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Weight training morning vs evening – which is best?

Are you a morning person? Do you get your best work done early in the morning? Or are you a night owl? Uncovering what can be the best time for you, weight training morning vs evening, engaging in you’re training during the time that is best for you will help with seeing better results.

I have always been the type of person that gets his workout in, later in the day, generally in the evening after my work for the day is done, but that doesn’t necessarily work the best for everyone.

Some people workout early in the morning because they have more energy and find it more exhilarating to get a good workout in, early in the day because it also helps them to be more productive throughout the rest of the day.

Not everyone is able to have the time in the morning to dedicate toward working out. But in this post I will be uncovering which is the best time of day for working out, morning or evening, or does it even matter.

Morning trainers

It has often been thought that people who train in the morning will have more energy to train, because earlier in the day they will have more energy which will give them a more enthusiastic training session because they are filled with fire.

Is this necessarily the case? Not everyone is a morning person and feels like popping out of bed at 5 or 6 in the morning to start doing a workout. Some people, after they get up in the morning they need to have time to get the kids off to school, drink their morning coffee and find a little motivation.

Evening trainers

For other people, training later in the day can be better because when having to work a regular nine-to-five job, you need to have some time in the morning to eat breakfast and drink your morning coffee and finally head out to work.

Once you have accomplished your daily tasks and finished your working day, it simply makes more sense to get your workout in later in the day, and not only that it can be a more sensible thing depending on what your schedule is, but it has been a proven fact that people are more flexible later in the day.

If you find yourself getting up in the morning with the intentions of working out and you don’t spend enough time stretching and warming up to limber yourself, there can be a better chance of injury through a muscle pull or tear due to a lack of limberness early in the morning.

Exercise before eating

Is there a better chance of burning more calories through exercise before you eat breakfast? Not necessarily. No matter what the time is during the day you exercise, you will stand a pretty equal chance of burning the same amount of calories through exercise, whether it is early or late in the day or if it is before eating or after eating.

Sense of commitment

Working out first thing in the morning doesn’t mean that you are more committed to getting into better shape, losing weight or building bigger muscle. Working out earlier in the day simply means that is the time that works better for you or you’re training schedule.

The important thing is that you create for yourself a sense of commitment to fully engage yourself in you’re training and strive to do your best and to receive the best results that you can create for yourself.

A good and healthy sense of commitment doesn’t come neatly packaged up in a morning workout or evening workout, a sense of commitment is like a mental program that you sign and date as to seeing a specific set of results that you plan on accomplishing within a set period.

Or to give you another idea what this documentation form can come as, is a written goal for your accomplishments highlighted with detailed information as to when you want to have your goals achieved and exactly how you plan on achieving those goals.


I don’t think that it really matters a lot what time of day you work out, whether it is first thing in the morning, or it is at the end of the day. It all basically depends on what your personal preference is, your schedule and other various factors that might come into play.

The most important thing is that you have a training schedule you stick with and don’t give up on you’re training because it is a very important aspect of the day.

As far as how many calories you can burn in a training session doesn’t depend so much on what time of the day you are training, it depends on various other aspects as to what type of training program you are doing.

If your goal is to lose more weight or simply get into better shape, you will have much better results following a training program of lighter weights and higher reps with less rest between sets followed by a cardio training program.

Following a training program like this early in the morning or later in the day will carry the same benefits no matter what time of the day you perform it. The results you receive from the program are not the outcome because of what time of day you performed it, it is because you performed you’re training routine with a strong sense of commitment.

Eating a healthy diet and taking in a proper form of supplementation will have a much better effect on the results you receive from you’re training than what time of day you perform your workout in.

To get a good sense of supplementation that can increase your results, click on the link below for a review on supplementation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment in the box below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Be sure to leave a comment in the box because I always love to hear from my readers.


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8 thoughts on “Weight training morning vs evening – which is best?”

  1. great review you have here or weight training morning vs evening, in my own opinion I believe training exercises are better and more efficiently done in the morning.. our body is quite much more focused on carrying out exercises in the morning when we still have the necessary mindset needed to undergo such trainings…
    loved your article and the presentation in it and would love to share

    • Thanks for your insight, morning definitely is a great time of day to engage in exercise. I appreciate you stopping by and I wish you success.

  2. Helo, this is really a nice piece you’ve got here, I so much agree with you that it doesn’t really matter the time one decides to engage in a workout, like you’ve said the important thing is that you create for yourself a sense of commitment to fully engage yourself in your training and strive to do your best and to receive the best results that you can create for yourself…… I am basically a morning trainer and it had been very fruitful. 

    • Thanks for your comment, commitment is a huge deal when it comes to taking on the challenge of something that requires making sacrifices in life. I wish you success and keep it going.

  3. Hello dear, thanks for sharing such amazing concise information with us all, I believe these post have really been useful to me in the aspect of building my self in good fitness, I already saved these pages so as to come back for future reference, thanks for the info, I’ll surely do some recommendations, thanks a lot dear

  4. Hello there thanks for the review it was really helpful. Weight training is Training one way to burn some calories. You can decide to either do morning or evening training depending on which is convenient for you. For me I prefer morning training because that is when I gain my full energy to do exercises as I get exhausted in the evening

    • Thanks for your feedback. Morning is definitely a great time of day to workout because like you, most people have their greatest energy first thing in the morning. I always love to train in the morning but my other daily duties don’t always allow me to keep a morning workout schedule. Thanks and I wish you success.


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