Workouts without weights – reduce time not intensity

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One of the biggest struggles a person can have is getting a workout in and not having enough time, time is of essence and many people struggle to have enough time to do everything in the day that they are required.

In today’s subject I will be covering workouts without weights – reduced time not intensity. A surefire way to get your workout done in a minimal amount of time without reducing the intensity is to do specific exercises in your workout that will cover more than one muscle group at a time.

In order to accomplish this you will need to use combination moves that will target more than one muscle group at a time. Another factor that I will be covering in this subject is doing exercises without weights, which means that if you don’t have enough time to make it to the gym you can simply get your workout in at home and this will drastically cut down on the time that is taking you away from other important things in your daily life.

Workouts for limited time

A great way to get your workouts in with a limited amount of time is using combination moves, when you perform combination moves you are targeting more than one muscle group at a time. A great way to perform these so that you can get it done in a shorter amount of time is doing your workouts without weights which would involve just using body weight exercises.

Body weight exercises can be anything from wide grip chins, too push-ups, bar dips, bench dips, and many other exercises, the list can go on.

When you perform these workouts you should target chest, shoulders and triceps in one day, legs and core in a second day, back, traps and biceps on your third day. try to maintain a rep range of 8 to 12 reps if you are targeting muscle size, and a higher amount of reps like 15 to 20 reps if you are into a conditioning cycle of your training.

Workout # 1 chest, shoulders and triceps

The first workout which will be covering chest, shoulders and triceps will consist of doing exercises that may not necessarily involve one muscle group at a time like isolation moves would, but combination exercises using strictly body weight such as bar dips, bench dips and narrow grip push-ups will target several muscles at a time which can shorten up your workout without giving up intensity.

The first exercise you will start with are bar dips which work the shoulders as well is the chest and triceps. bar dips will target more so triceps, but they will also target your chest and the side and rear head of the deltoid.

Your next exercise will be the bench dips which is where you set up two benches parallel with each other, rest your hands on one bench and your feet on the other bench and lower yourself until your butt nearly touches the floor and then raise yourself back up.

The bench dips target the triceps but will also target chest and the side and rear deltoid.

Your final exercise for this work out will be the narrow group push-ups which you will perform with your hands about 6 inches apart. The narrow grip push-ups directly work triceps as well as the chest and the entire shoulder head.

Workout # 2 legs and core

The workout for your second day will be legs and core. For this workout we will be covering three exercises for legs which will be deep knee bends, lunges and stiff leg dead lifts.

Deep knee bends work the quads and this is an exercise that you may need to target for higher reps unless you have added weight that you can use such as a pair of dumbbells, but for someone who is seasoned in weight training, doing deep knee bends without any additional weight will make this a relatively easy exercise.

The lunges are a good exercise for strengthening and toning your thigh muscles and with this exercise you can shoot for higher reps like 15 to 20 reps if possible, if you are newer to this exercise, simply start with what you can do and work your way up.

The final exercise for thighs will be the stiff leg dead lifts which concentrate more of the muscle stimulation on the backs of your thighs, or commonly known as the hamstrings.

For your core training you can customize this part of your work out to whatever exercises that you feel comfortable with, but a couple of them that I will leave you with are crunches which target your upper abdominal muscles and leg raises will target your lower abdominal’s and if you incorporate a twisting to your crunches or leg raises, this will also target your oblique muscles.

Workout # 3 back, traps and biceps

On your third training day for this routine you will be targeting all pull muscles which are back, triceps and biceps. in this workout for back I have wide grip Chins which are a great exercise for training your back and more specifically your lateral muscles.

The second exercise for this workout is the hanging shrugs that you can perform on a chinning bar, to perform this exercise, hang from the chinning bar with a shoulder width grip and hang at arms length raising yourself up by shrugging your shoulders.

This exercise will specifically target your trapezius muscles which are the muscles by your neck. if you are doing this workout program in your own home and not at a gym and you don’t have access to a weight machine that may have an apparatus for doing chins or hanging shrugs, an apparatus that you can use for doing this exercise could be a door jam chinning bar which are reasonably  inexpensive.

The final exercise for this work out will be the narrow grip chins with a shoulder width grip of approximately 6 inches and with your palms facing toward you. This exercise is primarily a bicep training exercise but will also target your lat muscles at the same time.


When it comes to training, whether if you are using weights or you are using body weight exercises, it is necessary to stay tuned into your mind and muscle connection, if you don’t stay tuned into this mind muscle connection it will be easy for you to over train.

An advantage when following this workout program that I have laid out for you today will be that you shouldn’t need to worry about over training because the way these workouts are set up are only using a minimum of exercises to target a wide range of body parts within a limited amount of time.

I hope that I have given you some reassurance that you can still be dedicated to your training and having enough time to get your workouts in while still keeping up with  other necessary daily tasks without losing precious workout time.

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