How to make goals and achieve them – breaking your barriers

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When and if you have ever set a goal, do you find it a challenge greater than you can handle in overcoming barriers that might stand in your way? Well if you do, it is more prevalent than you may think.

The world is filled with people who are trying to achieve goals that they have set for themselves, or there may be plenty of people out there that want to make big achievements but have never set any goals for themselves.

That leaves me with this question, do you know how to overcome your barriers? Barriers stand in all of our way come up but once you run into a barrier, it is all a matter of how you deal with it and if you pursue forward or if you back down and give in.

What is a barrier?

A barrier is something that is either mentally or physically standing in your way of achieving a goal or something you have been working on that holds great importance or prominence for you.

When it comes to weight training or losing weight, there can be many barriers that are set in your way, but if you can’t achieve overcoming your barriers, it will be very difficult to reach your goal in a timely manner.

What might stand in your way?

Often if you have a goal of adding muscle to your frame, you can have barriers such as not taking in enough overall calories, or taking in enough protein to build that muscle.

Another common problem is with losing weight, if you are on a Merry-Go-Round of losing weight, there may be barriers such as cutting out the wrong types of food that are too high in sodium, fat or sugar.

Whatever that barrier may be that is standing in your way of progress, you need to decipher exactly what that problem is and come up with a solution. Many times what can be handy to have is a journal, you can keep track of such things to log in so that it will become easier for you to figure out exactly what it is you need to change in your weight training regimen or diet.

Do you set goals for yourself?

When you set out on a mission to achieve something of importance to you, it is always necessary to set goals for yourself, whether you have a goal or not can make or break your plans.

When you set a goal for your physical fitness or dieting regimen, you need to think about the long-term and what you want to achieve in the future. These goals can be for 1, 3, 5 or 10 years, but then it is also necessary to break these long-term goals down into short-term, because if you don’t have short-term goals, it will be real difficult to follow your long-term goals.

Goals are a necessity in anything that you do because without goals it will be very difficult to achieve anything large in stature like losing 50 or 100 pounds or more, or adding a significant amount of muscle to your frame.

Do you set barriers in your mind?

You need to determine if you set barriers in your mind, it will be difficult to achieve any goal if there is a barrier set in your mind between now and being where you want to be within a set period.

It is necessary to determine if you set barriers in your mind because if these barriers are not dealt with, they can be a determining factor if you succeed or not.

If you take any successful person out there that has made great accomplishments, you will realize that if they have had any barriers set in their mind, they have dealt with and tackled them, because if these barriers were not dealt with, they would have never achieved all that they have gone on to do.

How to overcome your barrier

In order to overcome your barrier, you will need to realize what points you need to work on the most. If you are struggling to lose weight, what is making it difficult for you to lose weight? If you are having a difficult time losing it, it could be a very good possibility that what you are eating needs some work.

Do you have a hard time resisting the deserts after meal? Or are you having a hard time passing up the fast food joints? Do you have a tendency of heaping your plate up too much at meal time and finishing it all?

These are all very good questions that you can ask yourself, and if you are having a problem with any one of these situations or any other thing that might be keeping you from losing weight, you will need to address these problems and make necessary adjustments.

Progressing forward

In order to progress forward in your pursuit for health, you will need to make the necessary adjustments with your diet or training, you will need to set out reachable goals so that you can have a guide to follow and it is also necessary to keep a journal so that you can keep track of your downfalls and what you need to do to make any necessary adjustments.

Often times people don’t make the necessary adjustments that they need to make in order to progress forward because they are stuck on one path to reaching their destiny and often if you stick to doing something one way and it isn’t working, you will be stuck on a Merry-Go-Round performing the same vicious circle and never reaching your mark.

If one path to reaching your destiny isn’t working, change your path and try a different one. It is the people that stay stuck on one particular path that isn’t giving them any traction that don’t achieve their goals.


The first thing you want you to do is determine exactly what your goal is and write it down, once you have determined what it is and have it written down, then you will need to stick with it like glue and make sure that you don’t fall from the track and find yourself leading down the wrong path

The next thing you will need to do is determine if you have any barriers that are keeping you from reaching your goal. If you can determine what your barrier is, the next thing you will need to do is determine how to overcome that barrier so that you can keep progressing forward.

Once you have determined how to achieve what it is that you are seeking for, the next thing is to never give up hope or sight of your destiny and keep moving forward on it and it never back down

Another thing that you might want to take into consideration is if you are not progressing forward on your goals, it also may be necessary to find the right supplementation to help you with achieving those goals.

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  1. Believe me there is no other way than to make a menu in 7 days, paste it on the fridge and every day look at what you will eat the next day so you can prepare. Everything else just won’t work, don’t be stubborn, many have tried it before.
    I recommend that you prepare all the food on virgin coconut oil without the smell and taste. It does not change composition when heated and is full of fiber.
    Well, what a menu like this should look like (this is just an example, of course adjust it to yourself; it is important that you eat 5 servings every 3-4 hours):

  2. Hi there. Thank you for that positive and encouraging article. Without goals, we are doomed to fail and misleading us that we will succeed one day just like that. But the truth is that the goals are the moving factor of your success. Losing weight or gaining muscle might be a nightmare without following a particular goal. But having goals and achieving them it makes it easier and funnier. Personally, I go to the gym, and partially I achieved the result that I set before I start that journey. But I have stuck to a point where I cant gain more muscle, and I have to find another path that I have to take on. So thank you again for your article, and I hope that many people will read it and will get inspired by achieving their goals and overtake their barriers. 

  3. Making goals are the easiest thing to do in life but achieving them is the hard part, that why we all need the proper and basic knowledge about setting goals and the proper way to achieve them, and that is what i have found in this awesome article…thanks for sharing this awesome article.


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