What is testosterone and what does it do

This is a big subject that is brought up by many, “testosterone” whether it be in the field of team sports, bodybuilding, power lifting, actors looking to get jacked for their next big film and the list could go on. Many are looking for its benefits through illegal means to achieve a greater stature in the sports industry, but there are other areas that testosterone can be beneficial, it all depends on what it’s purpose is for and how it is obtained.

When we reach a certain age, generally around fourty our metabolism starts to drop making it more difficult to do the things we were once able to when we were younger. Since this is such a big subject I thought that it would be a good idea to discuss what is testosterone and what does it do, what is safe and what is not, what is a legitimate reason for upping your testosterone levels and what is not.

What is testosterone

Testosterone is a male sex hormone and anabolic steroid, it plays a role in the developmental reproductive tissues of males such as the testes and prostate as well as promoting sexual characteristics like increased muscle and bone structure and the growth of bodily hair. It can also affect the way men store fat in the body as well as red blood cell production. Testosterone is also produced by the ovaries in women and small quantities can also be produced by the adrenal glands in both sexes.

Testosterone is considered an androgen in which it will stimulate the development of male characteristics on women as well who take illegal testosterone enhancers such as steroids.

Testosterone is also connected to many changes seen in boys during their puberty stages, it as well can prompt sexual and aggressive behavior in  teenagers.

What are the side effects of illegal testosterone use (steroids)

The misuse of anabolic steroids can lead to serious and even permanent health issues such as kidney failure, liver damage and possibly tumors an enlarged heart, high blood pressure and negative changes in blood cholesterol any of which will increase your chances of having a stroke and/or heart attack, this does not disclude teenagers.

The misuse of anabolic steroids can create skin problems, they can cause oil glands to produce fat and cholesterol thus creating greasy skin and promoting bacteria leading to acne.

Hormones in steroids can cause your body to hold sodium and fluids in just days creating stress on blood vessels therefore leading to high blood pressure and can increase your LDL “bad” cholesterol and lower your HDL “good” cholesterol. With the combination of these two can cause your arteries to narrow with plaque leading to a heart attack.

It’s hard to say how long it would take for someone to have a heart attack from steroid use but after just a couple of years of regular steroid use can cause irreversible damage to your arteries.

Steroids can cause irritability in their users they can cause anxiety. The testosterone can attack your central nervous system and as a result they can cause you to be more prone to anger.

Other symptoms may include breast growth, baldness, and infertility.

What is a safe option for testosterone use

In this next section I will cover some safe options for maintaining or increasing your testosterone levels. I’m sure some of these ideas people may laugh at, they won’t get you jacked like king Kong, but for those options that will get you jacked, you more than likely won’t live long enough to see your grandchildren grow up.

First of all it is necessary to have and maintain a healthy body weight, another way to assure this is to exercise on a regular basis, your hormones can be affected by how many hours of sleep you get, you should get eight hours of sleep a night to maintain your hormone levels. Drink your morning coffee, caffeine can actually increase your testosterone levels. 

Supplement your diet with vitamin D, a study has shown that 3,300 IUs can increase your testosterone levels. Prevent from a zinc deficiencies, eat more beans and nuts, they are plentiful in D-aspartic acid which increases the production of testosterone.

As far as supplementing with products out on the market for boosting your testosterone levels, the two top products I would recommend are Quantum T is all natural and the second one is TestoFuel testosterone booster.

What is a legitimate reason for testosterone enhancing

As stated earlier, once a man reaches around the age of fourty his testosterone levels start to drop which makes it difficult for him to engage in the things he once used to, so making the natural changes like a healthy weight and diet along with natural supplementation like vitamin D and zinc are all good practices to follow for better testosterone levels.

But if you are at that age where your natural testosterone levels are diminishing and you need more of a boost, Quantum T and TestoFuel are good candidates to put into action and even if you’re not reaching that point where your testosterone levels are dropping there is no harm in following a testosterone boosting plan for the aid in packing on muscle.

What is not a legitimate way to enhance your testosterone levels

I have always admired huge muscles and spent many years working out to achieve a greater amount of muscle on my frame and I would never try to deny anyone’s right or legitimacy to build how ever much muscle they desire at whatever age but I would really like to see bodybuilding get back to its roots, what it was meant to be and that’s about a healthy way of life, not destroying yourself with an illegal substance because this day and age teaches young people to believe that more is always better.

I believe that you can achieve anything you want to, I believe that a guy can get as jacked as he wants to, but when a brother resorts to achieving something that he could have on his own natural abilities, but with the aid of an illegal drug just so he could get to that point faster and at the expense of his health and worse yet his life, that isn’t true sportsmanship, that is dishonesty and that isn’t what this sport was meant to be.


We have covered a bit about testosterone, what it is, it’s side effects from illegal testosterone enhancers like steroids, safe options like Quantum T and TestoFuel but even with the aid of legal testosterone boosters, they aren’t going to do much if your diet isn’t up to par. It’s paramount that you fuel yourself with the proper nutrition, hydrate yourself with plenty of water and get at least eight hours of sleep a night.

I think that the evidence is undeniable that the use of steroids is dangerous not to mention illegal. There is a long list of athletes that have died prematurely due to extended use of steroids and I hate the thought of that list continuing to grow. I could only hope that this blog could reach out to just a few people and maybe save a life or two.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them in the box.

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