Weight training techniques-six pointers to remember

Many people get into a weight training program and go about it haphazardly without giving it much thought as to what they are doing or having an actual plan in place, but there are some different things that you need to keep in mind if you want your training to be productive.

Many of these things could include warming up thoroughly to following proper form to even rushing themselves through their workouts so they can get it over with and move on with their day.

Today I am going to cover six points that anyone who is going to take the time to workout should follow, not just now and then but for every workout. This subject will be on weight training techniques and six points to remember.

The warm-up

The warm-up should be the first and foremost important thing to remember before you pick up your first weight. A warm-up can be anything from riding a stationary bike to using a treadmill to an aerobics class.

It is necessary to get some kind of warm-up in before you actually start lifting because when you put your muscles and joints under the kind of stress that you do when training with weights it is real easy to suffer an injury of some sort of a muscle tear or simply a pulled muscle if you start throwing around weight and haven’t followed a thorough warm-up.

Lifting too much

Especially novices can fall prey to this one is trying to lift too much, especially if they haven’t followed a thorough warm-up. Many people are tempted to do this because either they are in a hurry to get the desired results that they are eager to achieve or they are trying to show off in front of their training buddies.

After you have followed a thorough warm-up of some form of cardio, once you take to the weight training part of your program, you need to start out with a lighter weight, one that you can move through briskly for about twenty reps.

Then move on to your next set and increase the weight a little bit so that you can briskly pump out roughly fifteen reps, then increase the weight a little more and perform your regular amount of reps, assuming that you are training with a rep range of eight to twelve reps.

If you are strength training then you will still follow the same route, simply start out with a lighter weight for twenty reps and work your way up until you have reached your desired targeted rep scheme.

Proper form

I have seen a lot of this when someone reads or hears in a YouTube video that you need to train heavy to get big, this is true to a point, but not so much to the point that you are sacrificing good form in your weight training.

When you are not training with good form you are putting undue stress on other body parts that might fall victim to injury.

For example if you are doing barbell curls and you are trying to curl more weight than you can handle you will be throwing too much lower back into the exercise, this is going to be taking the stress off of your biceps and putting your lower back at risk of injury.

If you want to lift heavy, use a weight that you can use good form with for a rep scheme of eight to twelve reps, keep a training log of how many sets, reps and how much weight you use for each set and progressively push to do more reps with that weight until you are ready to increase the weight and still use good form within your targeted rep range.

Don’t rush yourself

For the most part, people that go to the gym it’s a part of their lifestyle and they look forward to the time that they can spend at the gym training.

But every once and a while you find someone that is in a big rush to get through their workouts because they more than likely have too many other things that are going on in their day to day business and not allowing enough time to get a proper workout in or their not that much into training and having a hard time trying to commit.

Its understandable that many of us have a lot of things going on and it is easy to get in a rush now and then, but if you do allow this to happen, try not to let it take control of your workout time, if you allow your training quality to be sacrificed its eventually going to show in your results.

Overdoing it

Have you ever heard the stories about if you want to get big you have to spend endless hours in the gym everyday? well this is definitely a myth. When you are building your muscles you are merely breaking down the muscle fibers, once they have been broken down they need to mend and this comes from proper nutrition and plenty of sleep.

The muscle break down comes from training the muscle until you get a good pump in that muscle, fifteen sets at the most for smaller muscle groups and no more than twenty sets for larger muscle groups.

Once those muscle fibers are broken down they need to mend and build back up again. Actually the time that you will have realized new muscle growth is during your sleeping hours.

So it is important to not over do it in the gym, get in your prescribed amount of sets, get in an amazing muscle pump, take in an adequate amount of calories that will promote new muscle growth and get plenty of sleep.

If you feel pain

If you are feeling pain it is more than likely that you are overdoing it or you are trying to lift too much weight or you are sacrificing proper form. If you follow the guidelines that I have laid out in this post then you should be on your way to following a rigorous training program that is training your muscles in a sound manner and avoiding any unnecessary injuries due to lack of experience.


First and foremost if you are starting your workouts with an adequate amount of cardio and warming up your muscles and joints, you will be reducing the risk of injury.

The important thing is to train safe and enjoy doing it and not suffer any setbacks from injury that could have been prevented, and while you’re at it see continued progress in your muscular development that will be sure to keep you motivating forward.

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