Upper inner chest workout-maximizing your gains

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There has always been a great fascination with chest training, many men have put a lot of time and hard work into building what could be referred to as a barrel chest. There has always been a great fascination with bench pressing and who can benchpress the most.

There is a lot more that goes into chest training than what most people think, especially for the beginner, for many it is just bench pressing as much as they can or moving from one type of bench press exercise to another but there is a great amount of detail work that goes into developing a well rounded chest.

Today I am going to highlight an idea of exactly how much work goes into building a well-rounded chest for greater development, some weight trainers segment their chest training into upper inner chest workouts to maximize their gains, so if you are into specialized movies to work specific areas of your chest, then check this out because I have some information for you.

Isolating the chest

The most common move for working and developing the chest muscle has always been the benchpress, it has always been the most widely talked about exercise for training chest as well as competitive bodybuilders and power lifters always being in competition with each other as to who can benchpress the most.

But there is a lot that goes beyond the standard benchpress movement for chest development and strength training, the standard benchpress works the overall chest area but there are specific areas to the chest that you can use specialized chest training moves to target each individual area of the chest.

In this post I will be covering some of the best specialized moves for training the upper and inner areas of the chest so that you can target these areas if they are lagging behind your overall chest development.

Inclined benches

The inclined benchpress has always been a great move for developing the chest muscles and most often is Incorporated as using a barbell but the incline benches can be performed with great developmental benefits while using dumbbells as well.

Performing the inclined bench press whether it be with a barbell or dumbbells is a great way to target the upper chest region.

There are specific advantages to performing the inclined benchpress with a barbell versus dumbbells, the advantage of using a barbell is you can push more weight which induces the amount of muscle and strength gained when performing it in this manner.

There are advantages as well in their own right when incorporating dumbbells for the inclined benches, these advantages don’t incur using more weight which is generally perceptive as gaining more muscle mass, but using dumbbells will give you a wider range of motion and can stimulate more muscle growth when performing them in this manner.

Dumbbell flys

Dumbbell flys are a great way for increasing muscle mass in your chest training workouts but there are a few different things to take into consideration when performing this exercise.

One thing to take into consideration is in order to get optimal gaines with performing this exercise it is necessary to get a good stretch, this means lowering the dumbbells down as far as you can go so that you can obtain a full stretch in the bottom of this move.

When performing the dumbbell flys it is a good idea to do these as a follow-up exercise, that is performing them after you have already warmed up the chest muscles  with a different movement such as the benchpress.

You will want to make sure that your chest muscles are warmed up thoroughly before performing the dumbbell flys because if you engage in this exercise while your chest muscles are still cold and you go into a low stretching move, it is relatively easy to pull your chest muscles resulting in an injury.

Another thing to look at is when most people perform the dumbbell flys they do them on a flat bench which works the center region of the chest but the dumbbell flys can also be performed on an inclined bench, so this way when you perform them on an inclined bench you are targeting your inner and upper chest muscles at the same time.

Cable crossovers

Cable crossovers are similar to the dumbbell fly except instead of using dumbbells this exercise is performed with cables, and another difference is the angle that you are performing this exercise in.

When performing the dumbbell fly your arms are circling from an arc out from the sides but when you are performing the cable crossovers your arms come from an arc from more of an upwards position arcing downward stressing your chest at a different angle.

When it comes to developing a well rounded chest it is necessary to do moves from many different angles, and this way you are stressing a wider range of areas to your chest muscles so that you are maximizing your gains to the full.

Wen you incorporate dumbbell flys as well as cable crossovers in your chest training you are getting more of a full range benefit when you are stressing your chest muscles from these two similar but very different angles.

When performing cable crossovers these will target the inner area of your chest muscles and they will create striations in your chest giving you a greater muscular and vascularity appeal.

For anyone who may not be familiar with what the cable crossovers are, they are when you have two individual cable machines one on each side of you with a high pulley and you grasp a handle in each hand arcing your arms over your head down in front of your hips.


Chest training has always been a great interest of mine, but when I first started out training, I always used to put so much emphasis on the benchpress, benching, benching and more benching but it wasn’t until a little later on when I realized that there is a lot more to developing a well rounded impressive looking chest than just strictly doing the standard benchpress.

I hope that what I have laid out for you here today is giving you some benefit and you have taken something away on this, it is crucial for developing an impressive chest to incorporate many moves and a wide range of them coming from different angles stressing different areas of the chest.

And once again what kind of post would this be if I didn’t give some recognition to a proper diet and its importance for developing muscle as well is giving you the energy to give it your all with energy draining workouts such as a large muscle group like the chest.

You will find the necessity in taking in a good amount of healthy lean protein for developing muscle mass as well as a well rounded balance of carbohydrates for energy and keeping your fat intake low.

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