Weight training for abs – What system works best?

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Abs have always been one of the most targeted muscle groups, they’re not only just targeted by bodybuilders alone, but people who are into any sports profession and even actors and actresses so they can look good for their part.

And it’s not only just people that are into sports or looking good for the camera, but anybody that just simply wants to get into shape and feel better about themselves.

Today my subject of discussion will be covering weight training for abs and what system works best. There are many different types of abdominal training programs, but the one that I will be stressing today will be using weights.

There are not a whole lot of ways that you can stress the abdominals using weights, but if you have access to cable pulley machines, you should be able to incorporate this program with no problem.

Using cable machines

Unless you have access to cable machines in your own home, it may be difficult to perform these exercises, but I would suggest that the best way to incorporate this program is making use of the equipment in a gym.

The advantage behind performing abdominal exercises with weight machines is you are not performing the same typical ab exercises that you normally might be accustomed to. Performing a wider variety of abdominal exercises can be an advantage to you.

The greatest advantage to having a wider variety of abdominal exercises is so that you don’t grow bored with performing the same work out all the time. That is one big key to keeping your workouts new and fresh is changing things around such as exercises, this will help to keep your workouts new and exciting so that you don’t grow bored when performing your routines.

AB crunch machine

To perform this exercise, first you will sit on the padded ab machine seat and select the weight of your choosing. When choosing a weight it should be something that is comfortable for you and not too heavy so that you don’t overexert yourself.

Position your feet under the pads and grab a firm hold on the top handles. Always make sure that your arms are bent to a 90 degree angle and rest your triceps on the pads. Then begin lifting your legs up as you will engage your abs and then crunch your upper torso, exhale as you do so pause and then slowly return to the starting position as you inhale.

Exercise ball

The exercise ball can also be known as a yoga ball. The exercise ball is typically made out of an elastic type material. The air pressure is changed by removing a valve stem and you can either fill it with air or if you want to give it more of a deflated feel, you can remove air until it has reached its desired pressure.

There are benefits behind using an exercise ball as opposed to performing your abdominal exercises on the floor. When you perform these exercises on the floor, there can be little give and it can create back discomfort, so it can be a good idea to perform a lot of your floor exercises with an exercise ball.

A major benefit behind using an exercise ball is it can create an unstable surface when performing your exercises, and you recruit more muscles without the need to increase your entire work load. The greatest benefit Is when you perform an exercise on an unstable surface, it can create a greater activation of the core.

When you create an unstable surface when performing your abdominal exercises, this will increase muscle activation of the rectus abdominus muscles and will greatly increase the activity as compared to a stable surface such as the floor.

Kneeling cable crunch

The kneeling cable crunch is a primary exercise I had in mind when writing this blog. It is a popular core exercise that you would commonly use with a weighted cable machine and a rope attachment. The primary targeted muscles when performing this exercise are the rectus abdominus or what is also referred to as the six-pack muscles but will also strengthen your core muscles.

Cable crunches are typically performed earlier in your ab workout. Performing this exercise will take more strength needed because of it being a weighted exercise. When you perform the cable crunches, you can use a moderate to high rep range, such as between 8 – 20 reps per set.

The benefits you will receive when performing the kneeling cable crunches is it will be a great way to load your ab muscles with weight that can be increased over time, It will supply a greater range of motion than your traditional crunches, and weighted ab training can increase the core definition in addition to building more strength.


The exercises that I have outlined in this article should be a good start to coming up with fresh exercises for your abdominal training routine. There are other exercises out there that I will cover in future blogs, but this is just a start to wet your taste for some new exercise to incorporate in your training program.

In addition to weighted machine abdominal exercises, I also included the exercise ball in this article, but I felt that it was a good addition to including in your training program as not all people are accustomed to using the training ball. There are many advantages behind using a training ball as I discussed previously to make a good addition to your training program.

All the exercises that I have outlined in this article should be performed in a moderate to high rep range such as 8 – 20 reps per set and can be performed as much as three times per week.

After a strenuous abdominal workout, sometimes it can be a good idea to get some stimulation to your abdominal muscles, so I recommend a good idea is to incorporate a muscle stimulator as this will help with recuperation and mending of your ab muscles after a strenuous workout.

You can check out a review on the muscle stimulator here.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment or question in the box below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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