Training with a purpose-weight training with purpose in mind

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If you are going to put some energy into a weight training program, it is a good idea to have a general purpose in mind behind what your goals are and where you are headed, the question is are you headed in the direction of adding muscle to your frame or is it weight that you are trying to lose or are you just simply interested in firming and toning your muscles.

Today I am going to talk about weight training with a purpose and what you’re weight training in mind is going to accomplish.

Many people when they go to the gym they just kind of poke along and don’t really have any specific action in mind, they just move from one exercise to another without putting a whole lot of energy or what it seems like thought into what they are doing.

But if you are going to have some general purpose in mind behind your weight training you need to put some motion behind a muscle.

What is your mission

First of all if you are going to have a mission when it comes to your weight training you should have some kind of training program as well as a journal or a training log to keep record of all the exercises that you are doing, how many sets, how many reps, how much weight and how much time you put into your workout each day.

It is important that you keep a  training log so that you can keep record of everything that you do in your workouts each time you go to the gym so that you have a general purpose in mind behind what you are doing in the training room.

Train with energy 

Many people that enter into the doorway of the gym, as soon as they hit the training room and are ready to start working out it seems as though they don’t really have any motive behind what they are doing, they just go from one weight station to the next and don’t really put a lot of energy into what they are doing.

I realize that sometimes it can tend to be a little difficult to go to the gym and start training when you have a lot of things on your mind, like work and family matters, but when you enter the gym you should make some kind of commitment to bettering yourself.

just remember that when you made the decision to take up some type of training program whether it be building muscle or losing weight or simply to firm and tone your muscles, you have made that dedication to yourself to improving your health, how you look and how you feel.


Another common problem that keeps a person from training with purpose that just simply does nothing but distracts a person when they should be training hard and concentrating on what they’re doing is bringing their cell phones into the gym.

As soon as you enter into the gym your mind and muscles should become one, it takes a lot of concentration and thought process while you are training to put your mind into your muscle so that you can make the most from your hard work.

When it comes to your health, your fitness and your goals, you need to put emphasis behind what you are doing and not allow yourself to be distracted by things such as who is emailing you or what is going on behind the social scenes.

Train with a partner 

This is a real good way to make sure that you are sticking with your plans for weight training and that you give it your all is to train with a partner. when it comes to training with someone, if you have a training partner who is motivated and stands behind you 100% so that they can give you a boost to move forward and keep pushing as hard as you possibly can, you will see much better results.

Sometimes that’s all it takes is just a little extra motivation to help move the person forward so that they can achieve the goals that they are interested in, so if you are someone who has a difficult time staying motivated when you go to the gym and giving it your all, it just might be the best idea for you to have a training partner, someone who can give you that extra little push every time you do a set.


I hope that I have shed a little light on giving you some ideas behind training with a purpose so that you can make the best of the time that you spend in the gym training and achieve your goals sooner than you realized possible.

I understand that it can be difficult to leave personal problems behind or distractions like your cell phone, but to have just that little bit of time that you dedicate to training can really help you make better strides when it comes to achieving your goals and seeing your accomplishments really pay off.

These positive effects that you see from training from day today can have a profound effect on the way you feel about yourself, so it is necessary to tune in to your training and make the most of the time and energy you put into it every time you go to the gym.

For further motivation you can always rely on other people at the gym or the gym staff, they are always ready to help you if you need any encouragement or maybe simply just a spot with your bench press.

I am going to leave you with one final note and that is to always pursue your dreams with enthusiasm, you will thank yourself later for spending a little bit of extra time dedicated to making an accomplishment in improving your physique which therefore will also have its benefits on how you feel about yourself.

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