Weight training for men over 50 – get in the battle

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If you are 50 or older, do you find it difficult to think about getting out of your reclining chair and tackling a workout or is it simply too easy to stay seated where you are and watch the TV. Well once you get to be a certain age your metabolism slows down and everything else starts to slow down which can make it difficult to get into any sort of training program much less stick with one.

Today I am going to be talking about weight training for men over 50, and how it can be difficult to get in the battle of working out, whether it be weight training or having a physical fitness program to follow to get into better shape. It is especially necessary to have a workout program and stick with it once you hit 50 because as you age your metabolism slows down which will make it all too easy to put on the extra pounds and your muscle slowly deteriorates as you get older.

Where to start

It can be difficult to know where to get started especially if you are not accustomed to training, but for those of you who have not been following any sort of training program, whether it be weight training or a cardiovascular program, the best place to get started would be getting a physical check-up from your doctor and make sure that it is safe for you to work out.

If you were to begin a training program and had the risk heart disease or any other underlying health condition, chances of you having a heart attack would increase with strenuous exercise, so it should be of utmost importance to have that physical checkup with your doctor and make sure that you are in adequate health to start up a training program.

Then there is the possibility that maybe you simply want to get into an exercise program that is not so strenuous, it is always of great benefit for you to get into a health regimen that can improve upon you’re aging by staying active with light impact training such as yoga.

I would suggest that whatever type of training regimen you plan on doing, if you are not accustomed to working out it would be necessary to check with your doctor first, but I stress much emphasis on getting that check up if it is a higher impact training schedule, because a program of this nature will put more stress on your heart and lungs and your overall system.

Eating right

What kind of training regimen would it be and getting into better health and taking better care of yourself if you did not eat right? That is one of the first things that you will want to follow and try your best to stick with is eating a healthy diet high in healthy carbohydrates for energy as well as a sufficient amount of lean protein for muscle.

Especially when you get to be a certain age, typically around 40 is when your metabolism starts to slow down and it will become more difficult for you to lose weight which will naturally have an impact on increasing that bulge around the midsection, so if you keep your fat and salt intake at a very minimal and keep your diet rich in healthy carbohydrates and protein, you will start to feel a change for the better in no time.

Staying active

Working on your physical strength and conditioning and eating right takes a lot of hard work and dedication as well as motivation, not many people feel like putting so much time and energy into it but when you put the hard work in, your body will thank you and you will feel much better and have more energy to do the things that you enjoy.

Staying active with a cardiovascular program will make good strides in helping you to increase your cardiovascular endurance, strengthen your lungs and heart as well as keeping any unwanted pounds off. There are many great ways you can stay active with cardio.

Good ways to engage in cardio could include walking, jogging, hiking, biking and swimming, a few of many ways in which you can get in shape and stay in shape and enjoy doing it. Exercising with friends can have it’s many benefits, not only for enjoyment but motivation as well.

On those days that it would be impossible to engage in many of these activities due to the weather, there are many other options such as indoor cardiovascular training, whether it be at a gym or in your own home, options could include stationary bike or treadmill.

There are many other options such as yoga, aerobics classes, jazercise and the list could go on. Cardiovascular training is a big part of physical conditioning for people of any age, especially when you start getting older because as the body ages, the physical conditioning that we had when we were younger can start to deteriorate with age.

Weight training

If you don’t have experience in the field of weight training or haven’t spent much time lifting weights, I would suggest that you start out doing the basic training moves like the bench press, dumbbell presses, lat pull-downs and rowing exercises, curls for biceps, basic extension exercises for triceps and bench dips.

For the lower portion of your body, leg presses, leg extensions, leg curls and lunges for thighs and calf raises for calves. For core training stick with the basics at first like crunches and knee raises and planks.

Tran with a lighter weight for higher repetitions, this will help to strengthen and tone up your muscles. Especially once you reach the age of 50 you shouldn’t be too concerned with building an excessive amount of muscle mass, the main goal you should be working on accomplishing is at least maintaining the muscle you have.

Once we get to a certain age we will tend to lose muscle mass so you will want to work the muscles to maintain and build upon your structure as you will be strengthening your ligaments, tendons and bones as well.

When training with lighter weights for higher reps, you should use a weight heavy enough to make your muscles work and feel a pump but light enough to perform between 15 – 25 repetitions and train to failure. When I say failure I am simply talking about training until you can’t lift the weight for one more repetition.

Always perform all exercises with good strict form and never bounce the weight or use a swaying motion to raise the weight up. Any forms like bouncing or swaying are considered cheating the move and can cause injury especially if the muscles and joints are not properly warmed up. Cheating the weight will also result in not working the muscle to it’s full degree.



As with anything, if you are going to do something you should take the time to do it right, this definitely falls into the department of weight training. Weight training can be dangerous if you don’t take care so it is necessary to exercise caution and train hard but train safe.

Along with following a proper diet it is necessary to supplement your diet with a multivitamin such as One a day men’s 50+. As we age, the body functions will slow down so it should be necessary to supplement your system with something that will reverse the effects of the aging process as much as possible.

Never try to lift more than what you know you can handle safely, it is much better to train safe than to fall victim of an injury and suffer a setback that will prolong your results.

If you are interested in supplementation products other than One a day 50+, check out one of my reviews and click on the link. or check this out.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment in the box below.

8 thoughts on “Weight training for men over 50 – get in the battle”

  1. WOW, great article,

    this post is really helpful for over 50 age person who tries to start weight training. you explain everything they need to know. I totally agree with you Eating right is the first thing to consider to keep better health.

    as you said when we do weight training we have to start with basic training moves. also, lighter weights with higher reps are best for over 50 peoples.

    Thank you for sharing the valuable information. Keep up the good work!

  2. Sweat and Tears.  I am an over 50 female who found this article very helpful and informative.  

    As someone who used to play sports and workout as a younger person I can relate to the things get harder as we get older. I think cardio is important but I really enjoy weight training.  You do have to have a plan and I think this article lays it out perfectly.  

    Thank you for your advice and helpful tips for a healthy diet as well.  


    • Thanks for your feedback, the information given in this article are there for anyone to benefit from, I am very pleased that you found benefit from this article, I wish you continued success, thanks.

  3. Hi Neil

    I am not quite 50 yet but can appreciate the need to  adapt your technique, as you get  older. The problem of keeping fit, whilst at the same time trying to avoid injury. I see people past 50 years who do not do any form of exercise at all, but sit and barely move at all. It must be difficult to get motivated as you lack the energy and drive to improve your fitness level. It  is important for them to realise that exercise will not only improve the stiffness and pain they feel, but will improve their well-being. The tips you have given in this excellent article will surely motivate done past 50 year olds to  give it a try.

    My big concern is it appropriate for over 50s to try? Is there no more gentle or other exercise they can try?

    Thank you


    • Weight training with light weight is just an option, there are many other forms of training such as yoga. As long as we keep our bodies active and maintain a low impact program, we should do well to keep our health in better condition.

  4. Great post on training for men over 50 years old many people think at an old age one must not remain active. I think it is at that stage we must be more active,  with the body aging regular exercise will be beneficial for the whole body. I also like the fact that you mentioned to eat well. This is an erea people are finding difficulties to cope with. Thank you for your post  .


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