Whey protein diet plan-Whey PRO80 review

There are many muscle building and diet products out on the market these days, and it just keeps getting to be more and more so this can make it difficult to figure out which ones work the best and which ones don’t.

Today I am going to shed some light on a whey muscle building product that is one of the top contenders, in this product review I will be covering whey protein and a whey protein diet plan, whey pro80.

Whey pro80 description

First we are going to take a look at the way protein highlights.

1. It is great tasting and all naturally flavored.

2. it is a non-GMO protein source.

3. gluten-free.

4. way protein provides fast absorption.

5. cold process and micro filtrated.

6. highly soluble.

7. whey Pro80 is high in BCAAs and EAAs.

8. and whey Pro80 has naturally occurring nutrients.

About whey pro80

Whey Pro80 is a ProMera sports product, it is delicious and high-quality protein powder complete with 24 g of undenatured whey protein concentrate 80.

Weather if you are interested in looking to increase your lean muscle mass and enhance your muscle performance as well as your recovery time or simply as a nutritional support and your weight-loss management, Whey pro80 is one of the top leading muscle building products on the market today.

Whey Pro80 is 100% whey protein concentrate 80 grade (WPC80). Although it is not declared on most protein labels, the USDA grades 100% proteins as low as WPCTA to as high as WPC80. low grades of WPC contain higher levels of unwanted lactose and have lower yields of naturally occurring amino acids.

WPC 80 is non-GMO and growth hormone free. Each serving has the highest amount of naturally occurring amino acids and is low in calories, sugars, carbs, lactose and high-fat. Whey pro80 uses only the best ingredients and provides exceptional products for all fitness and health-conscious enthusiasts.


Mix one scoop of ProMera 80 with 8 ounces of water or milk or your favorite beverage of choice. Add more or less liquid to meet your desired taste. Store in a cool dry place. Do not use if safety seals are broken or missing.


This product is not intended for individuals under the age of 18. Consult a physician or healthcare provider before using this or any other dietary supplements or starting any exercise program . Do not exceed recommended dose.

Maintain adequate hydration. Concret® is hygroscopic, exposure to moisture and humidity may cause clumping will not affect product or its performance.

Keep out of reach of children, do not take if you are pregnant, contemplating pregnancy or nursing.

The importance of protein

Everyone knows protein is important for building muscles, protein is a very critical component of every one of the cells within our body, it helps to build bones as well as muscles, cartilage, blood, skin as it also repairs tissue .

Protein will also create enzymes and hormones and other body chemicals that allow your body to function efficiently and in a healthy manner.

Another important factor about protein is it is also considered a macronutrient along with fat and carbohydrates, this means that the body needs large amounts of protein.

Compared to vitamins and minerals which are considered micronutrients, unlike carbs and fats, the body does not store protein thus when it is needed it does not have the reservoir to get a fresh new supply from.

Therefore it is important for individuals or especially people who are into a high volume of training to take in the good healthy source of protein into their diet, at the the recommended doses to ensure that they stay healthy and lean.

What is whey ?

Milk is made up of 80% casein protein and 20% whey protein, so when milk is curdled and strained during the cheesemaking process, whey is the liquid byproduct, that liquid is then separated and processed into whey protein powder and is used in shakes and protein bars.

Pros and cons

The pros of whey protein is protein is a very important product for every function of your body as I have covered earlier, as far as the cons go some people are intolerant, then there is always the weight gain issue.

Sometimes it can be possible to get too much of a good thing , consuming too much whey protein or more than what the daily recommended allowance is which would be 20 to 25 g although that number could change depending on your age and your weight as well as your training needs can cause your body to store excess protein as fat.

And the other con about way protein is it is highly processed.


So the takeaway on Whey Pro80 for the most part is a pretty good muscle supplementation product. Whey protein powders have always been a highly recommended product for a bodybuilder or if you are interested in building up a large amount of muscle.

I’ll leave it up to you if you want to supplement your diet with whey protein products, but it’s already evident that protein plays a very important role in not only building muscle but also many other functions of the body and health.

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