the press go smoother.

8- farmers walk

Grab a pair of kettlebells, one in each hand, keeping your back flat and core engaged the same way you would for a deadlift. Hold both kettlebells in the center of the handle, walk forward 30-50 feet, turn and repeat the farmer’s walk back to your starting point.


Kettlebells and dumbbells can easily be identified by their appearance. However, without a deeper knowledge of application to training and bio mechanics, the physical differences have very little bearing.

For example, it’s easy to see that in appearance, the kettlebell and dumbbell look very different from one another, but how will this change the kettlebell’s best uses in training? and will the evenly displaced weight of the dumbbell heads shift the mechanics of the application?

Kettlebell differences

  • Constructed with cast-iron
  • Weight sits below the handle
  • Handle can accommodate two hands

Dumbbell differences

  • Construction varies
  • Weight is evenly displaced
  • Handle accommodates only one hand

The physical differences are pretty easy to see, but understanding their mechanics is crucial for application. Each implement’s their own use in training.

For further reading-

You can check out one of my reviews on supplementation for a better insight into muscle building products, their benefits and how they can impact your diet for better results.

Also check out Gold Standard 100% Whey protein powder.

Having the proper motivation and mindset is a big part of achieving your goals, If you don’t have the determination to keep progressing forward, It will be difficult to realize your full potential. Often I find my motivation through reading informative content such as Muscle & Fitness.

There are other great ways that can help you with developing the motivation to keep progressing forward on your journey, like searching out a wealth of great information such as YouTube videos.

Whatever you find to be your best motivators, stick with them, because they will be your best friend in seeing you through with whatever the goal is that you are interested in accomplishing.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment in the box below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Back training at home – without weights

Building a muscular back.

These are some difficult times we are living in right now with the covid pandemic going on, with more people trying to stay at home and keeping themselves distanced from others, it can be a challenge to get a good workout in, but there is definitely the option of training at home and not everyone has access to free weights or weight machines in their own home, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce back training at home without weights.

Back training is a very rigorous type of workout that can take a lot of energy. So in today’s post I will be covering some back training exercises that you can do in your own home without weights, the only additional apparatus you will need is a door-jam bar.

The type of chinning bar that I use is a door-jam chinning bar which I feel works perfectly sufficient to accommodate what I need to achieve in my own back training routine at home. So for anyone who is interested in training at home and would be interested in some exercises for back you can do in your own home as well as some tips and tricks, follow along as I will lead you on this in-home back training routine.

What types of exercises work best?

I have found that the best, and actually only back exercises are ones that are referred to as combination moves which means that you are working more than one muscle group at a time. For example barbell rows stress the back, but there are other muscle groups that come into play, such as biceps and rear deltoids.

Since this post is talking about exercises that you can do without weights, obviously barbell rows do not fit into this category, an exercise that you can do in place of the barbell rows are wide grip pull-ups, this is not the typical kind of pull-ups you are thinking of when using a chinning bar, but rather you put two chairs back-to-back with a bar or even a broomstick braced across the back of each chair, lie down on the floor on your back between the chairs grasping the bar and you pull yourself up keeping your heels on the floor, this exercise is a great rowing exercise which is simulating the barbell rows.

Other exercises that will work great for training your back are various chinning exercises. First there is wide grip chins keeping your palms facing away from you with a slightly wider than shoulder width grip, second is the reverse grip chins, you have your palms facing towards you with a shoulder-width grip.

The final exercise I have listed are hanging shrugs which are a different variation that you can use in place of the barbell or dumbbell shrugs. Some people like training traps with shoulders while others like training their trap muscles with back, I have tried both variations but I for the most part have always enjoyed training traps with back.

When performing the hanging shrugs, you can either have your palms facing away from you or facing toward you, it is a personal preference, although rotating your hands either way will target your traps at a different angle, it may be best to try performing this exercise with both hand grips and see which way you prefer the best.

Start this exercise out with a shoulder-width grip hanging down with your arms at full length and slowly shrug body weight upwards not using your arms, just strictly use a shrugging motion. This exercise is a completely different variation to the typical shrugs that you may be used to, but when you perform this exercise right, and get used to performing them, they can be a very effective method.

The importance of combination moves

Combination moves can be a very effective way to train anybody part, especially if you are training for muscle size. When it comes to back training, any exercise that you do for back will involve other muscle groups. The only exercise in this program that would be considered an isolation move would be the hanging shrugs, when it comes to any of your typical rowing moves or chinning moves, they will all involve more than one muscle group at a time which is excellent for muscle stimulation as well as burning calories and speeding up your metabolism.

How often should you train back?

If you are new to weight training, I would suggest that for your first six months of training you stick to training each body-part once per week, once you have graduated to six months of training, you can increase your training sessions to twice a week per body part. This not only goes for back training, but any muscle group that you train.

What exercises are best for each individual back segment?

For this list of body weight back training exercises, I have a list below of each exercise noted with its typical muscle range that it will work.

  • Broomstick pull ups

This exercise is a rowing move, so it will typically work the overall thickness area of your back.

  • Wide grip chins

Wide grip chins will develop the width, or upper lateral muscles of your back.

  • Reverse grip chins

Reverse grip chins target your lower lateral muscles.

  • Hanging shrugs

Hanging shrugs develop the trapezoids (traps)


Back training never used to be one of my favorite muscle groups to train because they can take a lot of energy out of you, but after consistently training back and training in as efficient manner as possible, that is making the best use of my time with training, making sure that I train back with maximum intensity, I started to see decent results and soon back became one of my favorite muscles to work.

Once you get used to performing these exercises that I laid out in this article, you can experiment and come up with some different variations of your own and customize your own personal back training program.

After training back, I always make it a point to take in some protein immediately after a training session. I always like to rely on using Gold Standard 100% Whey protein powder with milk.

If you are interested in checking out a product review on Gold Standard 100% Whey protein powder, simply click on the link.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me or leave a comment in the box below.

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Best protein supplement – getting the most for your money, review

Protein supplements for your training.

Are you confused by so many claims of what the best protein supplement is? And are you getting the most for your money? This has always been one of my pet peeves, is every manufacturer out there make boasts about their products are number one, but everyone can’t be number one, there can only be one product that stands out from the crowd as number one, and today we are going to be taking an in depth look at exactly what protein product is the best.

With so many products on the market these days, it can be difficult to know what is going to give you the best bang for your buck. You work hard in the gym for your results and you want a product that you know is going to deliver you the best results and your time is limited, so why would you want to spend hours researching for the best product when I will have all the information you need laid out for you in this review.

I have found that the benefits of Gold Standard Whey Protein has always held to their claim, and the outcome from using Gold Standard delivers good results. Gold Standard Whey is also one of the top selling protein supplement products on the market today.

Remember that no matter how good a protein product may be, it can never take the place of eating a healthy diet with the proper nutrients, protein and carbs to supply you with the energy it takes to plow through a workout and lean protein to pack on the muscle.

With the proper supplement, it can be just what you need to give your diet that extra boost it needs to give you the results that you are looking for.

This is a product review for A1 supplements, if you should click on a link and purchase a product, I will receive a small commission but at no additional cost to you.

What to look for in a good supplement

All whey protein powders are not created equal. Manufacturers will sometimes start with low-quality whey, which is then over-processed and finally filled with harmful or unnecessary additives, So, when you’re selecting a whey protein powder, what should you look for?


The greater percentage of dairy cows in the United States are fed processed grains instead of grass, this leads to inferior quality meat and dairy products. The biggest difference between grain and grass-fed dairy that research has found is related to its fat content. Any product, whether meat or dairy derived from grass-fed cows is lower in saturated fat than the grain-alternative and higher in healthier fats like omega-3s.

You will typically find two kinds of whey protein powder, concentrate and isolate. This refers to the amount of processing that the whey goes through and the percentage of protein that it contains.

Hormone free

In order to keep cows disease free, many farmers routinely inject their animals with a variety of hormones such as rBST and rGBH, there is some evidence to suggest that it can increase the risk of cancer and other harmful conditions.

No artificial sweeteners

Generally whey is either flavorless or slightly bitter, logically they want to find ways to sweeten it but adding sugar will change the nutritional value and make it less attractive to fitness minded customers.

Artificial sweeteners which are typically low, to no-calorie seem like a good solution, the problem is that these artificial sweeteners have been connected with obesity, diabetes, heart disease and even certain types of cancer.

No artificial dyes

Once the processing stage is done, whey isn’t that visually appealing. To make it more appealing, they toss in dyes which you wouldn’t think should cause any problems. There have been studies that have demonstrated links between artificial coloring and ADHD or other behavioral problems in children.

Added flavoring

Added flavorings are used to improve the final product. These can come from any number of sources.

1- From ground up bugs to wood pulp and are usually hidden under the umbrella term “natural and artificial flavorings.”

2- Acid and bleach-free processing. One of the many harsh processes that whey gets put through involves washing it with either acid, bleach or both to remove impurities. While this is cheaper than many other methods, it also affects the whey negatively and breaks down many of the nutrients carried in the powder.

Is good supplementation all you need?

One thing that you should know first and foremost is that supplementation is not for the purpose of replacing a proper diet. The most important thing is to make sure that you are eating a well-balanced diet that will promote a healthy lifestyle, weight loss or developing muscle, depending on whatever your goal may be.

I make it a habit to eat a healthy diet high in lean protein, then I use Gold Standard 100% Whey protein powder immediately after a workout to effectively and efficiently get amino acids into my bloodstream to quickly promote new muscle growth.

When to take Gold Standard 100% Whey

Serving suggestions are generally around 30g, research suggests this is the ideal amount to repair the damage from training and initiate muscle protein synthesis, the process in which new muscle tissue is set up. Studies also show that a diet high in protein can help reduce body fat levels, so you’ll not only get bigger and stronger, but leaner as well.

After a workout is the most beneficial time to consume whey protein powder because that’s when your muscles need it most. Drinking a shake of whey mixed with cold water or milk within 30 minutes of finishing your training session will get the recovery process going by amping up your bloodstream with amino acids, which are quickly delivered into your muscle cells where they can be set up as new muscle tissue.

You can also take whey protein at other times. Blend a scoop of Gold Standard with an egg and Greek Yogurt for a high-protein breakfast.

#1 – eating a healthy diet

When on the journey to build muscle, people make the mistake of restricting caloric intake from a particular type of nutrient or restricting overall calories. You need to make sure that you are meeting all the nutritional requirements for muscle growth.

Choose quality, high-protein sources that help build muscle before and after workouts. Choose lean foods such as eggs, chicken and turkey breast, salmon and tuna.

More protein is necessary in your diet when doing an exercise routine designed to build muscle. When you are sedentary, you may typically only need 0.36 grams of protein per pound of body weight (or roughly 54 grams for a 150-pound woman and 72 grams for a 200-pound man).

If you are at a stage of growing muscle, increase your intake to 0.55 to 0.77 grams of protein per pound.

Look for nutrient-dense sources that sustain the glycogen stores necessary for you to engage in exercise longer and more effectively. Legumes, squash, sweet potatoes and root vegetables are some great sources to name a few.

Low-carb diets may be popular, but they may diminish your performance and leave your muscles aching for nutrients necessary for muscle protein synthesis.

It will be helpful to cut the trans and saturated fats, but you still need an appropriate amount of healthy fats to give your metabolism a boost and maintain hormonal function. A fat-free diet can slow muscle growth in a person who actively exercises. Keep fats in the 15 to 20 percent range of your daily caloric intake.

There are a number of sources for good fats, both for cooking and for eating, this can include Greek Yogurt (which is one of my favorites) nuts and Avocados.

#2 – do you need a supplement?

The food that you consume provides you with all the building blocks, energy resources, and nutrients necessary that your body needs to recover and build your muscles. You will need to include lean protein in every meal, and you should get enough nutrients to gain adequate muscle.

Protein supplements such as whey powder are food. Their real benefit is that they concentrate the nutrients that are key to building muscles. If you can’t eat enough food or protein throughout the day, you might want to consider a good protein supplement.

Supplementation will help you reach the nutrient surplus that’s required to build extra muscle. Some people find it easier to drink a protein shake for that extra protein rather than taking the time to cook.


  1. Mixes well
  2. Low calories and fat
  3. Premium quality ingredients
  4. Trusted manufacturer
  5. Affordability
  6. Great taste
  7. Low additives
  8. Ideal for your goals


  1. Moderate cholesterol
  2. Flavoring contains Sucralose & Acesulfame-k


Gold Standard 100% Whey contains the highest amount of proteins and is an excellent source of BCAA to EAA ration, blends well, helps to add mass and has an awesome taste.

Not only is it available at a very small price, but you are also provided with the Gold Standard quality. If you are looking to gain mass and increase your protein consumption Gold Standard 100% whey may be the option that fits your needs the most.

Gold Standard 100% Whey is a well trusted product by a well trusted manufacturer and I have been supplementing my diet with it, not because I believe it’s going to take the place of eating a proper diet, but because of what it has to offer.

To take a look at similar supplementation products, you can click on the link below.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment in the box below and I will be more than happy to follow up with you within 24 hours.


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Bodybuilding motivation – how to keep progressing forward everyday

Motivation for weight-training

Do you get hung up on doing things the same old way, even though they haven’t been working for you? I think that many people can feel the pressure of trying to move forward with positive stride and make good progress every day, but get stuck in the same old rut that they have for years and have difficulty moving forward.

Today’s post will be about bodybuilding motivation and how to keep progressing forward everyday. What do you do to keep yourself motivated to consistently get your workouts in everyday?

If you have been following a path to keep yourself motivated to workout but haven’t been successful, stick around to the end of this post for some ideas that will keep you motivated and pumping out those workouts with energy to spare.

Especially in the days ahead where things seem to be uncertain and you are wondering if you are going to continue with your weekly training and workouts and fulfilling your goals. The basis of this article is that no matter what stands in your way, you need to keep progressing forward every day.

Everyday pressures

Everyday pressures can be very disrupting when it comes to accomplishing our goals or the things that matter most to us. Especially the way that things have been going lately with viruses affecting people’s health and even lives and all the violence that has been affecting people at all new heights.

Our daily activities and routines are affected, our ability to shop for the healthy food that we need and even being able to get in a decent workout at the gym of our choice. I may be wrong and let’s hope that I am, but I don’t know that there will ever be a state of normalcy and that the pandemic will ever be over completely.

I think that we will have to come to the realization that we will have to adapt to the situation the best we can and if it involves working out at home, or maybe even setting up our own home gym so that we can maintain a consistency with our physical fitness training and daily health regimen, then so be it.

I am not trying to cause alarm in anyone, or do I know the outcome of things to come, but however things turn out, I just want people to be mentally prepared and to know that their health and goals don’t need to be completely in the hands of the direction that the world is heading.

The pressures that we are undergoing are very real and there is no way to completely get around them, but our health is important, if we don’t have our health, what do we have?

You can be rich, have a beautiful home and a luxurious car, but if you don’t have your health, how are you going to enjoy anything else?

That’s why it is necessary that we put a great emphasis on our diet and eating healthy and maintaining stability in a training program that we need to remain faithful to on a daily and weekly basis.Keep yourself motivated!

Do you get stuck in the same rut?

Another thing that can keep us from consistently moving forward on a daily and weekly basis is getting stuck in the same old rut day in and day out. Does this sound familiar? Is getting stuck in a rut something that you have been battling with far too long and are trying to find a way to break through it?

If this is something that you have become far too familiar with, do realize that you are not alone on this one. This is something that has been a dream breaker on a grand scale.

Getting stuck in a rut can be that we have so many other things going on in a day that we simply don’t have the time or energy to get our workout in. It can be that we expect to see results faster than what we have actually been accomplishing.

There are many things that can get us off route from accomplishing our training and goals, but it all depends on how far we allow these dream breakers to take us, are we going to allow them to take us off course on a regular basis?

Or are you going to take control of the matter by realizing that these little deturants are a part of daily life and even those that have achieved much in their lifetime have had numerous deturants battling for their attention trying to pull them off course.

It is when these little deturants pop up throughout the day, every week, that we need to stop these dream breakers in their tracks and do our best to prevent ourselves from getting of track in the first place. In order to do this, it is then that we will realize a definite need for motivation.

Why we need motivation

Why in the world would we need motivation in order to accomplish our goals through physical fitness training and diet? Isn’t motivation only necessary for the weak-minded?

Actually this is how the weak-minded have become strong-minded, and that is through continually keeping themselves motivated towards achieving their vision in mind.

Do you have a vision in your mind of where you want to be or what you would like to achieve in a specified period? Do you have a motive behind that vision? What will it take to motivate you to accomplishing that vision?

If you have a vision and you have the motivation to pull through and make this vision a reality, would you call that weak-minded?

I would have to say that if you have no vision, and if you have no motive pulling you forward, you are more than likely weak-minded and need some form of motivation to give you some drive.

How to keep yourself motivated

The best way to keep yourself motivated is through setting goals. Setting goals is not merely saying that you want to add 10 pounds of muscle to your frame, or adding an inch to your arms.

It is not simply that you want to lose 10 pounds of weight or get into better shape. Setting goals involves a little more work than simply stating what you want to do in the long term, those are all good ideas for long-term goals, but exactly how do you plan on reaching that destination?

In order to reach that destination, you will need to develop several smaller, bite-sized goals in order to achieve the larger ones. When you develop some achievable goals that can be accomplished for your days, weeks, and months ahead, this in the long run will not only be mapping out exactly what you want to achieve and where you plan on going with your training, but it will also help to give you the motivation along the way to keep going with your journey.Make it your aim to exercise on a regular basis.

Moving forward

Once you have determined exactly what it is that you want to achieve with your training on a daily, weekly and monthly goal planner, and you have found the motivation to pursue your dreams through goal planning and not let them lay dormant somewhere never realizing the light of day, you will be on your way moving forward to seeing better results and a better future for your health, weight training and physical fitness goals.

Exactly how far you want to go with achieving your goals basically comes down to you and your mindset and exactly what you are willing to sacrifice along the way in order to see your results. Sacrifice doesn’t necessarily sound like a very inviting word, but many people have to make sacrifices in order to realize their dreams and accomplish the things that they have always desired doing.

If your dream is to build muscle, it will therefore be necessary to make sure that you make it to the gym everyday and get those pulse-pounding workouts in and not miss them, especially you will not want to make it a habit of missing your workouts.

On days that you spend all day at work, then you find that your friends or family want to spend all night sitting up at the bar, sometimes it can be difficult saying no to things from people that we care about, but if your number one goal is to achieve your fitness results, you will need to explain to them that there are specific sacrifices that you have to make in order to achieve your goals, or maybe if they want to be true friends, they will allow you the time to get a good workout in and shower before heading out to party or just hang out.


I think that the majority of us have short-term goals and long-term goals that we would like to achieve, and with everything that is going on in your daily life, whether it be work or school or even taking care of your family, we can tend to have a difficult time making enough time in our days to achieve the things that are important to us, but if you want to achieve your goals, you will need to spend some time, setting enough time to the side for your personal training, and family or friends will have to understand your wishes.

Along with a consistent program of training, it is also necessary to take in the appropriate nutrition that you need to fulfill your goals, and another part of that necessary nutrition may be supplementation. You can click on the link below to check further into supplementation products.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment in the box below and I will be happy to get back to you as soon as possible, I would love to hear from my readers.


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How to build muscle and strength – developing the determination

Young Man checks his phone frequently while at the gym.

Building muscle and strength is a big topic for many gym goers, young or old. There are many ways to look at training for muscle and strength, there are many strategies when it comes to developing muscle and strength. Today we are going to look at how to build muscle and strength, and how do you develop the determination?

Is there only one set pattern of training? Is there only one right way to train? There are many weight training programs a person can follow, is only one of these ways the right way to train? Or are there many ways to train for muscle and strength that are effective?

There have been many debates over the years as to what is the best way to accomplish developing strength and size, but is it such a complex subject, or do people have a tendency to make things more difficult than they have to be? It isn’t so difficult, the biggest thing is developing the determination.

When you take a step back and look at what your goals are, where you have started from and how far you have come, or maybe you are just getting started in the game of weight-training and you are first getting your head wrapped around the concept of what it takes to build the lean muscles that you have always wanted and the strength equivalent to that of five normal men.

Is the game of weight-training, as complex as what some people make it seem like, or is it as straight-forward as it truly is. Just follow along with me and maybe we can come to some resolve with making your goals a reality.

Get with the program

I have seen countless times when someone would be reading the paper or talking on their cell phone while using a weight machine. Others might be texting on their phone between sets losing pretty much any kind of concentration that might benefit their workout.

These activities could be done while doing some low-intensity cardio, it’s not going to be of much benefit for anyone to have such little focus when weight-training. In order to be serious about your training and receive some serious results, first of all you will need to take the time that you spend in the gym with all seriousness.

Just as serious as your mate expects you to be when they’re telling you about how rotten their day was at the office, you know, if you don’t look like you are taking them with all seriousness, they may be likely to clobber you over the head.

You should look at your weight-training with just as serious of a tone. If you haven’t been seeing the results that you had hoped for, you can’t go blaming it on Joe who lives down the street, you need to take responsibility for your own actions.

So how do you train for strength and size? You have to take your training seriously, train hard, and you have to lift heavy. Training heavy not only involves using a weight that you push to failure with a rep range of 8-12 reps, but it also involves using exercises that work more than one muscle group at a time.

Especially exercises like the bench press, squats, dead lifts and barbell rows. There are other exercises like the clean and press and snatch that are your basic power moves and are typically done with fewer repetitions like 1-6 reps.

If you want to get some serious results from your training, it is a must that you include at least a majority of these exercises because they involve more than one muscle group at a time and will enable you to lift more weight and put more stress on the working muscles.

Devise yourself a serious program

You can only take your training as seriously as you will allow yourself. Do you take yourself seriously? Do you take your dreams seriously? Then why shouldn’t you take your weight-training seriously?

If it requires weight-training to see your dreams through, then that means you should be going balls to the wall in the gym and get that extra rep out that you fell short of with your last workout.

It is those that go the extra mile in the gym that make the killing results, if you are slacking in the gym and not giving it your best, then you are not going to see the results that you have always dreamed about.

I know that there can be many distractions these days. back in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s day, or Lee Haney’s day, could you see those guys slacking in the gym because they were too busy texting all their buddies?

Quite the contrary, they were training like mad men with only one thought in mind, and that was to be the best, and they did just that. They were paving the way for future bodybuilders.

Never back down from a good challenge

A good challenge is what we should be ready for every time we enter the gym. If your heart and head are not into the game, it will be difficult to give our mind and muscles the challenge that we need to in order to achieve maximum results.

Imagine if you will, training with the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, Bill Pearl and Lou Ferrigno. If you had the opportunity to enter the gym and train with those good old boy’s, wouldn’t you be inspired to give it your all? Or would you be sitting on the sidelines texting on your cell phone?

The next time that you go in the gym and want to get a hard-hitting, pulse pounding workout in, but you feel that you are driven to spend more time texting people or Googling things, just imagine if Arnold Schwarzenegger was there giving you a motivational speech, what kind of workout do you think you would put in then?

Program your mind for success

When is the last time that someone gave you a speech about programming your mind for success? Well if someone hasn’t done that in some time, or if at all, I highly doubt that Arnold Schwarzenegger or Bill Pearl would come along and give you that motivational speech during your workout, but granted there are plenty of other enthusiastic people at the gym where you train that will give you the motivation that you need to push yourself to the limit and get the best workout in that you possibly can.

Even if you don’t look up someone at the gym to give you the motivation that you need, there is a huge plethora of knowledge and inspiration that you can find on YouTube with all the great training and fitness videos on there will keep you busy for a lifetime giving you the motivation you need and deserve to keep you going strong with your training and motivation.

Besides getting motivation from coaches or people that you train with at the gym, and a great source of motivational tools such as YouTube, another very important aspect of your training that will give you the motivation you need to succeed are setting goals.

Goals are a very important training tool for anyone to succeed that is pushing themselves to either lose weight or gain muscle. The likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger always set goals, can you imagine a prize-winning physique like his could be developed through blindly training away each day with no goals to guide him? Or the massive thighs of the very impressive Tom Platz could be developed without structuring an amazing thigh training routine or not having any goals to guide him?

In order to succeed or be successful in any undertaking, not just weight loss or weight training, but absolutely any undertaking in your life, how do you expect to achieve those amazing results that you are dreaming of if you don’t have any guidance or vision of where you want to be, or how are you plan on achieving those results.Muscular man performing dumbell curls.

Moving forward

Before you go to the gym for your next training session, make sure that you have your goals in place and exactly how you plan on achieving those goals. Make sure that you have those goals written down on paper so that you can always look back at them every day as a personal reminder of who you are and what you want to be as well as what you want to achieve for yourself.

So you want to build huge muscles and develop impressive strength, if that’s what your goal is, like many other trainers at the gym, make sure that you have a solid routine structured mostly around combination moves such as the bench press, squats, dead lifts and barbell rows as stated earlier, and you need to be dedicated to your training days, your structured routine that you devised for yourself, as well as your dreams and wishes.

Success does not happen overnight and neither will your goals. Tom Platz’s thighs we’re not developed overnight and neither was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s success. Everything takes time and a commitment in order to see your dreams come to life. Rome was not built in a day, neither will be those huge arms that you want to be sticking out of your t-shirt sleeves and impress everybody that see’s you on the beach.

Now get off your cell phone and get off of the couch and head to your local gym and get busy building that body that you have always dreamed of. Lou Ferrigno probably spent more time pumping iron than he had spent having his green makeup put on. Don’t allow all of this wonderful technology the world has to offer these days to stand in the way of your dreams and achieving your goals.

Supplementation is an important aspect of your training, along with a healthy diet. To check out some of my reviews I have on supplementation, you can do so by clicking on this link.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t be afraid to leave a comment in the box below. If you do, I will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.


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