What is the best cardio for fat loss? trimming the fat

The subject often comes up what is the best way to lose fat, many people believe that the best way to lose weight is to perform cardio six to seven days a week and work out for an hour a day, but there is a much better way to losing weight than spending all this time in the gym or at home working out.

there is a better way to losing weight, one that you don’t need to spend hours a week, it takes very minimal equipment and you only need to spend 15 minutes at a time performing a workout. this leads to today’s topic what is the best cardio for fat loss, trimming the fat.

What is the best way to lose weight fast? where you don’t have to spend hours in the gym or at home training, you don’t have to be some marathon runner or a cyclist, or hours in the gym every week engaging in a cardiovascular class, all you really need to do is spend 15 to 20 minutes per day, and between three to four days a week.

(HIIT) high intensity interval training

Does this sound too good to be true ? only having to perform cardio 15 to 20 minutes per day? and only having to do your cardio training three to four days a week ? when you engage in the HIIT training program there are many different types of HIIT training.

Basically any type of cardiovascular that you enjoy doing, but you do it in different intervals, high intensity and then low intensity. HIIT can be performed jumping rope , box jumping, cycling, running, swimming, or many other various forms of high-intensity training that you enjoy.

First you will start with a three minute warm-up and then perform at high intensity for one minute at 75% of MHR, (maximum heart rate) and then perform a cooldown period for two minutes at 50 to 60% MHR. repeat these intervals of intermediate to high-intensity and then be sure to perform two to three minutes of cooldown at the end of every workout.

By the time you have performed a two to three minute warm-up, intervals of intermediate and high intensity and a three minute cooldown, you should have a 15 to 25 minute workout accomplished.

Best forms of low impact

It is best to engage in low impact cardiovascular because it is easier on your joints, swimming is an excellent choice because it is low impact and it works the whole body and I don’t know anybody who doesn’t enjoy sometime away with friends engaging in activity at the pool or at the beach.

Cycling is another excellent way to engage in HIIT training, it is low impact, works the whole body and works real well when performing interval training. Forr example, cycle for a two to three minute warm-up at 50 to 60% of MHR and then for a brief period of 30 seconds at a higher MHR of 75-80% of your MHR.

Perform the cycling in these intervals of lower to a higher MHR and then finish off with a cool down of 2-3 minutes.

It can seem like it’s too good to be true to accomplish a good cardio training program in 15 to 20 or even 25 minutes a day versus doing an hour of cardio a day, but doing too much cardio can result in catabolism or a breakdown of the metabolism.

Best time of day to (HIIT)

Many people feel that the best time of the day to perform HIIT training is before eating a regular meal or first thing in the morning, but with the consumption of carbohydrates increases your level of insulin or anabolic hormone and that will decrease your fat burning.

Another approach is fasting and cardio training and this can compromise your muscle tissue because your body will break down muscle tissue when in the fasted state.

So what I would recommend is that you should take 10 to 20 g of whey protein powder or five to 6 g of BCAA’s before your morning cardio workout. this will help you to maintain your muscle tissue during the state of high-intensity training as I don’t know anybody who spends hours in the gym training to gain muscle size and wants to compromise some muscle tissue when it comes to shedding those unwanted pounds.

Have a diet plan

Even when you have the best cardio plan set up it is still necessary to have a good diet plan, you will need to consume a good share lean healthy protein sources like chicken, salmon, eggs, yogurt, and nuts as well as many other excellent sources of proteins.

It is also necessary to consume a good share of carbohydrates with every meal like Fresh fruits and vegetables and rice. Carbohydrates will give you the energy source you need to get through any style vigorous training you throw at yourself.

It is also necessary that you include heart healthy foods in your diet that have a content of good fats like Omega 3’s, as heart healthy fats are good for your metabolism, especially once you start to reach the age of 40 and your metabolism starts to slow down it is necessary to consume heart healthy foods that contain these necessary fats.

Many fish products like haddock and salmon contain these necessary fats and omega-3’s as well as other foods like nuts and eggs.

Have a goal

As with any fitness and health plan, it is important to have a goal, as having a goal to follow will give you clear direction and meaning behind any task that you set out to accomplish.

Keep a food journal and log everything you eat and if you mess up, don’t look at it as a failure, simply keep your goal in mind and keep pursuing your dietary plan, with persistence and patience you can achieve anything that you set out to accomplish.

The same is true for your fitness goals, have a plan written down as to where you want to be in a month from now, or where you would like to be three months from now, or six months, or a year, where would you like to see yourself at for your weight loss management.

If you have a goal to lose weight, don’t rely so much on what the scales says, use the mirror as a tool, or how your clothes fit as a gauge to how much weight you have lost. If you rely too heavily on what your bathroom scales says, there is a chance that you will find discouragement in this approach.

Some people have a tendency to weigh themselves to often like everyday, this is not necessary, because your weight will tend to fluctuate frequently and it is natural that you will hit plateaus in your weight loss journey, so I would suggest that it is better to weigh yourself once a week at the most.


How you design your HIIT training program is up to you, whether it’s at the gym or at home, typically following a HIIT training regimen doesn’t require much training equipment depending on what the activity is. If it’s box jumping or jumping rope you don’t need much for equipment unless if it requires indoor cardio equipment.

Swimming or running are pretty inexpensive ways to go, but you will have better luck at sticking with your program if it’s an activity that you enjoy doing.

Whatever the direction you go with your HIIT training, a healthy diet and goals to give you a clear vision of where you are heading should get you on your way to seeing a healthier new you within a reasonably short period of time.

If you would like to further check out supplementation for weight loss to enhance your progress, check out this review and get a heads up on some helpful products to help get you on your way to reaching your goals.

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