Why are amino acids essential? branched chain amino acids

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Good quality muscle mass is important to anyone who is interested in building muscle or simply interested in getting into better shape with firming and toning up their muscles. A good quality diet fortified in lean protein consumption is a must for quality muscle gains.

When it comes to muscle protein synthesis, are amino acids necessary? the idea behind BCAA’s (branched chain amino acids) have shown an important capacity in stimulating muscle protein synthesis for thirty five years. In today’s subject i will be shedding some light on why are amino acids essential, branched chain amino acids and what they can achieve for you.

What are BCAA’s?

There are twenty amino acids that make up muscle protein, but only nine of them are considered essential amino acids (EAA’s) which simply means that they can not be produced by the body and therefore are an important component of a balanced diet.

Muscle protein is in a continual state of change because muscle protein synthesis occurs to replace protein lost because of protein breakdown, in order for the synthesis of new muscle protein, all of the essential amino acids as well as the non essential amino acids that are produced in the body must be present in subsequent amounts.

BCAA’s have become a multi million dollar business and is widely believed that consumption of BCAA;s will stimulate muscle protein synthesis and as a result will give an anabolic result. There has been much study done to verify that in fact BCAA;s do produce an anabolic state and is theoretically supported.

Supplementing your diet with BCAA’s

How important are BCAA’s in your diet? you may have heard a lot of confusion about them and maybe even wondering if they are even necessary to supplement with your diet. Of the 21 BCAA’s three of them that are considered the most essential are leucine, isoleucine and valine, these three BCAA;s make up 35% of essential amino acids.

It is not possible for the body to synthesis amino acids by itself so it is necessary for them to be consumed with a diet. Food products that contain BCAA’s such as chicken and fish are excellent sources for supplementation.

One advantage of BCAA’s is they will help to maintain muscle loss while you are dieting, BCAA’s stimulate muscle growth and will help the metabolic process that your body forgoes to create new muscle protein.

Another advantage of supplementing your diet with BCAA’s is they will reduce tryptophan that can enter the brain which can prevent the rise of serotonin which can be the cause of you feeling more fatigued during your workouts, so including the supplementation of BCAA’s in your diet will more than likely help you to increase the duration and intensity of your workouts and help to reduce the onset of muscle soreness.

A guide for supplementation

The difference between BCAA’s in food sources and that from supplementation is the branched chain amino acids that are found in supplementation come in free form that is immediately useable. An advantage with using BCAA’s supplements is they will allow you to control your protein intake which will alleviate pressure from your digestive system as well as the liver ensuring that blood is not directed away from working muscles.

The best time to supplement your diet with BCAA’s would be before and after your workout, if you supplement your diet with branched chain amino acids before your workout they will combat tiredness and fatigue, after your workout is an important time as well because they will refuel your energy reserves and boost your protein synthesis.

Which form is best for supplementation

With all the different forms of BCAA supplementation out on the market, you are probably wondering which form is the best way for me to take with my diet? there are different forms that you can take, there are powders, pills, 100% plant based, certified 100% pure, lactose free and gluten free.

It all depends on which form you feel the most comfortable with ingesting but there are also three different types dependent on your requirements, there is BCAA 2:1:1, then for the next level is BCAA advanced 2:1:1, then for the highest nutritional requirement is BCAA 4:1:1 extreme pro.


When it comes to taking in the proper types of food to build muscle and branched chain amino acids and which form is best for you to take, it can seem like a daunting thing to get a grasp on all this information.

But the most important thing is that you find a branched chain amino acid supplement form that works best for you and take it before and after your workouts are the most important times of the day.

The important thing is after finding the form that fits your needs the most, supplement your diet before a workout to give you the energy that you need as well as combating tiredness and fatigue.

Supplement your diet with BCAAs after your workout to refuel your energy reserves.

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