Tips to building bigger arms-filling out your sleeves

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Alright, now we would all love to build a set of arms that we would be proud to show of, whether it be out on the beach or strolling up and down the shopping mall. You might be looking to develop some nice shapely arms or your looking to develop a pair of hulking sized arms.

That’s alright, we got you covered, big biceps have always been the center of attention, if that’s what your looking for, then I have got some tips to building bigger arms, ones that are sure to be filling out your sleeves in no time.

If your aim is to build big arms, arms that will be tearing out of your shirt sleeves, you not only need to be concentrating on training your biceps but you also need to work equally hard on developing your triceps as well.

Come up with a strategy

First you want to devise a plan for what days out of the week that you want to train them, and then what muscle groups you plan on training together. Typically if you are looking to add a lot of size to your arms, it would be good to train your arms twice a week.

Next you need to determine what type of a regimen you want to follow. Typically I have most always followed the push-pull method.

For instance if you start out your training for the week on a Monday, on monday maybe you would do all push muscles, which would be chest, shoulders and triceps. On tuesday would be all pull muscles, which would be back, traps and biceps. On wednesday would be leg day, thighs and calves. Abdominals you should try to shoot for three or four days a week.

Following that strategy will cover all your muscle groups in three days, on thursday would start that cycle over again through saturday, on sunday let your body recover and let the broken down muscle fibers mend.

Now there’s some guys, and gals that don’t do any separate work for their forearms, but if you are interested in working your forearms, bicep day would be a good time to include them. Some people don’t work their forearms because they feel they get enough development in them from doing biceps.

Methods to implement

The push-pull method is a good system to follow, but there are other ways that you can set up your training program. Super sets is another good system to follow, you can train triceps and biceps together, that way you can get blood pumping to the whole upper arm, stimulating muscle development even more.

Mass building moves to incorporate (for biceps)  

The biggest mass building exercise for biceps would be the barbell curl. You can use a straight bar or you can incorporate a curling bar, both are excellent variations you can add to your training arsenal.

There is such a thing as muscle memory, a good thing to not follow is getting into the habit of doing the same repetitive routine over and over, it’s very important to change exercises around quite frequently to keep things fresh in your training program.

You can incorporate different grips when doing barbell curls. A wide grip will stress the inner biceps as will a narrow grip will stress the outer head of the biceps to a degree.

Then there is a various range of dumbbell curls you can add to your workout. The alternate dumbbell curls are another good muscle building move as well as the Scott curls, they can be done with either, barbell or dumbbells.

Concentration curls are another excellent variation of dumbbell curls you can include in your program. This exercise can give your biceps a peak to them. One variation of doing them would be to sit on the edge of a weight bench, rest your elbow on your inner thigh and curl the weight upwards.

Another way of performing this exercise is one I use quite often, one I learned from Arnold Schwarzenegger. Stand with feet shoulder width apart, lean forward and let your arm hang down, curl the weight up slowly while slightly bringing your elbow forward.

One other excellent mass building move is the incline dumbbell curls, this exercise is another good one for building peak to your biceps.

Moves for bringing out the size in your triceps

A lot of people probably don’t realize that there are three head’s to the triceps, they are the medial, lateral and long head’s. The medial head is the smallest one connected to the shoulder, the lateral head shows on the outside of the arm and the long head extends down being the largest of the heads.

The medial and lateral head’s come into play with a lot of the extension moves and heavy pressing moves like narrow grip benches and bar dips come into play with the lateral head. When it comes to training the long head, moves like dumbbell kickbacks and skull crushers, when lowering the bar to your forehead are good ones for developing the long head.

When developing a triceps routine, it’s best to start out with a heavy pressing move first being that they are considered combination moves, aside from working the triceps they also work the shoulders and chest. At the beginning of your workout you are at your strongest, so it would only make sense to start out with something that takes more energy.

Skull crushers are an excellent choice for building the lateral head of the triceps, especially when you lower the bar past the top of your head you place a little more stress on the lateral head. The lateral head is what actually gives the triceps that horseshoe look.

Super sets for triceps and biceps  

When doing super sets are a bit more intense, so if you’re just starting out on a weight training program it would probably be best to go with straight sets until you become a little more advanced.

With super sets for arms, you would start out with a move for triceps, go until failure, meaning you can’t raise the weight anymore and then move right on to your first exercise for biceps and take that to failure, rest for approximately one minute, then move on to your next super set.

Designing a good routine   

For beginners I would suggest doing no more than eight super sets, eight sets for triceps super setting with eight sets for biceps.

Narrow grip benches/with barbell curls, three super sets.

Skull crushers/with dumbbell curls, three super sets.

Triceps push downs/with concentration curls two super sets.

For intermediate I would suggest doing no more than fourteen super sets, fourteen sets for triceps super setting with fourteen sets for biceps.

Narrow grip benches/with barbell curls, four super sets.

Bar dips/with alternate dumbbell curls, four super sets.

Skull crushers/with inclined dumbbell curls, three super sets.

Triceps push downs/with concentration curls, three super sets.

For advanced I would suggest doing no more than twenty super sets, twenty sets for triceps, super setting with twenty sets for biceps.

Narrow grip benches/with barbell curls, five super sets.

Bar dips/with alternate dumbbell curls, five super sets.

Skull crushers/with inclined dumbbell curls, five super sets.

Triceps push downs/with concentration curls, five super sets.

Now to clarify the difference between beginner, intermediate and advanced, I would suggest that from the time you start training through the first six months would be the beginner stage. After six months of hard training you would advance to the intermediate stage and then after a year at a hard training you progress to the advanced stage.

The six months intervals is merely a guideline for advancing from beginner, intermediate and advanced, you’ll need to follow your instinct. If you have been following the beginning stages of weight training for less than six months and your program you have been following becomes to easy, then just follow your instincts and advance your training to the next level.

Believe in yourself   

There should be some pretty sound advice to get you going that I have just laid out for you in this article. In the next article I will be giving you an idea on preparing a high protein and carb diet that will be sure to pack on the muscle.

Till next time, keep training like a superhero.


8 thoughts on “Tips to building bigger arms-filling out your sleeves”

  1. Hey there,

    I was never a gym fan, and I never liked being like people who want to have bigger arms. Although I do need a bit bigger arms. Therefore, I’d like to ask you whether, in your opinion, these exercises do for for a, let’s say, slim arm bearer, starting now,

    Thanks for a very detailed post!


    • Thanks for the feedback, all these exercises work great for toning and firming up your arms. Go with eight sets for triceps and biceps each and go for higher repetitions like twenty. If you keep your calorie intake down, you don’t need to worry about getting to bulked up.

  2. Biceps, Triceps and Bigger Arms are not easy target without routine exercise and following rules for it. Thanks for the information which is really helpful enough to follow body building exercises. Those routine task is not very easy but someone have to follow to build up their muscles. But only exercise is not enough for body building. There must be other things like special food item for protein and stamina. The reader of this article will also expect those advice.

    • Thanks for the feedback, my next post as stated in the previous, will be covering the type of diet one would need to follow in order to achieve muscle fuel for their goals.

  3. Good information on building out your arms! I am quite into fitness myself and can say that you have laid out some solid foundational information. People often neglect arms because they don’t want to be the “only trains arm guy”, but they are huge to any physique. I believe the long head of the tricep is what connects to the shoulder however, not the medial head.

    • Thanks for the feedback, you could be right about the Long head of the triceps, I’ll do some research on it and make any needed changes, thanks.

  4. Hey there,

    Must say a very detailed information on how to schedule for your workouts.  For the beginners, it’s very informative post, on how to plan their work outs.

    I really like the way you schedule a week for workouts, diving each day for a specific workout like for push muscles, pull muscles, leg day and for abdominal exercises.

    I am a yoga teacher, and yoga overall effects you – physically and mentally, Asanas and pranayama positively effects you on physical level also it effects overall.

    What I would like to know is that you need to workout separately for every muscle to grow in a healthy way? 


    • Thanks for the feedback, there are full body wworkouts that stress every muscle with higher repetitions like twent . Machine weights work good for this. Say for instance you do a set of pec-decks then you do a set of leg extensions then a set of lat pulldowns, and so on, you do this until you cover every muscle group and then start over. You don’t rest between sets, just as long as it takes to keep moving from one exercise to the next

      Different types of programs achieve what ever the desired result is .that you’re looking for. I hope this helps.


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