What are the benefits of using free weights-top three

There are many different styles to weight training and there are many different goals that a person can achieve throughout the different basics of weight training, whether it be free weights, kettle bells, weight machines or any other principle that a person might follow to build the type of physique that they are after.

In today’s post I will be talking about using free weights and other options a person can use to achieve their goals, but if you are into building strength and muscle mass, the question you might ask is what are the benefits of using free weights, here are the top three.

What is your goal?

There can be many different goals behind what a person wants to accomplish with their weight training but it is all dependent upon what your goal is will determine which system for weight training is best suited for your needs.

If you are into endurance training, the best route would be many different routes to go with your training, whether it be free weights and weight machines as well as endurance training such as running or swimming or maybe even specialty training like the farmers walk.

If your interest is more along the lines of just getting into a better physically fit condition, cardio training as well as a combination of free weights and weight machines would be a good route to go that is along the lines of what your goals are.

if it is your dream to build an abundance of large muscle mass, the best route to go for this method would be free weights. although free weights are the best for building muscle mass it is still a good idea to incorporate on other forms of weight training and endurance training to accomplish your goals.

Lifting heavy

When it comes to building a large amount of muscle mass, it is best to lift as heavy as possible while still maintaining good form. There are still other ways you should incorporate to build muscle which will also do a pretty good job in themselves would be the use of weight machines.

But when it comes to lifting heavy the best route to go would be with free weights, you can train heavy with the use of weight machines but when it comes to hoisting large weights it all lays in their design, free weights have always been the backbone of bodybuilding, whether it is building muscle mass or strength.

Freedom of motion

Weight machines offer a good range of motion, but when it comes to obtaining a full range of motion as well as being able to strengthen your balance muscles, free weights win this hands down.

When you follow a weight program designed with weight machines you are following within the path that the weight machine was designed for you to follow so when you are following in this fixed form of weight training it is not developing the strength needed to balance weights.

For example if you took two men and you had one train on a bench press machine for a year and the other man would train the bench press with free weights for a year, the man who had been using the weight machine obviously would have increased his strength in the bench press but the man who had been using free weights would have been developing his stabilizer muscles as well as increasing his strength.

The man that would have been using the weight machine for his benches for the past year would have not developed his stabilizer muscles and then if he was to all of the sudden use the standard free weights for his bench press it would feel out of his realm, he would have more of a struggle than the man who had been using free weights.

Using a spotter

Anyone who has been into weight training for any length of time knows the importance of having someone spot for him on a given exercise, for instance the bench press.

The bench press is probably not the best example to use because when somebody generally does any form of benching they typically use free weights, but there are many other examples out there that would fit this idea that I am talking about.

One perfect example would be squats versus leg presses. ideally when someone is into building muscle size they typically will incorporate both squats and leg presses into their thigh workout, but when it comes down to which one is best for developing muscle mass it would definitely be the squats.

Leg presses work great for developing muscle mass in the quads but when it comes to having someone spot you in this move it is a little bit more difficult then if you were to be doing squats with free weights, when you are doing squats it is much easier to have someone spot you.


I’ll leave it up to you to decide which route is the best way for you to go, which is all dependent on what your goals are, whether it be building muscle size or strength or endurance or just simply looking to get into better shape.

There are many times I have done a workout strictly using free weights, but I have always found the best workouts that I get is when I combine free weights with weight machines, stimulating your muscles with free weights and weight machines works best for developing muscle size.

I am sure that if you asked anyone at the gym who is into hard-core muscle building and strength training they would all probably tell you the same thing that it is best to combine free weights and weight machines together.

It is best to incorporate all forms of training , whether it be free weights and weight machines as well as bodyweight exercises and of course there is also the necessity of cardio, whether if you are a professional bodybuilder or a pro football player, cardio plays its important role in many factors.

If you design a weight training program that incorporates free weights as well as weight machines it would be best to do exercises such as the squats first before you move into the leg presses, because exercises like squats generally take more energy than you would expend on exercises like leg presses or leg extensions.

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