Weight bearing exercises without weights

Weight bearing exercises without weights can get you excited about building muscle and developing a set of big muscular arms that are popping out of your shirt sleeves? Or would you like to put on a pair of your favorite short’s and expose a set of burly muscular legs?

Many people would like to develop a muscular physique that would give them the confidence to show themselves off at the beach or simply feel better about themselves.

But are you finding it difficult to train at the gym because of self distancing or having to wear a face mask which can make it difficult breathing, especially when breathing heavy is a necessity when it comes to working out?

Others would rather train at home, possibly for safety reasons or for privacy but find it out of the question because of lack of space or they are not able to afford workout equipment.

I have talked before about training at home and doing body weight exercises, but what I have covered before is basically a hand full of basic exercises and some people get bored with doing the same old thing and would like to experiment with doing something different.

In this post we will explore some different body weight exercises that can keep things new and exciting for your training program. Although there are people of different training levels and experience.

We have included exercises that are different strength and training levels, some exercises people of less experience can tackle, while others you may not be able to do until you have built up your strength and experience level.

First we will start out with some more basic exercises that a beginner can use in their training programs and then work out up to the higher experienced exercises that will require you to spend some time building yourself up.

Chair push-ups

If you are anything familiar with doing your standard form of push-ups, you might be tired of doing the same old repetitious thing, sometimes it can be nice to add a little spark to your training and try something different.

There are different variations to doing the push-up which can add variety. There are a couple of other variations that we will cover here today.

The first one I will cover is the inclined, bench or chair push-ups. This exercise will direct more attention that you are exerting on your chest muscles by developing the lower portion of the pectorals.

Inclined, chair push-ups

First start out with placing your hands on a chair and your feet on the floor, lower yourself down until your chest touches the seat of the chair, pause for a second and then push yourself up squeezing your chest muscles.

The type of grip that I would typically use with chair push-ups is I grasp the sides of the seat with the palms of my hands facing inward, this can create a variation of rotation where they would normally be facing back, but using this grip will target your chest muscles in a slightly different manner.

Declined chair push-ups

This version of the push-ups is replicating basically the same idea as the inclined push-ups, except with this version, your hands on the floor and your feet are on the seat of the chair.

When you perform the decline chair push-ups, you will be putting your hands flat on the floor pressing yourself up. This exercise will basically replicate the incline bench press which is targeting your upper chest area.


Hack squats are a good exercise for developing the quad muscles. If you can’t work out at the gym and don’t have weight equipment at home, an exercise that you would typically do at home to replace the squats would be the deep-knee bends.

To give your workout a bit of variety, instead of doing the deep knee bends, you can try out the hack-squats for something different.

This exercise is basically like the squat except you will stand approximately one foot away from the wall and rest your back against the wall.

Once you are in this position, you will start to slowly lower yourself until your thighs are parallel to the floor and then return back to the standing position with your back still intact to the wall.

You can take whatever stance you feel most comfortable with, but generally the most common stance you would take would be a shoulder-width stance.

Dragon fly

The dragonfly is an exercise that will take intense core strength. There are many other great exercises that you can use to develop your core, such as the plank exercise

There are different variations to performing the planks, but I think that of all core strengthening exercises, the dragonfly has to be the top exercise that takes the largest amount of strength to perform.

This exercise as shown in the image is performed on a bench in a gym, but you don’t need a gym in order to perform this exercise.

This exercise can be performed in your own home on the floor, as long as you have something that you can hold on to, to support your upper body while giving you the strength to raise your lower body.

As pictured in the image, this dragonfly performer is holding onto the sides of the bench to secure his upper torso. But if you are doing this exercise in your home, all you need is something to hold onto, even if it is holding onto the underside of your couch.

Neck bridge

The neck bridge, aka, the wrestlers bridge is an exercise that will build a strong and muscular neck. The neck bridge is an exercise that wrestlers perform to develop a strong neck which helps them with strength for take down maneuvers and reversal tactics.

The neck bridge can be performed with various styles such as the one shown in the image where you are basically holding this same position. Another variation is where the person performing The neck bridge is rotating their neck around hitting all different angles of their neck.

Last but not least is a safer variation of the neck bridge which still does a good job of building and strengthening your neck muscles. This exercise you set a chair up where you can rest the back of your head on the seat of the chair, place your feet flat on the floor approximately shoulder width apart.

Once you are in this position, you will start by raising your buttocks off the floor, you can either hold that position that you are in while keeping your neck straight, or you can raise your body weight up and down while using the muscles in the back of your neck to do the lifting.


Muscle-ups have been a popular exercise for a long time that take a tremendous amount of strength. As the image above depicts, one would think that this is basically a chin up move, but there is a little more to it than that.

First of all, in order to perform this exercise, you will need a bar to perform this exercise.

The best place to do this exercise would be outside where you have access to a bar that you can have plenty of free-range of motion above the bar for the completion of the exercise, such as a clothesline pole.

First you will want to start out hanging down at arm’s length, then you will raise yourself up until your chest reaches the bar, the same way as a wide grip chin .

Once you have reached this position, then you will want to muscle yourself up using good form over the bar so that your arms are straight down at your sides while grasping the bar.

Once you have reached the top position which will need ample room so that you do not bang your head on anything, such as the ceiling, then you will want to lower yourself back down and use good form and full control back to the finishing position and repeat.

Human flag

The human flag is an exercise that will take a lot of practice, as you can see from the picture, it will require a lot of strength to perform this exercise.

To perform this exercise, you can use your imagination for something to hold on to. As shown in the image above, you can hold on to a pole, such as a flag pole or a basketball hoop pole.

I have seen pictures of this exercise performed where the person that was doing the human flag exercise was holding on to the side of a large enough person to support their weight.

It will take a bit of strength to perform this exercise, therefore it will take a while to work up to building enough strength to do this exercise. One pointer I can give that might help with getting you going with building up the strength is using something to rest your legs on.

When you are resting your legs on something to support your lower body, you can gradually work your way up to lifting your legs off the support, this way you will be able to hold yourself in this position and work at developing it when you are not quite strong enough to do this exercise on your own without the aid of a support to hold your lower body.


In conclusion to this article, I hope that these exercises have given you an idea to broaden your training program, spice it up and be able to include new exercises in your routine that will target your muscles in a broader range.

There are a lot of other unique exercises that a person can include in their training program, exercises that don’t involve weights and you can do in your own home or backyard just using your body weight.

I will cover more unique exercises that you have probably never heard of in a future article, but hopefully these that I have included today will give a new breath to your training and will give you something new to work on.

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If you have any questions or concerns, I would love it if you could drop a comment or question in the box below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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