Weight training for strength, a way of life

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Weight training for strength, a way of life. This has become a common subject these days and it will be today’s discussion, as I have talked about many times before, strength training is an important part of building muscle because in order to build a solid amount of muscle mass, you will need to train heavy.

Weight training has never been as big as what it is now. Weight training back in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s day wasn’t as popular as it is today, for example one big misconception back then is when people got into bodybuilding, they were thought of as narcissistic.

Bodybuilders would stand in front of the mirror and pump the weights while watching themselves in the mirror or looking down at their muscles while training and people often thought of this as being narcissistic, but it was actually a way of life and pursuing their dreams and building muscle was as big as life in itself.

A way of life

I remember one time I was listening to a video with Arnold Schwarzenegger and he was telling about how important bodybuilding was to him and how it is a way of life. He used an example of how a race car driver would drive around in circles, but made absolutely no sense to him.

Schwarzenegger went on to talk about the interests of other peoples, such as racing cars made absolutely no sense, but weight training and building muscle made all the sense in the world to him.

Weight training for strength is basically a simple concept, you lift a heavyweight for a set amount of repetitions, typically 1-6 repetitions and you’re resting rate should be longer between sets than it typically would be for building muscle.

An approach for many

Not only power lifters use this style of training, but many bodybuilders, wrestlers and sports’ enthusiasts train with theĀ power lifters weight training approach to build strength.

For example, there are many football players that use this approach for building strength. It is a common way of training for many people in and outside of the sports’ arena.

Although sports’ has gotten a bad rap over the years for many weightlifters and power lifters abusing steroids, unfortunately this has been an issue for a long time.

Weight training has always meant to be a positive way of life, for not only building muscle and strength, but also doing something positive with your life which can also result in good health.

5 exercises

Basically there are five common exercises that are used for developing strength, these exercises are known as bench press, dead lift, squats, clean and jerk and the snatch.

These are five of the most common power lifting moves that a person can use for building strength, but that is not to say that you cannot train like a power lifter with other exercises as well.

Taking it a little further

One example is the barbell rows. Barbell rows are a compound move which means that they involve more than one muscle group at a time which is a common theme for power moves.

Barbell rows are a great exercise for back training and equally a great exercise that you can incorporate power training with. For example if you are typically accustomed to doing barbell rows with 135 lb for 10 reps, you can add a little more weight, such as 185 lb, and this will more than likely be enough to train for 4-6 repetitions which is a great way to build strength.

Keep your style of training fresh

You can switch your weight training programs around periodically so that you are using a moderate weight for slightly higher reps for a week and then the next week you can increase the weight and use slightly lower reps for strength training.

This is a great way to keep things changing in your workouts frequently so that you can keep your workouts new and fresh, it is important to do this periodically in your training, otherwise your muscles can grow stagnant after time and you will likely see little results.

Bulking up

Some people worry too much about getting all bulky looking if they train with heavy weights, but most commonly this worry is brought up by women. As far as that goes, anybody that has a worry about bulking up too much can still incorporate weight training in their program, but their style of training will need to match their goals, they will want to train with lighter weights for higher reps such as 20-25 repetitions per set.

Typically, the most common approach for developing strength with a training program would require you to train each individual muscle for strength twice a week, any more than this and it is putting too much strain on your muscles and nervous system and not allowing you to recover fully between workouts.

Any less than twice a week, you will not be stimulating your muscles enough in order to achieve the results that you desire. So I would suggest that it is best to stick with training each muscle twice a week for best results.


Diet is always an important part of building muscle and strength as you will need plenty of carbohydrates to fuel your system, you will also need plenty of protein to fuel your muscles.

It always takes an adequate amount of protein to build muscle, I would recommend at least one gram of protein per pound of body weight, depending on how serious you are, you might even want to take in 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight.


Another important factor when it comes to building muscle and strength, is that it’s typically a good idea to incorporate some type of supplementation into your program. In general most bodybuilders include some form of supplementation, whether they are building muscle or strength, the choice is up to you, but it is definitely a great way to give your diet a boost.

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