Trim down diet plan-lose the weight without starving

Have you been trying to lose weight now for some time but it just seems like you keep spinning your wheels and getting nowhere? or have you lost some weight but a very minimal amount and you feel like you have been starving yourself for the results that you have seen?

Well today I want to share with you some tips that can help you to get better results without the starvation tactic and a trim down diet plan that will help you to lose the weight without starving.

What has been your approach?

The last time you got on the bathroom scales and decided it was time to shed some of those unwanted pounds, what was the first thing that entered your mind? was it the thought of having to go on some crazy diet where everything was so bland that it would be like eating cardboard? or did you feel like it would be better to starve yourself into a thinner body?

Well I have some good news, I am going to tell you straight out that starving yourself is a very unhealthy approach to losing weight, and you don’t have to suffer through eating a bland diet in order to lose weight.

Starving yourself is unnecessary and its unhealthy, you want to lose weight at a moderate pace, if you lose weight too fast it will be likely that once you have gone off your diet you will gain back everything you worked for to lose.

A good amount of weight you should aim for in your weight loss plan should be no more than two pounds a week, it will also be normal to not see a consistent amount of weight lost from one week to the next because periodically you will see plateaus in your weight loss and this is a normal thing.

What not to eat

Quite often when someone decides to take the plunge and go on a weight loss diet they tend to grab whatever is handy to eat whether it is nutritious or not, they figure if they have a little something here and there will help them to lose weight instead of eating regular meals.

Quite often when you grab something on the go it may not only be something unhealthy but it’s also just one source of food, just because you are on a diet plan doesn’t mean you need to leave out a balanced diet.

A balanced diet should consist of healthy food sources not things that are high in fat and cholesterol or things that are loaded with sodium or high in sugar or food sweeteners or foods that are highly processed.

What should you eat?

The type of food that you should eat are the opposite of what I just listed, the kind of food that you need to have in your diet to lose weight should be foods that are low in fat and cholesterol like cottage cheese and yogurt.

Things that are not high in sodium would be foods like baked beans and rice and would make good alternatives to eating things that are high in sodium like macaroni and cheese and canned food like soups and canned vegetables.

A lot of the canned food on the market is high in sodium, when going to the store it is a good idea to check labels and find out exactly what is in the product. Many of the typical assorted brands of vegetables are high in sodium like corn, peas, green beans, carrots and the list goes on.

Anything that is high in sugar will naturally be fattening, good alternatives for drinks that are loaded with sugar would be Gatorade and there are an assortment of bottled juices but when it comes to purchasing any of these it is a good idea to read the nutrition facts and try not to get anything that is high in sugar content.

You will want to avoid foods that are high in sugar as well as pastry, but if you have a bit of a sweet tooth and are looking for something that might be a little healthier you might like to check out an assortment of parfaits.

The list would not be complete if I didn’t mention the importance of taking in an assortment of lean healthy meats like fish, chicken, tuna and oysters, white meat is much leaner and healthier than red meat such as steak and ground beef.

Fresh fruits and vegetables should always be on your list, are much healthier, fresher and taste better than the canned stuff that’s way too high in sodium, and fresh vegetables are much healthier if you eat them raw instead of cooked because after they have been cooked they lose a lot of their nutrition.

Best time to eat

The best time of the day to eat is earlier in the day so that you have the whole day to burn of the calories, the latter in the day that you eat the less time you will haveĀ  before retiring for the night, then the food that you have snacked on in the evening will sit heavy in your stomach and will be more likely to turn to fat.


When starting out your day it is essential that you take in a healthy breakfast, many people skip this meal but it is the most important because this is the part of the day that you are fueling your system and priming it for the day for the energy necessary to take on anything you throw at it.

Good ideas for breakfast would be whole grain cereals with a combination of yogurt, granola and fresh fruits such as strawberries. Another idea would be oatmeal with raisins and fresh fruit juice.

One other thing is when it comes to determining how much food that you need to consume a day to lose weight, you need to determine how many calories you need a day to maintain your weight and then subtract from that between 300-500 calories a day to lose weight.

I have a link that you can click on for a free guide to calculate your calories based on your age, weight and activity level.

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