When do muscles grow? How to keep them growing

I have heard many people complain about the problem, why their muscles are not growing any longer, they train six days a week, they train hard and heavy, they eat right, they get plenty of sleep, they take muscle supplementation, the first question you could look at is are you eating enough.

Another question is what does your training routine look like, do you do the same exercises all the time? do you use different weight and rep schemes? or do you just go in the gym and do the same thing all the time, work out after workout.

in today’s subject I will be talking about when do muscles grow? And how to keep them growing, I feel that this is an important subject to talk about because many people are struggling with this same problem and I can help you with getting over this hurdle.

What is your routine like?

Do you do the same repetitive exercise workout after work? or do you switch things around and change your exercises frequently? if you do the same exercise the same way day after day your muscles will get used to this and they will stop responding.

One common way is to switch your exercises around so that you are not performing the same exercises all the time. Your muscles will get used to the same thing and stop responding, it’s called muscle memory, the best way to avoid this is to switch your exercises around from workout to workout.

Keep your muscles guessing

There are other ways to stimulate muscle growth, other than simply changing your exercises around, you can switch around training principles, for example if you have been doing straight sets for chest, the next time that you get to the gym for chest training you can do super sets and the next training session could be tri-sets.

Your muscles can get used to the same thing and say, hay I’m on to your tricks, last time you did benches for 10 reps with 200 pounds, but this time you can completely surprise your chest muscles by doing 300 pounds for 2 reps and then strip 25 pounds of and do 2 reps again, this principle is called the striping method.

This way you will continue to shock your muscles into growth and keep them going. You can use various ways to keep your muscles guessing, switching training principles around, switching exercises around, using various rep schemes, train with lower reps one training session and then higher reps with your next training session.

Are you eating enough?

Are you eating enough is always big question among bodybuilders, are you eating enough is the determining factor as to if you are taking in enough calories to support muscle growth. There are food calorie counters that determine how many calories a day you will need to either support your existing bodyweight, or to lose weight or how many calories a day you will need to build muscle.

These food calorie counters make this determination by your gender, your activity level, and how old you are. So the question here is how many calories a day you will need to build muscle, I have supplied the link for you to click on to determine how many calories a day you will need to maintain your body weight.

Once you have used this Calorie Counter in determining how many calories a day you need to maintain your body weight for your gender, your activity level and your age, then all you will need to do is add on between 300 to 500 cal more per day for building muscle.

I would recommend starting out with a smaller amount of calories each day and keeping track of your weight, if you are not gaining any weight after a period of time then you can increase your calorie consumption to 500 cal per day, give this a little bit of time I would recommend about a month.

this is something that you will have to experiment with, if you are not gaining weight, add calories to your diet, if you are gaining too much weight and gaining fat, then back off on the calories slightly.

Train heavy

Another mistake that people make when they are trying to add muscle size and are not seeing the gains they would like to see, is they are simply not training heavy enough or pushing themselves hard enough in your training sessions to see the results that they want to see.

If your goal is to increase muscle size, you should shoot for doing 8 to 10 reps per set, if you are performing your sets with higher reps than that, you are not using enough weight.

And another problem I see is if somebody is using a weight that they can perform for 10 reps and they are only doing 8 reps, they are not pushing themselves hard enough.

Whether if this person can perform 10 reps or not, is just simply an assumption, because when I see somebody in the gym training and they are only doing eight reps in a set and then they finish off and set the bar down, but they look like they didn’t push hard enough at the end of their set, then I know they weren’t pushing as hard as what they could have.

Set goals 

Goals are always a very important aspect when it comes to training hard and gaining muscle, or achieving any kind of desired result. First of all, if you plan on achieving any desired result within a given period of time, you need to have a game plan, specific plan of action in order to achieve the desired result.

How can you plan on making your mark if you don’t have a specific target written down that you are aiming for. Many people have dreams and visions, but do they have a goal? it is necessary to have a goal set in place so that you can reach your desired destination.


I have had many moments of frustration over the years, but with persistence and dedication I have followed through and have achieved many results, there were many times I wanted to throw in the towel and give up, but I knew that if I ever wanted to achieve my desired results, I would need to have persistence and dedication and keep moving forward.

I know that you can achieve anything that you desire, with the persistence and dedication and with the knowledge, you can move mountains if you have faith in yourself.

Just keep in mind points that I have set out for you, keep your training program fresh, keep mixing things around, and never let your work out grow stale. Make sure that you get a proper balanced diet, and with the use of the Calorie Counter, you can make sure that you are getting enough calories into your system to build muscle.

You will always want to make sure that you continue to train heavy enough and keep pushing harder and harder and don’t fall short of pushing a set to the limit until you have reached complete failure and be sure and always set goals, because without goals you will have no vision as to where you are aiming for.

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