What motivates you to work out – and train harder?

What motivates you to work out – and train harder?

October 25, 2019 12 By Neil Brown

Everyone needs a little motivation now and then, if we didn’t need motivation to keep productive with anything, we wouldn’t be human. From day to day, there can be many obstacles to get through, from work, to school or simply any other activity you have going on in your life, we will always need motivation to keep us going on the things that matter most to us.


Today I am going to talk about what motivates you to work out and train harder. If every morning after you get out of bed, you give yourself a pep talk, that is great, not many people have the motivation or skill set to give themselves a pep talk, so it will be necessary for you to take some form of action, whether it be goal setting, or maybe even watching YouTube videos of your favorite trainers.

Which ever form of motivation you use to get yourself moving every day, it will need to be something that you will stay dedicated to so that you don’t lose contact with the vision that you are implanting into your mind. It is necessary to have vision and a purpose to move forward in any endeavor, whether if it is weight training, cardio training or simply to get through your daily activities.


When shooting for a goal you want to hit it head-on, you want to knock it out of the park. When playing ball, the pitcher will want to direct his pitch right in line so that the person that is up to bat can direct his blow with good aim. When you are shooting for your goal, you will want to use similar vision as the pitcher does.

You will want to set your sights straight ahead looking directly at the point that you aim to achieve, whether the direct point that you are aiming for is to achieve better muscle mass, to achieve weight loss or to meet the target for a business deadline.

You will never want to be distracted by things that may catch your sights from off in left field, it is imperative that you keep your eye on the ball and never look away for even a split-second, it is in that split-second that you turn away is when you are caught off guard and you fail to meet your target.


If you are serious about achieving your goals, it is necessary to have a purpose in mind, having a purpose will help to keep you driven in moving forward. If you don’t have that drive to keep you moving forward, you may stay motivated for a while, but it will be sure to deflate and lose your motivation to keep striving for the point that you are aiming for if you don’t have a specific purpose.

When realizing your purpose, it should be something that will keep you moving along day in day out, week after week, month after month, year after a year. Your purpose is your driving point, it is what will keep your motivation inflated and will keep you moving forward.

In the gym

What is it that keeps you motivated to keep getting to the gym every day, is it to get into better shape? Is it to lose weight? Whatever the purpose, it is something that needs to be driven by your vision. Decide exactly what your goal is that you want to achieve, and put it in writing.

Once you have developed this goal and you have it written down, it is something that you will want to have in a place where it is handy and you can see it every day. Whether if you keep it tacked to your pin board or on the kitchen counter next to your coffee pot, it will need to be in a place where you can see it, and memorize it.

Memorize it to the point where it becomes so familiar to you that you can recite it by heart, you can recite it on the way to and from work every day as well as to and from the gym every day. It is something that you will want to get in the practice of each morning when you get out of bed and each evening before returning to bed.

During this process while you are familiarizing yourself with your goal, you are creating this vision that you are desiring to accomplish in your mind, and this vision will more thoroughly develop each and every day that you rehearse and recite your goals.

Use the motivation of others

Another great tool that you can use to motivate your self is using the motivation that is given by others, such as top health enthusiasts, well-known trainers, or professional bodybuilders. This motivation that you use from these skilled trainers can come from such things as videos, seminars or webinars.

Don’t be afraid to use the motivation that is given by others to build your motivation, this can be a great tool that you can use in developing your strengths and over coming your weaknesses.

You can also use other people such as friends or family to help motivate you, especially if you have a loved one that can supply the motivation needed to help you in accomplishing your goals.


When on the path to developing heightened motivation, never allow negative thoughts to get in the way of your progress. Negative thoughts can overcome us all if we allow them to, it can take a lot of work in combating a negative thought pattern, especially if it is inherited, but never give up and lose sight of your dreams.

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