Weight training for legs – with dumbbells

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Weight training’s popularity is ever increasing these days, just go to Google and search weight training and you will find a vast amount of topics on the subject as well as nutrition, diet and health plans, and many other assorted things like training at the gym, or training at home.

In today’s discussion I will be talking about weight training for legs only using a pair of dumbbells. Now when performing a leg workout simply with a pair of dumbbells, you can perform this workout at the gym but another great benefit to following a workout program of this nature with only a pair of dumbbells is you can perform this easily enough at home.

Working out at home

The benefit of working out at home is you don’t need to sign up with a gym and pay their membership fee, whether it be by the day, or by the month or for the whole year. When you train at home you are not only saving yourself on the membership fee but you can do it in the peace and quiet of your own home, preferably with limited distractions.

If you are anything like me, you probably have a whole weight gym set up in your home, but not everyone has that option or maybe you may be limited on space, but you don’t necessarily need a bunch of equipment whether it be free weights or weight training machines, for some workouts all you really need is a pair of dumbbells and the motivation.

In the next heading I will start to cover some good exercises that you can perform in your own home with only a pair of dumbbells.

This workout can be performed by beginners, intermediates or experienced weight trainers, the only difference is for beginners I would recommend that you start out slower, not training as heavy and only once a week, depending on what your goals are.

Once you start to gain a little experience with your training you can start to amp up the volume of your training schedule, simply by working out more days of the week and training for longer sessions as well is performing more sets for each given body part.

Dumbbell squats

The dumbbell squats are a great exercise for working quadriceps muscles of the thighs, this is the area that covers the frontal and side region of your thigh muscles. The dumbbell squats are similar to doing typical squats when performed with a barbell.

There are benefits to performing squats with a pair of dumbbells in place of using a barbell, the advantages would include, for one you don’t need the use of a squat rack, squat racks are good for in the gym and if you have room in your home it is a good idea to have a squat rack, but not everybody has that option for room.

Another advantage to doing dumbbell squats is you can do them in your own living room. When performing dumbbell squats, simply hold a pair of dumbbells at each side and place a wooden block or a book under your heels to take the stress of your lower back, lower yourself into a squatting position and stand straight back up

The advantages of performing squats with a pair of dumbbells are in place for people who are more interested in firming and toning their thigh region as well as weight-loss. As far as gaining muscle mass, it would be best to use a squat rack and a barbell because when using a barbell you can go heavy enough for the results that you seek for gaining muscle size.

For firming and toning your thigh muscles, shoot for 20 to 25 reps, if you are seeking more of a substantial amount of muscle size shoot for 8 to 10 reps when performing the dumbbell squats.

Stiff leg dead lifts

Stiff leg dead lifts are a great exercise for working the back of your thighs or also known as the hamstrings, the stiff leg dead lifts are an exercise that you can perform with a barbell but the purpose of this article is to discuss exercises that you can perform with dumbbells.

When performing the stiff leg dead lifts with dumbbells, first start out with a pair of dumbbells at your sides, slowly lower yourself bending forward until your upper torso is parallel with the floor, when you are extended forward keep your arms hanging straight down and then return back to standing position letting your arms sway back so that the dumbbells return back to your sides.

Stiff leg dead lifts are an exercise that you can use for gaining muscle mass or for firming and toning, it is all dependent on what your goals are, but if you are looking to firm and tone your muscles, shoot for a rep range of 20 to 25 reps, if you are seeking muscle size, shoot for a lower rep range such as 8 to 10 reps.


The lunges are not typically an exercise that you would perform for building and maintaining a large amount of muscle mass like the pro bodybuilders are seeking, but the lunges are a great exercise for firming and toning the thigh region, especially quadriceps which cover the frontal and side region of the thighs.

When you perform the lunges, first start out with your feet together with your arms at your sides holding a pair of dumbbells, take one large step forward leaving your following leg with your knee dropping to the floor, once you have extended forward, forcefully using your front leg push yourself back to the standing position.

Once you have returned back to standing position with your arms at each side, then repeat your next rep by taking one large step forward with your other leg stepping forward as far as possible letting the knee of your following leg drop to the floor, and when you have stretched as far forward as you can, then simply return back to standing position with the dumbbells at your sides.

As I stated, the lunges are a great exercise for firming and toning your thigh muscles, as well you can incorporate this exercise into a program that you would use when losing weight. The rep scheme for lunges would be a higher count like 15 to 25 reps.

Calf raises

Calf raises are a great exercise that you can perform in many ways for developing your calf muscles, typically when you perform the calf raises you would use a weight machine such as a standing calf raise machine, many gyms have seated calf raise machines which stress the calf muscles at different angles but there are also options of doing calf raises with dumbbells.

One option is you can perform the calf raises with both legs at the same time with a pair of dumbbells, another common way to do calf raises with dumbbells would be one leg at a time.

When performing the calf raises one leg at the time, typically you would hold one dumbbell, that way you can use your other hand to hold on to something for balance. A good thing to use when you are performing calf raises is to use a wooden block or a book under your toes so that you can get more of a stretch to your calf muscles.

When performing the calf raises, for firming and toning your calf muscles or for building muscle size, you will want to maintain pretty much the same type of rep scheme which would be a higher range such as 15 to 25 reps.

The calf muscles are more of a stubborn muscle group to build because they are repetitively worked when walking, each step you take when you are walking you raise up on your calves working your calf muscles to a certain degree so this makes them more of a stubborn muscle to build.

You will want to target your calves at a higher rep range and try to work them more often in the week than other muscle groups, like for instance if you work other body parts each twice a week you want to shoot for working calves anywhere between four to five times per week.

ConclusionMan jogging down a stretch of road for greater physical fitness.

I think that following this type of weight training program for your legs will be a great workout system for you to follow whether you are working out in the gym or at home, targeting these exercises for your leg workout with dumbbells will be a great way for you to maintain a great fitness level, muscle tone and physique.

Or if you are new to training these exercises will be a great system for you to follow only using a pair of dumbbells, but if you are new to training, specially if you are just starting out, choose from two or three of the exercises and start with only one or two sets per exercise.

Once you have been performing this work out for a month, then you can increase to two or three sets per exercise totaling between 10 and 12 sets total, and then after you have advanced to three months I would suggest performing a total of four sets per exercise totaling 16 sets for legs.

Once you have established this program pretty well, you can incorporate other exercises, whether it be at the gym or in your home, preferably if you have more workout equipment you can target your leg muscles to a fuller degree.

Another great option to include with this training program would be cardiovascular exercises such as jogging, swimming, biking or any of your typical cardio exercises such as the treadmill or stationary bike, these are all great exercises to improve your cardiovascular system and maintain a physical fitness level that you will be able to enjoy for years to come.

If you are interested in supplementation for building muscle and maintaining it, or if you are interested in supplementation or losing weight click on this link.

It is in my best interest to incorporate as much information as I can to help other people in achieving their goals. If you have any questions or concerns or simply would like to drop a message in the box, I will be happy to assist you and get back to you as soon as I can.

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