The fastest way to build muscle mass-beefing it up

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Do you have a hard time adding muscle to your frame? have you been going to the gym and lifting weights religiously for sometime now but have not seen the results that you would have hoped for?

Whether if you are a hard gainer or if you gain muscle size relatively easily, or if you have been lifting weights for a while now and your gains have slowed down to a point where you are not seeing the results that you were getting at first, then stay tuned in to this because I have some tips to share with you.

In today’s post I will be sharing with you the fastest way to build muscle mass and beefing it up, whether if you work out at the gym or if you work out at home or if you are a hard gainer it doesn’t matter, I will be sharing with you some tips of the trade that will get you rolling in no time.

Lifting for muscle mass

One important key that comes into factor when it comes to building muscle mass is you need to lift heavy, if you don’t lift heavy enough you will not stimulate the muscles into growth so it is always necessary to train heavy with your max lifting weight for a given amount of reps generally no more than 10 reps per set.

When I am talking about your max lifting weights for a given amount of reps, I am talking about weight that you can do for no more than 10 reps per set but use a weight that you can only achieve 8 to 10 reps and no more.

If you can do more than 8 to 10 reps with the specified weight then you are lifting to light, you need to increase the weight so that it is heavy enough to only achieve between 8 and 10 reps per set.

Use a spotter

It is important to have a training spotter so that they can push you to do more reps with each set, this will help to stimulate muscle growth at a faster rate.

For example if you can bench press 200 pounds for 8 reps on your own, the next time you go to the gym and do benches, have a training spotter and set that same 200 pounds up on the bar and have them push you to do 10 reps.

Pyramid your sets

The pyramid system is when you start out with a lighter weight for instance 15 reps and then you increase the weight per each set as you go along until you hit a max weight that you graduate too, for example for 5 reps, then once you hit your maximum weight for your pyramids then you drop the weight each set till you have completed your final set.

For example if you were to pyramid a set of squats, first for instance if you were to start out with 100 pounds for 15 reps for your first set then your second set you would  increase to 150 pounds for12 reps and on your third set increase to 175 pounds for 8 reps and then on your fourth set increase to 200 for five reps .

Once you have reached the max weight of 200 pounds for five reps , after that then you continue to decrease the weight each set until you have completed your given number of sets for squats.


Visualization is an important factor to include in your training because when you use visualization it is almost like you are programming your mind to achieve what you are about to set out to do.

For example if you are going to do a set of the dead lifts with 200 pounds for five reps, before you perform the set close your eyes for a brief moment and visualize yourself performing the set rep by rep until you have achieved your desired amount of reps.

Visualization is important because it helps you to tune your mind into what you are working on, it’s sort of like a pathway for your mind and your muscles to connect.

Include power moves

Power moves would include the bench press, the Dead lift, squats and other power moves such as the snatch and the clean and jerk.

Power moves such as these are important for building muscle mass because they force you to lift as heavy as possible, as well these power moves include more than one muscle group at a time so this is enabling you to lift more weight.

When you include these power moves in your weight training program you should incorporate them first before you do any isolation moves, for example if you were to be training back first you could start your work out with doing dead lifts and then after you have completed them move onto moves like barbell rows or wide grip chins.

Once you have finished the dead lifts, barbell rows and wide grip chins, then you can move on to other moves such as cable rows, T-bar rows and one arm dumbbell rows to finish off your back training workout.

Eat for size

In order to be big you have to eat big, there are places you can go on the Internet to find out how many calories you need to consume per pound of body weight to maintain weight, once you have figured out how many calories a day you need to maintain your body weight, increase that by 500 calories per day to add muscle to your frame.

To gain large amounts of muscle mass it is necessary to take in plenty of the appropriate types of food, such as plenty of carbohydrates which would include potatoes, rice, fruits and vegetables as well as a high consumption of protein intake especially white meat like chicken, tuna and fish.

Since your goal is to gain muscle weight and not fat weight then it is necessary to have a lean diet and cut out the excess fat from your diet as well sodium intake this also includes fast food outlets which have a high content of fat as well as sodium in their food.


That should pretty well wrap up the necessities for building muscle mass, now it is your turn to assemble a weight training program designed for you to build plenty of lean muscle mass and put it into action and see for yourself what type of results you get.

Supplementation is another important factor, whether it be nutritional supplementation or muscle building supplementation, either one of these supplementation areas are both important keys to include with your diet to get the proper amount of nutrition into your system to feed your muscles.

As with anything worth having it is important to have a focused mind and look straight ahead and don’t let anything discourage you, it takes time to build muscle and patience is a virtue so stick with your program and keep training harder than you ever have to see the muscle gains that you desire in reaching your goals.

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